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The knight is always staying up late and drinking. all the crime fighting really works up an appetite 🤓🔥⛽️#thirstythursday

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Celebrating #humpday with the bmw power bulge🤓💪🏼🐳

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Be a badass with a good a*s 😈💪🏼😏🍑 #tooshietuesday

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Vision without action is merely a dream. action without vision just passes the time. vision with action can change the world 😈 #sundayfunday

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Hope everyone's friday can look this evil....i mean good 😏😈🍻. be sure to checkout my story and see how you could win an @amazon echo dot from the knight and i 😎 #frontendfriday#knightechodot

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The knight enjoying a #thirstythursday protein shake before a good workout 😈⛽️🏋🏻🏎💨

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Defined muscle 💪🏼with a wheel and tire to match @zitowheels x @michelinusa 😈👌🏼#wheelwednesday#michelinlemans17#michelinpilotexperience

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It's #tooshietuesday 🤓🍑 don't forget to get those squats in 😈💪🏼

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///mugs come free on #meanmuggin monday 😈💪🏼

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Rolling through #sundayfunday 😈💪🏼 thanks to @ant.media for this incredible roller 😍👍🏼

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Find what you love. love what you find 😎👍🏼 have a great #sideshotsaturday

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Too knightly for #wheelwednesday 😈🤘🏼be sure to checkout the all new bmw-m.com website where too much is just right 😏. link in my bio! #mpower#bmwmrepost

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