DJI The Future Of Possible. Introducing Osmo Action #UnleashYourOtherSide
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In this fast-paced display of horsepower and fascinating vehicular control, professional racers take their skills to arjeplog, sweden. patrick simon together with @ferdigrapher and the rest of the european #dji studio team demonstrate the excitement and thrill that motivates racers to drift across black asphalt, or in this case frozen lakes. watch as they utilize the newly launched #osmoaction and its incredible slow motion and 4k video features, capturing every moment with ease. #unleashyourotherside

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Using #dji’s unparalleled experience with capturing smooth and stable video in the most demanding environments, #osmoaction is as rugged as it is sophisticated, opening worlds of creative potential for you to #unleashyourotherside 🔄

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This is 48 hours in bali with the #osmoaction and @thatoneblondkid. 48 hours of riding scooters, surfing, and base jumping. just the type of action packed adventure this camera was built to capture with rocksteady stabilization. #unleashyourotherside 🔄

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You don't need to be a hero to live a life of action. #dji #osmoaction lets you #unleashyourotherside to the world.

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A compact, powerful device bursting with attitude, #osmoaction gives you everything you need to #unleashyourotherside. whether you’re drifting across frozen lakes, dirt-biking through mud-covered tracks, or highlining across an epic gorge, this durable action camera will go as hard as you do. complete with intelligent functions and a variety of creative options, #dji #osmoaction was built to capture every move.

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Meet #osmoaction, #dji’s versatile new action camera that was built to go wherever adventure takes you. dual screens and an intuitive design let you effortlessly capture your world, and advanced technologies like rocksteady stabilization ensure breathtaking results that give viewers a front seat to your moments. take #osmoaction anywhere and #unleashyourotherside.

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Capture any adventure with #osmoaction, #dji’s new dual-screen action camera with unlimited possibilities. this durable, versatile new addition to the osmo family supports shooting at 4k/60fps, 8x slow motion, hdr video, and so much more. featuring #dji’s rocksteady stabilization technology for shake-free and stunning footage and waterproof at depths of up to 11 meters, #osmoaction is ready to bring your most dynamic moments to life. #unleashyourotherside

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#osmopocket is meant for anyone with a story to tell and the desire to create professional-quality videos with a camera that you can take anywhere. filmmaker and world traveler christian leblanc (@lostleblanc ) recently took his #osmopocket on a journey through #japan during #cherryblossom season. here’s what he created!
credit: @lostleblanc @whatthechic
shot on #dji #osmopocket #becauselifeisbig

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Counting down the days till we hit summer? follow @airlenpr on a journey full of beautiful beaches and unforgettable memories with @theyachtweek .
credit: @airlenspr
shot on #dji #mavic2pro #osmopocket

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Make your travel memories unforgettable.
passport ✔️
best friends ✔️
osmo pocket ✔️ credit: @robstrok
shot on #dji #osmopocket #becauselifeisbig

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Hey #djicreator! this month, we partnered up with @travelzoo to offer you a chance to win special prizes for submitting content based on our theme #djinature and #mayisforme.
#mayisforme is all about you. use any #dji product to capture a photo or video of yourself surrounded by nature. get outside, away from the city and amongst the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests or meadows. find that place to relax, recharge, and get in-touch with your inner self.

once you capture that special piece of content, here’s how you submit:
make sure you’re following @djiglobal and @travelzoo
upload your photo or video to your instagram
use hashtags #djinature and #mayisforme in your caption
captured by:
1 - @yantastic
2 - @angeljmoreno
3 - @raulgomez82
submissions will be accepted from may 2 to may 31. we can’t wait how you a-may-ze us this may!
here’s what you can win:
1st prize- one #djicreator will win a $500 @travelzoo gift card
2nd prize- one #djicreator will win a $250 @travelzoo gift card
3rd prize- one #djicreator will win a $250 @travelzoo gift card

winners will be selected by @djiglobal and @travelzoo staff based on the creativity of the submission on june 1. announcements will be made on instagram and winners will be contacted via direct message.
we will also award five #djicreators each week with $100 @travelzoo giftcards.

winners will be selected by @djiglobal and @travelzoo staff based on the creativity of the submission at the end of each week in may. announcements will be made on instagram and winners will be contacted via direct message.

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#djimycity has taken us on the adventure of a lifetime. scroll through the hashtag and you’ll see beautiful photos and videos captured on #dji products in every corner of the world. thanks to each #djicreator for sharing the place that you call home with us.

captured by:
01- @afotoeu | kaunas
02- | miami
03- @spathumpa | athens
04- @j9ryl | singapore
05- | civita castellana
06- @ewout.pahud | bloemendaal
07- @mikhail_derevyanov | moscow
08- @local_wala | jaipur
09- @riffstrum | sydney
10- @petraleary | aukland

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