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It’s that red day of the week where we try @cafepouchkine new creation! headed by chef @patrickpailler this is the “tarte fraise coquelicot” made with a base of reconstructed almond and hazelnut sablé, strawberry crémeux, fresh strawberries, strawberry mousse and strawberry confit. shoes by @bobbies

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Saturday is a great day to visit @cafedelapaixparis headed by chef @sophie_de_bernardi and try the “le miel végétal” made with nougat mousse, grains tart dough and honey glaçage. shoes by @bobbies

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Visiting @dalloyauparis to try chef @jeremydelval nee and revisited version of the classic “echiquier” made with a base of hazelnut crunch, milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse and chocolate glaçage. shoes by @rivieras

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Today’s visit is to @letempsetlepain in the southern part of paris headed by chef @ludov_fontalirant to try his ”paris-teheran” made with a base of pâte à choux, iranian pistachio praliné with a hint of salt, pistachio light cream and pistachio streusel. shoes by @georgeetgeorges

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Saturday is the perfect day to try some summer flavored macarons by @ph_carrement_chocolat @pierrehermeofficial what flavor? you probably guessed right! lemon and raspberry macarons with my matching @mountstreetshoecompany happy weekend everyone!

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Happy to introduce to you the new “father flamingo” dessert made by in collaboration with @thermomixfr specially for father’s day, made with pate à choux base, almond crunch, cherry tonka confit, cherry mascarpone cream, baked meringue and ruby chocolate. shoes by @arama_shoes #thermomix #thermomixfrance

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Today i take a minute to show you one my creations the “kasata noisette” made with chocolate sablé, hazelnut crunch, hazelnut mousse and white chocolate chantilly. made in my masterclass. hazelnut paste by @cacaobarryofficial shoes by @heschungofficial

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In french when you go to eat something you say ”let’s attack it” and with this lemon meringue leopard tart and my matching shoes, attacking is just the word! made by @olivierstehly this tart is made with tart dough base, lemon curd cream, baked meringue, leopard white chocolate and lime zest. shoes by @marcjacobs

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This sunny saturday is a great opportunity to head to the 16th arrondissement to visit hotel @brachparis headed by chef @yannbrys and try the “coco” made with coconut soft biscuit, raspberry compote, vanilla and coconut cream and white chocolate almond rocher. shoes by @fiocconero

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Visiting a new place today! so when you’re in a mood for a different kind of fraisier come to @letempsetlepain headed by chef @ludov_fontalirant to try the ”fraisier des bois” made with almond streusel base, verbena light mousse, wild strawberry confit and fresh wild strawberries. hungry shoes by @mountstreetshoecompany

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Summer is kinda here, i can tell by the flowers decorating the parisian desserts, just like on this “intensément chocolat” by chef @sophie_de_bernardi at @cafedelapaixparis made with a chocolate sablé base, chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, dark chocolate crémeux and chocolate caviar, all decorated with edible flowers. shoes by @jimmychoo

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Monday is here and pink is just the color to help this day look brighter! visiting @lejardinsucre_paris to try their “le rosat” made with lemon mousse, raspberry and geranium confit, lemon biscuit and almond crumble. shoes by @rivieras

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