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Sunday is my digging into productivity day. and here’s the cool tip (from @sethgodin interviewed recently by @chasejarvis ) for myself that you might also find useful: don’t do things that make you feel that you’re busy and productive, when in fact you’re doing nothing.🙈 for example, texting someone all day long can make you feel productive, but in fact you did nothing during the day. 😬 to say nothing about scrolling the social media feeds or watching tv. 👽

when i need to concentrate on an important project, i shut down all the messaging apps and put my phone on a plane mode. sometimes, it can be hard for me to concentrate on the work for a long time, then i brake it into 25 min intervals with 5 min gaps in between. and yes, i can check my phone during those gaps. 😉just for a change. then i get back to work. the key to success here is focus only on one thing, and when you know it’s only for 25 min, it’s easier to accomplish. 💪

have you ever tried this method of braking the workload into time intervals? do you have any other hacks on getting stuff done? share them with me in the comments below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
don’t miss my live interview with amazing @jovanarikalo tomorrow at 20.00 eest (helsinki time)! model: @nessanelamaa


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Simple recipe for becoming better at your craft💪: find little things that you s**k at, make a list of them and then try to learn them step by step, getting better each time gradually. be your own teacher and student. 🤓
for example: if you’re a wedding photographer and you know that you s**k at taking group photos with artificial light, break this down into 2 items on your list:
1. learning how to make great group photos;
2. understanding artificial light.

even these ✌️ can be broken down into smaller action points, like:
- posing groups
- setting the mood for a cheerful group picture
- choosing the best backdrop for wedding group pics
- and so on.

then you become better at every point step by step🕺🏻, it’s not as overwhelming and it’s psychologically easier. when you’re done with the first item on your list, you get to the next one and your craft is becoming better and better every time! 😃yes, it not fast🐢, but it works and it will show in your images as well.

have you ever tried this method? if yes, please share your experience. 👇🏻if not, try it out and let me know the results!🙌 btw, i came across the idea of creating an “i s**k at this” list at a @skillshare class by @yasminacreates. i love this online learning platform: it’s inexpensive and offers a great variety of classes from photography and illustration to business and marketing (which many of us need, if we want to sell our art💸). i have a special offer of 2 months of classes for free from them and it’s on now in my stories, all you need to do is to swipe up to check it out.

another shot from my lost and found project.
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clothes @kokokokids
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muah: @varvarad, @samoylovamaria ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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As a hint on where i get inspiration from - i absolutely love buying children’s books with amazing illustrations. often i buy them just for the sake of the pictures! luckily i have an excuse of having two kids, so people don’t consider me to be that weird when i mention this fact. check out my stories. i’m showing you some of my recent favs!

have you ever bought a book just for the sake of pictures?📚 this was shot for a group of brands: @kokokokids, @37_raz, @mimiloona
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The past few months i’ve been busy rethinking my training programs. after holding about 15 workshops i realised that there should be a distinction in the information i give to photographers who’re at the beginning of their journey, and those who already know a lot💪. having both groups in the same event is very challenging for me as a teacher and for the students as well: as some can be bored😑, while others are not able to process all the information i’m giving. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
from now i’ll be having two ✌️types of workshops: “introduction to creative photography” and “master creative photography”. the “intro” one is for you, if you are already tried of shooting friends and family and want to understand how magic✨ images are made. it will have the basic knowledge on organising the process, working with supportive professionals and searching for ideas. it’s lightweight and very practical.
the “master” one is a deep dive into creating images that are unlike anyone else’s, standing out from the photography crowd, finding your style and building a successful personal brand, as well as vibrant online community of followers and supporters. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i’m really proud of my new workshop programs! it never felt this easy to tell you about them! to register tap the link in my bio☝️ and choose the one that suits you more. these are in helsinki. for those of you, who are not close, i’m preparing an even better treat! 😃
it’s going to be my signature online course, as a result of which you’ll have a whole creative project planned out 🎁 and the first work of that project will be completed within the course. so that it’s not just me pouring the info on you, but you’re putting the knowledge you get to the test immediately💪! i’m very excited about it! the preview of the course is already available on my website - dashapears-art.com.
this image is the coolest ever collab with @reidipi! look what she did to my portrait of @kutovakika 😍🤩!

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One of our talks with @grin_land was about planned shoots vs letting our minds flow, when we have 📷 in our hands. my shoots are very heavily planned 📆and most of my photos would be called “conceptual”.
now, looking back at my work i understand that most of it was more surreal, than actually conceptual. cause my primary goal was aesthetics and strangeness. 🤪not expressing some huge idea. to tell you the truth, i don’t think i had those ideas in the first place. 🙈

i recently watched a few documentaries (yes, on @youtube ) about surrealists like dali, ernst, magritte and so on and discovered that this was the main point of their art: to draw out the subconscious into our conscious reality, so that our minds get unlocked 🗝and become more creative.✨ there was no particular idea behind a leg looking like a chest of drawers. i now understand that the surrealists succeeded in every way. we are much more creative today💪, however still not many of us have any deep concepts behind our work. do you agree?

model @alizzza

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If you missed my live talk with @made_by_helga, i’ve put down a few valuable takeaways:
✊ understanding what impact your art has on people is important, for yourself first of all. truly impactful art does not need to be about suffering and pain (as i personally thought for a long time). bringing people joy and putting smile on their faces can be even more crucial.
✊ do have a system for storing ideas (this one keeps popping up in every interview!). it’s good, if you can describe your future work in as many details as possible, including: colors, materials, objects, etc. sketching book - is a great option for that, this way you begin to get your ideas out of your head and they become clearer to you first of all.
✊ not all of your ideas will be executed as you see them in your imagination for the first time and it’s normal. some will get modified overtime, some will become obsolete. it’s the natural selection. only the best make it to a finished work
✊ when you start out in art, you first need to train your eye at looking and seeing as an artist. it’s helga’s case, it’s seeing similarities of between totally unconnected objects. in my case, it’s lines, frames, shares that can be used to create perfect photo compositions. it’s not about talent, it’s about practice.
✊ never stop working on personal projects, even if you’re burred in client work: this is where your creativity gets a stretch and constantly grows.
✊ gratitude helps to keep on creating and never give up: even you’re facing a challenge, be grateful for it, as it means the time has come for you to grow.
✊ don’t try to limit yourself and become something people tell you to become! listen to yourself and you’ll find your own path. for years helga thought she was supposed to become either a good photographer or a good designer, but she was interested in several types of art, so in the end she found a way to connect all of them, becoming a multidisciplinary visual artist.
✊ for inspiration use a combination of google/pinterest/ig, other arts and everyday life around you: every little detail can be a source of inspiration, if you train your eye to notice it.
hope you find these valuable! did i miss anything?👇

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When you learn something, be it here, on instagram, or youtube, or your school or platforms like @skillshare, don’t just let that knowledge hang in the air. put it to practice, continue learning by doing. 🤓💪 otherwise your knowledge will evaporate and you’ll have to start all over again. 🤯

many of us would totally agree with this, but the same number of people will still do the same mistake of not practicing their newly acquired knowledge over and over again. 🙈 it happened to me so many times, when i wanted to finally get fluent in french. it happened to dozens of my friends back in russia, who know the importance of learning english, but somehow can’t master it, though they keep taking courses 3, 4 or even 5 times in a row. it even happened to me when i recently took a post-processing class from @marekwurfl! so i will have to take it all over again, marek!

practice, practice, practice! 🥊🥊🥊 is my new mantra now. that’s why i like to do photography challenges! that’s why my new creative photography online course with have lots of practical exercises.
where’s your favorite place to learn? and do you always put your newly gained knowledge to the test?

this was shot for @annemaripahkala
muah @beauty_dash_
model @janikaseppala

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Thanks so so much for your replies to my previous post about defining my style. i was asking, because in real world, when people are meeting you they wanna know what you do. and often the best reply would be in one or two words. ever felt awkward answering this simple question? then you might know how i sometimes feel 😆😬. another reason is that i need a clear definition for marketing my workshops and my future online course, which i’m really excited about 🤓😃. i need to make sure my message reaches the right audience and passes on the right info. i’m still deciding with what i’ll stick, but i really liked “storytelling photography”. 🖤
let’s see if it works 😉

btw, i’m becoming obsessed with clarity in all aspects of my life! from buying groceries to planing my shoots, of course, and setting clear goals for the future? are you good at gaining clarity in your work and life? or is it a challenge for you? like it is for me 🙈
shot for @lumoanstories

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Here’s a question that’s been on my mind for several weeks now: what is the tern that will describe my style of photography better? maybe you can help me with this? your opinion matters a lot to me! so the options are

1. conceptual
2. creative
3. fine art
4. something else

please please please reply with a number in the comments! 🙏🙏🙏 don’t miss my interview with @made_by_helga in 2 hours! we’ll be live at 8pm gmt.

midel @edgar.allan.noe

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How often do you check out igtv videos of the people you follow? do you even know that the feature exists? i’m planning to upload some videos from my youtube channel, but they are horizontal of course, i wonder if that bothers viewers or not, cause i’ve seen people doing it here and there. what’s you experience with them? please let me know in the comments below, cause i really want to know what you think!
@made_by_helga tomorrow! we’ll be on air at 8pm gmt (london time).

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More rabbits for you 🐰. this time origami ones. 😉 you often ask me about what software i use for editing my photos. i do most of the color and contrast work in lightroom, and then do the compositing, face retouch and plastics in photoshop. my final touches are usually done in exposure by @alienskinsoftware.
i really love the plugin and i’ve been using it for over 5 years now. i watched it evolve overtime, and in the very begging it was a bit unstable and made photoshop collapse, but the effects that i got there were always worth it. now the plugin is robust and i simply can’t get enough of it! 90% of my photos are finished in exposure. 😃😃😃 there you can apply various film filters, very true to life bokeh filters (specific to different lenses), add textures and much more. recently they became my partners and this is an organic type of partnership i always dreamed about. it allows me to get you the deals! if you want to check them out, drop me a dm and i’ll be happy to share a 10% discount coupon code with you.

do you use anything besides lightroom and photoshop? any fav presets? plugins? presets? phone apps? for example, i also use @vsco for lightroom, but for my client work mostly, not for art. what about you?
model: @tina_kristina_morena
muah: @tamara__way
special thanks to @ai_berezina
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I had an awesome conversation with @_somethingnice_ recently. and again i thought it would be useful to i write down a few key takeaways that you might find valuable:
🥊 in the very beginning: practice a lot. you can shoot anything with anything. start with objects or pets and your phone camera. absence of models or dslr is not an excuse.
🥊 photography courses might be helpful, but you can also learn anything yourself, if you really want to.
🥊 have a system for storing ideas that you can’t shoot immediately. this way you can get down strait to shooting when you have time, you don’t have to wait for inspiration.
🥊 try many things, but do choose the features, colors, elements that are yours and stick to them to be consistent in your art.
🥊 it’s necessary to be self-aware and be able to express your emotions to create impactful art. so when you look for ideas, look inside first.
🥊 don’t care too much about what people have to say about your art. do it for yourself first. this way others’ opinions won’t matter.
🥊 comparing your work to the work of other artists never works in your favor. compare your today’s work to what you did last month or last year and recognize the progress.
🥊 writing cations and explaining ideas behind a particular image is important, but not always necessary. sometimes it’s good to let your work to be open to interpretation of the audience.
if you found value in these takeaways, don’t forget to save the post, to be able to come back to them and review once again later. hey next live will be with one of my most favorite people on instagram - @made_by_helga 🖤. we’ll be on the air on saturday, dec 1, at 20.00 gmt (london time).
so looking forward to this conversation! 😃😃😃
model @evaart_design

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