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I had an amazing conversation with sara from @me_and_orla today and i’ll soon will be on her itunes #1 podcast #hashtagauthentic. 😃 sara is an expert in all things instagram, so if you’re in search valuable advice in this area, go check her instagram, lots of precious free content there!
this image was created with sweet @kutovakika. if you missed the #behindthescenes for it check it now on my itgv channel☝️and yes, it was shot at my home 😆

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I love talking to you and answering your questions! i try my best to reply to all of you in the comments, but sometimes i can miss some of them. that’s why, if you have an important question you want me to answer, please send it to me in the dms as well. thanks everyone for joining me and @grin_land yesterday! it was awesome! the live recording is still available for another half of a day in my profile! 😉✌️

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if you ask yourself questions like “how do i develop for my style in photography?” or “should i use other people’s ideas in my works?” join me for an instagram live with @grin_land. from my own experience our conversations are always very informative, strait to the point and they touch upon stuff very few people talk about in the art/instagram space. we’ll be online at 21.00 helsinki time. looking forward to seeing you there and get your questions ready! 😉✌️
models @hannah_wintr, @lilithsch

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Have you ever heard the phrase: “if it’s not in your calendar, it’s not happening.”? i realized how true this is over the past months. with the current crazy life rhythm it’s so easy to just get lost in everyday stuff. you never have time for actually making a step to a dream come true or achieving a bigger goal. and guess what? you’ll never have it! unless you put the important stuff in your calendar and actually block some time (per day, per week, per month) to make those tiny steps to the big change.
i wouldn’t be here, if i hadn’t devoted a few hours to photography every week when i was working almost from 7 am to 1 am. i wouldn’t be here, if i haven’t “stolen” a few hours from my family. i wouldn’t be here if i only worked on the stuff that pays. and i won’t achieve my big future goals, if i don’t schedule them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
start with the minimum amount of time you can devote to what you want to achieve, be it becoming a photographer, or working on a creative project, or writing a book, or learning a language (like me finnish 🙈), but put it in your routine (better daily or weekly). and the results will come! slowly, but they will!
looking forward to seeing more of your entries for #dasha_creatingconcepts! 😉
model: @sophie.simone.zurich
ps: i love round windows. who’s with me?🙌

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Let’s get to know each other better: let me know what city & country you’re from, what you do, and if photography is a hobby or a passion for you. and i mean photography, not instagram 😉
i can start: i’m dasha, i’m from russia, but currently live in helsinki, finland. photography is my life 🌿.
speaking of which, i already mentioned that i’ve been having some interesting conversations on photography with some of you in dms and i think that it would be interesting to take those discussions into instagram lives, so that you could also join and participate. 🙌
the first one will be on monday night (21.00 helsinki time) with @grin_land. will be talking about finding your style, understanding concepts, working with models and lots of other interesting things!😃😃😃
dress by @atelierom

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“the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” this quote by albert einstein became a cliché long ago. however, not many people (myself included🙈) bother to even question themselves that. what universe are you living in? friendly or hostile?
i used to live in a very hostile one for a long time. i used to blame people and circumstances, try to please people and pretend to be something i’m not. now it’s gradually turning into a friendly place for me, as i realize that i’m in control, of the they i react to anything that’s happening to me first of all. what about you?

model: @ai_berezina

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Last week i wrote a post about being tired of pinterest🤪, now i wanna share all the reasons why i actually love it🖤. though i do need breaks.😬
my top 5 reasons to love pinterest:
👉🏻 check my ideas: whenever i get an idea for an image, this is the first place for me to go and see if other people already did something in that area;
👉🏻find reference: i’m not a pro in say makeup and hair, so i don’t even realize what’s possible to do with a model’s look sometimes. pinterest is my primary source to search for those looks. with that said: it’s irreplaceable for creating shoot moodboards for either your team members, or clients, or both.
👉🏻 great suggestions: pinterest does an amazing job at suggesting you new stuff to look at. i really like 85% of the images suggested to me, that’s why i find the site/app so addictive.
👉🏻 learning: pinterest was my most favorite way to create collections of images when you study history of photography, or any other visual art (fine art, illustration, architecture). i used to create boards for photography masters’s works, so that i can remember them better.
👉🏻 storing ideas: as some of you may know, i like to steal some of my ideas from other forms of art, like illustrations. pinterest boards are a great way for me to keep my idea sources in one online space and easily accessible. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
what are your reasons to love or hate pinterest? are there some ways of using it that i’m missing out? share in the comments! 👇🏻
#dashapears_howto ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
this is another shot from the cool lost and found project.
style @kristoferson_design
clothes @kokokokids
models: @pomina08, @dinabiervert, @vasiliska2103, @aleksasha1001, @rubtsova_lera_model, @annademchenko2008
muah: @varvarad, @samoylovamaria ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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To go on with the tips on creating concepts that i recorded in stories: i want to share a cool 🔥life-hack🔥 on how to deal with an artist’s block or with being stuck in your art:
if you don’t know what to shoot (or in my case of staged conceptual portraits - what to shoot with), write down all the things that you definitely won’t ever shoot. usually stuff that will get you unstuck will come up in that list as well! 💥🤩try it for yourself and let me know, if it worked. 😉
also, i’m thrilled to see the first entries for the #dasha_creatingconcepts challenge! go check them out too! looking forward to seeing more! 💪💪💪
model: @nessanelamaa
muah: @beauty_dash_
dress: @platyeclothes

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I got some questions regarding #dasha_creatingconcepts challenge, and i feel a need to elaborate 😁. if you missed the rules, go to the previous post.👉🏻
answering a few of your questions:
🤔 why concept challenge? - most of you voted for that one and i see that many photographers out there want to go beyond an ordinary portrait, but don’t know how. this challenge is a free exercise that might help with that.
🤔 why symbols? they allow you to add meanings to your work. not all the objects will bear symbolic meanings, of course. in most portraits a tree is just a tree. however, when you include it in your work purposefully as an important element of an image, it will add speak to your viewer on a different level, making your photo more interesting.
🤔 can i take part with my existing work? well, the point is that you try the process of mixing and matching at least 2 elements (color, symbol and concept) in your work. if you feel you already know how to do that, ok. but don’t forget to explain what symbols, colors and concepts are there in your photo.
👋🏻 at me if you accept #dasha_creatingconcepts challenge! have more questions? feel free to send me dms or post them in comments below. 👇🏻
model @sophie.simone.zurich

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Time for the new photo challenge!💥 the goal is for you to learn to combine different elements of telling a story through your work. the prise is the huge print of my ☯️ work from the previous post. 🔥 i challenge you to take elements suggested by me, use them in your photo and publish this photo before the deadline - 19.10, friday. it’s a hard one, so no need to take one of all the 3 categories, you can choose one of 2 (like symbol&concept, or color&symbol). however, the ones who manage to use all 3 get extra points!💪
symbols🌳: these everyday objects also can stand for some abstract things. like a “book” can mean “wisdom”, or “knoledge”. find a common abstract meaning that can be attributed to one of these objects and use it in your work, tell us what this meaning is, when publishing.
- tree
- bird
- fire
- door
- key
colors🌈: one of the colors below should be among the main ones in your image.
- red
- purple
- orange
- blue
- black
concept🌚: pick one
- opposites (any, like light and heavy, or small and big)
- transformation - emotion (you can take any but state which one)
rules :
📍 save the post to always be able to go back to the rules;
📍 create an image, using 1 element of 2 categories above;
📍 post it before 19.10.18; mentioning the elements you have used and explaining the concept as you see it,
📍 use #dasha_creatingconcepts and tag me - @dashapears.art, when you post.
if you want to be guided through this challenge and learn more on creating concepts in live one-on-one sessions with me, as well as get my feedback on your existing work, be fast to grab one of the 5 paid guidance spots. click the link in bio for more info and registration.
let the challenge begin! 💪🙌
model: @tina_kristina_morena
muah: @tamara__way
thanks @ai_berezina for assistance!

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After yesterday’s stories about the coolest @inkifi_instagram prints i’ve hot so many requests for posting this image, here it goes) enjoy!
btw, i just counted all the future #dashapears_challenge votes and it looks like we’ll be having another one on concepts! 🤓✨💪 i’ll work on making it even more interesting this time. 😉
also i decided the huge print of this image to be the prise for the winner! i’ll publish the challenge tomorrow.
do you wanna see the before/after of this ones? or should i say just “before”? 😆

models: @annikahelenw, @ritabehm
muah @riimmua
clothes: @lumoanstories

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I have to admit that i haven’t seen a good movie for ages. 🙈maybe there’ll be a chance during this weekend? any recommendations? something that’s visually appealing and has an interesting plot. 😃👇🏻
for @pohladesign
🎈by @joyeesti

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