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Does higher education 👨‍🎓👩🏼‍🎓in a prestigious arts college guarantee an immediate artistic success? ✨of course not, you still need to prove yourself to the world and find your voice. 😬 how? listen how it was for @made_by_helga and what she had to go through to find out what kind of art she wanted to create and be hired for.
yes, the new episode of my podcast is out! it’s there in your podcasting app -search for inspiration in action, or just go to the link in my bio!
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When you’re planning a shoot with a model, what’s the first thing you ask her to send you after you’ve seen her portfolio? 🤔
snaps!!! if you’re not familiar with the term: these are the close up and full-body pictures of the model with not makeup made with natural light. ☀️the full body snaps are photos of the model in a bathing suit/underwear. those are vitally important, if you don’t want to risk your shoot results. because portfolio means a lot, but not everything! remember, other photographer use photoshop too!
if you’re about to shoot a model who you just met on social and he/she is not a pro model and doesn’t have snaps, ask for selfies. this will allow you to understand the length and color of the hair, are there any tattoos that interfere with your image idea, etc. even, if the model’s insta looks very much lifestyle, her/his appearance at the moment might be quite different. this simple thing can save you hours in photoshop, learned this the hard way from my own experience. 🙈😬
did you ever had a shoot when your model looked like a completely different person from the one you saw in her/his portfolio? share below!👇🏻
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Part ✌️ of my takeaways from the interview with @robwoodcoxphoto (see the previous post for part ☝️)
⚡️when you set goals it’s good to break them into long and short term ones. achieving the smaller short-term goals will give you the strength and confidence to move towards the bigger long-term ones. it’s also good, if your short-team and long-term goals are alined and that the short term ones are included in the long term goal.
⚡️it’s only natural that you start trying to make a change in the world with your art, when you are at a very comfortable place with yourself. when you feel loved and nourished and happy, you want to share that with the world, you want to educate others that they can live better and that the change is possible. i actually only very recently realized this, and thanks, rob for voicing this idea. before that i was sort of blaming myself for not being very much concerned about the global issues. however, if i didn’t treat myself well enough, how could i think of treating the world around me well? if i suffer, everything around me might suffer as well, why should i be the only one? it’s all different for me now and now i feel that i’m ready to take my part in changing the world. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
those were my lessons. 🤓if you haven’t yet, please follow rob everywhere. he is an incredible artist putting out so much positive energy into the world.
my next live interview will be with @town.and.concrete! i’m extremely exited to talk to cyril about his art and style! we’ll go live on 25.02 at 11.00 eest- helsinki time. tune in and get your questions ready!👊✨
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Had a very busy schedule last week, with 3 full-day shoots in a row🙈, so i had to postpone posting my takeaways from the interview with @robwoodcox. those who watched us were in for a treat, i loved interviewing rob: he’s such a special human being with a beautiful view of the world. i learned a lot from him within that hour, specifically:
⚡️it all starts with curiosity towards something, you don’t need to start with a grand idea, it can evolve out of the process: when rob started shooting dancers, it sort of happened by chance, there was no huge idea behind it. however, when he tried working with the first group and tapped into the concept of diversity he was blown away by the outcomes: he got more and more interested and the audience reacted very positively very fast.
⚡️a great exercise for finding ideas is to analyze your favorite music lyrics: rob does music sessions, when he isolates himself from the rest of the world and dives into the music and lets his mind wonder. he puts down the ideas that come to his mind in a notebook and tried to execute on them immediately.
⚡️some art projects you will have to fund out of your own pocket and that’s normal. try to organize your income so that some of your paid projects, or your main paying job will provide the money for your creative projects. another way to work on big creative projects is to find sponsors.
⚡️if you want to stand out: don’t look at what others in your area are creating. yes, it’s ok to look through the masterpieces of the grates, however constantly checking on your peers will don’t do you much good. if you don’t want to copy their work consciously, some thing will pop up unconsciously and you won’t even realize that you take that idea from someone else.
⚡️overcoming personal barriers can be your super-power. a new thing an only look scary, because you never tried it. whenever you try something new, you get to keep that experience and knowledge and it expands your abilities from something even bigger. you can start small and move slowly, but every tiny step will make you bigger and better.
part ✌️is coming tomorrow!
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The lest answer to #mybigcreativedreams question are brands i’d like to shoot for. i’d love to work with art/photography brands first of all: so @adobie and @canon, since i am a canon user and love it. next on my list: @pixar, @diorparfums and @apple. 🍏
what are the brands you want to work with most of all? tag them in the comments! think big and go wild! 😃⚡️✨
this one was shot for @butonidesign

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Here goes my next answer to #mybigcreativedreams question(see the beginning in the previous post) - collaborating on a project with a person, whose work has been legendary for me through the years. the answer to that turned out to be very difficult, cause there are so many people i’d love to collaborate with!!!! 🙈🙈🙈 both famous and not!
perhaps for now i’ll say that would be to create something with @nicolettaceccoli - my long time favorite illustrator. i would love to shoot something with @rksbandofficial and agnes obel. their music turned out to be very important to me during a certain period of my life and i’d love to reflect that in a series of photos. another one - and this is the wildest ever😃: i’d love to do something with wes anderson. don’t now what and how yet, but we’re sharing the biggest dreams here right? ✨⚡️✨ who would you like to work with? models, fashion designers, makeup artists, any creative that you admire and dream to work with? share below!👇🏻
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if you wanna see how i edited this photo, check out my igtv channel!

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When i just started photography, i didn’t have any art-related dreams. well, ok, i did. something like i want to shoot like tim walker or @_rodneysmith. 😆 but i didn’t even take myself seriously as an artist, so i was not thinking big and focused at the same time. now i think that having a very well formulated dream-goal is essential for striving for becoming a better artist. recently i was rethinking my big dreams and here’s how i classified them:
⭐️ creating a big personal project of my own that doesn’t just reflect my emotions, but also deeply touches my viewers and makes them thinks about some very specific issue.
⭐️collaborating on a project with a person, whose work has been legendary for me for years
⭐️shooting for a brand that i love.
and you know what? those questions turned out to be very tricky for me!
the first one i seem to have figured out. currently the thing that concerns me the most is the way people treat themselves. i now deeply believe that lack of love and kindness to oneself is the core of most of the evil things going on in the world. this and lack of proper education in this sphere. it’s kind of a deep topic and is worth of a separate post. here i’ll just note that my random surreal work somehow evolved to telling the stories about being at piece with yourself. now i still have several projects in mind and planned on paper that deal with this topic. will be sharing the answers to the other two in the following posts with a hashtag #mybigcreativedreams.
now what’s the thing that you think is worth talking about? have you figured out? maybe it’s something personal that can also help other people, or there’s some global issue that concerns you that you want to raise awareness about? share in the comments! if you haven’t found it yet, share that too, because the interesting thing is, it might find you right there, when you finally begin thinking of it :) maybe even for the first time in your life. if there’s not enough space in the comments, write a post with a hashtag #mybigcreativedreams. i really feel that manifesting your dreams and sharing them with others is the first step to making them come true! 😉🌟
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Many of you ask me what would be the best way to start getting paid clients as a photographer and gaining experience fast. 🚀🚀🚀
i think that @dianewithonen has the best answer to this question. check out her answer in the latest episode of my podcast - inspiration in action, where she shares how she was starting her photographer’s career path and how she is shooting unusual fashion today. the podcast is available in your fav podcasting app, or there’s also a link to in my bio!

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Do you ever feel like you’re completely out of ideas and nothing seems to help? here’s an excellent advice from a writer neil gaiman (@neilhimself ) - get bored. yes! so simple, yet so powerful. when you’re boded, your mind starts to wander and search for ways to entertain itself. this is when and we’re new ideas come in. the problem is that it’s so hard to get bored today, right? there’s millions ways of entertaining yourself in a smartphone alone! to say nothing about netflix, games, etc. don’t you agree?
do you ever get bored deliberately?

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Should you do free work? 🤔😬 i bet, if you’re in the process of turning your creative passion into business, you try to avoid free work by all means. however, from personal experience and from what i heard during my interviews it’s “free work” meaning your personal projects that will lead you to new heights and allow you to grow esponentially.
when doing free work is beneficial? 🎯 if you want to experiment and try yourself in a new sphere
🎯 if the project looks extremely interesting and you’ll have a lot of creative freedom, when working on it
🎯 if you want to get connections, collaborate with someone who inspires you or learn from someone, who is more skilled than you (when you’re assisting a pro, for example)
🎯 when you want to get a lot of experience fast and put your name out there. this is what @dianewithonen did, when she was starting out as a photographer. listen to her whole story in the latest episode of my podcast (link in bio)
🎯 when it’s your idea that you wholeheartedly believe in. in this case your work most probably won’t be just free, but also self-funded. like @robwoodcox’s incredible projects with dancers.🔥🔥🔥
now what’s your opinion of “free work”? do you do it often? or is it a “no-no” for you?
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Often we might find ourselves complaining about our work not being seen by better clients or about not being able to work with cool brand names right away. however, it’s important to realize that starting small is important, because you have a chance to learn, to figure out the details of the process, to understand how to deal with unexpected things that will inevitably pip up. if you take on a massive project without the necessary experience, if shoot for big brands immediately after buying a camera, you can s***w it up. so do value your small projects. they give you an opportunity to gain the necessary skills. that’s a bit of my monday wisdom for you 🖤
i’m in the middle of a 3-day commercial shoot with @kristoferson_design. it’s hard, challenging and stretching my skills. and i’m loving it! 🖤 see more in stories 😉

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Maaan, choosing the winners of #dashas_creativechallenge was extremely hard! but before i announce them, i’d love to say a big thank you to all of the participants! 🖤🖤🖤 i didn’t expect that many amazingly creative entries! you saw my favs in stories. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
it was tough, but i finally made my choice! the winner of my challenge is @ishyvi!!! 🎉🎉🎉 she gets the main prize of the challenge - online skype portfolio review with me, during which we’ll go over her work in detail and we’ll figure out what her key strengths are and what there is to improve. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
once again, thanks to all of you for taking part! i hope you had a lot of fun! the next challenge will be even more interesting, i promise!😉💪
this image is another one from my origami series. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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