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Searched high and low for a new perspective for #whpperspective at this 500 year old fort. [@instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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X’mas trees 🌲 (a little too early) for #whpperspective [@instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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My perspective of the “palace of winds” for #whpperspective. my imagination of the palace with 953 windows.. [@instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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That feeling of emptiness [#shotoniphone #whpdailylife #walkinthesun #vscox]

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#whpdailylife is floating 24/7 for these retailers at the floating market. [#whpdailylife @instagram #shotoniphone @apple #vscox #walkinthesun @vsco ]

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One part of #whpdailylife that i hate most - doing the laundry. [#whpdailylife @instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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Showering love. #whpdailylife for these primates at ranthambore national park. [#whpdailylife @instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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Every late afternoon, hundreds of kites are flown from these rooftops. kite flying is a favourite pastime in jaipur. [#whpdailylife @instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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An everyday scene in singapore’s largest indoor wet market. [#whpdailylife @instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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The maasai are a tribe of people who live in parts of tanzania and kenya. its hard not to notice the multitude of colors that they adorn. colors are an intrinsic part of the maasai culture. each color of the beads and their clothes represents an aspect of their life. since they are so colorful, its hard not to take a picture of them. [#whpcolorpalette @instagram #shotoniphone @apple ]

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