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One of the last remaining wonders of the ancient world, and a pyramid 🤣

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The joy in travel for me, is when you've hardly heard of a place before, but you land up there on one fine, snowy day - and it creeps into your heart, and sets up shop in your soul✨shot on my new #nokia8 // #expectmore #shotonnokia .
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When you spend hours trudging through knee-high snow, and the only (sort of) dry place to rest for miles in any direction is your own backpack - the struggle is real.

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The road goes on forever, and the party never ends 🤙 #whpweekend

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Glass cabin goals✨// thank you @northernlightsranch for an amazing stay in the heart of lapland! ~ it was a pleasure watching this wintry landscape transform to a sky speckled with the northern lights, all from the comfort of this cozy room. it was definitely some sort of paradise ❄️

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Riding a husky drawn sled across an arctic landscape in the winter is truly a special experience. revisiting this ancient mode of transportation, and playing with my adorable (and well looked after) chauffeurs, made this a primal adventure like no other // #shotonnokia ~ loving my new #nokia8! #expectmore @nokiamobilein
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The sun makes a guest appearance on a wintry day in tallinn's magical old town✨ // shot on my new #nokia8 #expectmore #shotonnokia @nokiamobilein
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It's -20c outside. you stand against the setting sun, throw boiling water in the air, and watch it freeze. and in that moment, you quickly realise - that nothing burns quite like the cold✨// shot on my brand new #nokia8 #expectmore #shotonnokia @nokiamobilein
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A few hours before our flight out of finland, we were still hunting for a real glimpse of the northern lights. after driving around somewhat aimlessly for a few hours, we found ourselves camped out on a frozen lake, waiting as the clock ran out on us. but finally, around 1:30 am - the dark, starry sky exploded in a sea of green and gave us the perfect farewell // in relatively recent human history, science has managed to push back against what we used to consider as mystical. the northern lights for example, aren't a magical absurdity of the universe, but simply a manifestation of elegant physical laws. but if and when you do find yourself standing under green skies for the very first time, i urge you - just for a second, to entertain the notion that perhaps the lights are bridges to other realms, or maybe they're a cute alien couple waltzing across the sky. just for a moment, forget your frozen extremeties, and revel in the buoyancy of your imagination.

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It's hard to remember you're not in a fairytale while in lapland, especially when rudolph comes out of nowhere and starts leading the way 🦌

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Just back from another whirlwind adventure in northern europe! lots of great stuff to share very soon, but while i get my s**t together (and try to adjust to the 50 degree change in weather) - here's a quick one from latvia // considering the fact that i've never been much of a fan of hot weather, the sea, the sand (or anything tropical, really) - it makes perfect sense that the only time you'll find me at the beach is in the winter 😂

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A bridge over a frozen river in the neighbourhood park - everything in the winter looks like a dream. #expectmore @nokiamobilein #shotonnokia #love .
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