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#renderlovers rate this bathroom from 1-10!🖤🌿
the render maker: @bogdan.bulgakov

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Beautiful sunset 🌅
📍: byrampen, ålesund
📷: @igoalstories

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💥quer ganhar muitos seguidores?💥
siga: @megafamah
siga: @megafamah
siga: @megafamah
✔e siga todas as regras da última postagem da página, e aguarde.
🍀boa sorte!!!🍀
✅funciona mesmo!✅
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Sometime allah makes you feel weak and lonely in order to remind that you will always bein need of him and his strength.
without his assistance.
you can do nothing.
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100 million followers? that’s wild. to congratulate national geographic (@natgeo ) on their epic milestone, we’re sharing some behind-the-scenes video from one of their wildlife filmmakers, bertie gregory (@bertiegregory ).
“every now and again, the stars align, and you witness an incredible wildlife spectacle,” says the 25-year-old who spends about 11 months out of the year filming wild animals. his favorite? the peregrine falcon, the fastest animal on the planet that can live almost anywhere, even big cities. “they show you don’t have to go halfway around the world to see awesome wildlife. some of it is right on our doorstep,” he says.
last year, bertie did go halfway around the world, however. after a seven-day boat ride through the choppy atlantic ocean, he finally reached subantarctic south georgia island, home to “millions of seals, penguins and other seabirds” he says. “it was totally overwhelming to know that we have places like this on our planet.”
today on our igtv channel, we venture to this remote island with bertie to see the native rockhopper penguins.
photo of @bertiegregory by @spono

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpsplitscreen two halves equal one great shot. this weekend, the challenge is to share images that show two things in a split frame. for inspiration take a look at this featured image from videographer gosse bouma (@gosse_bouma ). here are some tips to get started:
🖼 think half and half. look at your frame in terms of top and bottom or left and right. are they strikingly different? maybe the frame is split in half by shadows, a face in profile or the edge of a pool.
🖼 create a divide. find something that divides the frame, like a road, a curtain or a tennis court net. get creative with it to make your own split screen composition.
🖼 look in the background. is something exciting or unexpected happening in the background? it could be a squirrel hiding behind a tree or a couple hugging behind a fish tank.
project rules: please add the #whpsplitscreen hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpsplitscreen hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpsplitscreen hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
featured photo by @gosse_bouma

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Makeup brush or magic wand? 🧙‍♀️✨ makeup artist isamaya ffrench (@isamayaffrench ) created spellbinding looks for designer vivienne westwood (@viviennewestwood ) during london fashion week, and we were there every step of the way.
“there’s a big theatrical element to the show,” isamaya says. “vivienne wants everyone to have this godly gold glow about them.” in addition to the supernatural glow, isamaya incorporated prosthetic noses for a whimsical pinocchio effect. “i love a crafty thing mixed with really high-end stuff,” she says. “it’s more a kind of classic theater mask style. a bit more like magic.”
see isamaya work her makeup magic, right now on our story and igtv channel.

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We’re at london fashion week, where makeup artist isamaya ffrench (@isamayaffrench ) created spellbinding looks for vivienne westwood (@viviennewestwood ).

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Hello, world! today’s #weeklyfluff is an inseparable pair of french bulldogs, theo and cato (@theobonaparte ). whether they’re napping, playing or just hanging out on a cold winter day, chances are that they’re doing it together, bundled up in the same blanket.
photo by @theobonaparte

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British comedian michael dapaah (@michaeldapaah_ ) is serious when it comes to dressing up for the 2019 brit awards. “i’m pretty much in tracksuits every day, but i do love to put on a suit every now and again,” he says.
as the fictional rapper big shaq, michael has made fans all over the world, and he plans to take full advantage of his star power. “i’m going to every party i’m on the guest list for,” he says.
today on our story, michael goes to the #brits and takes us along for the ride. 😎

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To create a striking image, sometimes you just have to dress the part. artist carolyn mara (@carolyn_mara ) brought her imagination to life without any help from photo editing software. the result? a unique photo with a hashtag to match: #whpmyvisualrepresentation. #whpuptome photo by @carolyn_mara

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Happiness attracts everything, even butterflies. kaya, a swiss shepherd from new zealand, learned that in the most adorable way. “it just shows the pure innocence and happiness she shows to me on a daily basis,” writes kaya’s human ashleigh (@kayatheshepherd ) in her caption. ashleigh chose the natural hashtag for this moment: #whphappiness. #whpuptome photo by @kayatheshepherd

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What do four hours look like? sydney-based jay daley (@j.a.y_daley ) ventured to mount kosciuszko to find out. he captured this star trail around the south celestial pole by taking 280 minute-long exposures of the night sky. “it really gives me the feeling of #whplongnights,” he says. #whpuptome photo by @j.a.y_daley

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To honor the black community on instagram and celebrate #blackhistorymonth, we’re sharing another story in our series #shareblackstories. this month and beyond, follow along and share your unique perspective using the hashtag.
for brehanna daniels (@brehannadaniels ), black history month is about celebrating groundbreaking accomplishments. “it’s amazing to see people that look like me accomplish and break barriers,” says the 24-year-old. brehanna is breaking barriers herself, as the first black woman to be a part of a pit crew in a nascar series race. “once i found that out, i realized it was much bigger than me,” she says.
in 2016, brehanna graduated from norfolk state university, a historically black college, on a full basketball scholarship. the lifelong athlete then joined nascar’s drive for diversity program, but she admits that before that she didn’t see a lot of people in the racing league who looked like her. brehanna now hopes to be an inspiration for other black women out there who might feel the same way. “why not be that change? hopefully, people will see me and more faces like mine will want to join,” she says.
check out our igtv channel now to learn more about brehanna’s story in a short #shareblackstories film. ✨

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If it were up to ola ogunlolu (@therookiehooker ), he’d spend all his time “making pretty things out of yarn.” that’s why his hashtag, #whpwhatyoulove, shows him surrounded by his crocheted creations in full bloom. 🌻 🏵 🌼 #whpuptome
photo by @therookiehooker

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