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Tough jobs need tools that can keep up. introducing the #dji matrice 200 series v2; an upgraded industrial platform with new flight safety and data security features in addition to the rugged versatility that you know and trust. click the link in our bio to learn more.

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Happy #nationalloveyourpetday!
#dji #osmopocket’s flashlight mode lets you adjust the camera's gimbal so you can flip the device and film horizontally, giving extra versatility to shoot in tight spaces. simply adjust your wrist and hit record. #becauselifeisbig

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Who are the people that make you smile every day? 😊 submit your best shot telling us about someone you love and your favorite ways to spend time with them. we’ll select 5 winners to receive great #dji prizes, and we’ll share our favorite videos from you on march 1. use #dji❤️ to enter on instagram!

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New creator profile @asteryx ! “being self-taught, i am very proud how far my photography has taken me. i’m now a full-time freelancer and have been across the world learning about different cultures and experiencing the beauty that this world has to offer. can’t wait to see where my photography takes me next.” - @asteryx

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shot on #dji #mavic2pro

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New creator profile @asteryx!

terry mclaughlin is a los angeles-based photographer who first picked up a camera in 2011 and hasn't looked back since. he has a wide range of styles, from journalistic street photography, to glossy editorial campaigns, to urban exploration. increasingly terry has came to favor drones, and has been building out a repertoire of landscape and aerial photography. click the link in our bio to read his creator profile!

shot on #dji #mavic2pro

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What’s your favorite way to have fun with the ones you love? share your best moment with a loved one by february 28, shot on any #dji product! we’ll share our favorites on march 1 and give away some awesome #dji prizes to 5 lucky winners. just use #dji❤️ to share on instagram!

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Hey #djicreator! valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we want you to share your memorable moments captured with the ones you love. post your best shot, using any #dji product, showing how you spend quality time with whomever is most important to you. we’ll share our favorites on march 1 and give away some awesome #dji prizes to five lucky winners!

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Never-ending boat tours along the tràng an
credit: @chrismartinscholl
shot on #dji #mavic2pro

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"ever since i bought my drone, i’ve been fascinated by the incredible perspective that it gives me on a landscape and how i can use this to document different cultures and experiences from a unique angle. "
@friiidaberg @womenwhodrone
shot on #dji #mavicpro

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Mining has long been known as one of the most dangerous professions in the world. drone technology is now helping to change that. startups like emesent are using drones to autonomously explore and map hazardous underground areas. they outfit a #dji m210 with a powerful lidar sensor that provides omni-directional collision avoidance allowing drones to navigate without gps. this lets mining teams gather rich data about what is happening on their work site without having to put themselves in harm's way.

click the link in our bio to learn more! #dronesforgood

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Dreaming of a weekend adventure where the sights above the water are just as beautiful as they are below.
credit: @theblondeabroad
shot on #dji #mavicpro

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From the lush rice terraces in bali to the massive fjords in greenland, @ferdigrapher has been around the world with his #dji #mavic2pro to #seethebiggerpicture.

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