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Disappearing world ... - #natgeo100contest @natgeo #shotoniphone

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Weekend hashtag project: #whppeekaboo
i have often found myself playing a visual game of hide-and-seek with my camera. so the goal of this week’s #whpuptome is to play peekaboo! #whppeekaboo
so take a shot of someone peering out of somewhere, or something camouflaged by its colours. its up to you, and we just want you to play hide-and-seek with your chosen subject.

this image shows me playing a game of peekaboo with a pup that i met 🐶! for #whpuptome @instagram #shotoniphone

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpshootme
ever seen something that grabs your attention to whip up your camera and shoot? i have often found myself in this situation. in this featured image, the beautiful gull compelled me, @deevitee , to shoot its graceful movement (which, in turn, made my wife ( ) shoot us both). this weekend, the goal is to showcase images and videos of such beautiful “shoot me” moments - places, people or things which compel you to shoot. it may be because it is beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring or you have a special connection with it.

head out. think about places, objects, animals and people that spark joy in you. scout for locations. look for places that are simply mesmerising. show us your favourite places. capture portraits of people who inspire you. try a new angle, or get creative with a new perspective. capture the sudden, unexpected yet compelling.

this weekends it is all about sharing the places, things or people that grab your attention.
for #whpuptome @instagram 📷

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#shotoniphone @apple 📷: iphonex

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Prey v predator #shotoniphone @apple

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Courting #shotoniphone @apple @instagram #whp❤️

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The swans are not silent #shotoniphone @apple #whp❤️ @apple

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#whp❤️ #shotoniphone @apple @instagram 📷:iphonex

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Tender love in nature. #whp❤️ @instagram #shotoniphone @apple 📷: iphonex

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Expressions of #whp❤️ #shotoniphone @apple @instagram

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The love of my life! #shotoniphone shotoniphone @apple 📷:iphonex #whp❤️#lensculture #lensculturediscovery

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