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The m4 isn’t the only thirsty one. this little guy can get quite thirsty as well 😜. happy #thirstythursday and stay warm! 🥃☕️

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The knight always likes to look wheelie good 🤓... so thank you @zitowheels and @michelin with the ps4s for helping accomplish that 😍 can’t forget @adamspolishes which helps keep all these components clean and protected. especially with adam’s ceramic wheel coating 😊👌🏼

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Packing those oled’s for #tooshietuesday thanks to @ns2_edits 😈🍑 hit them up for all your render/edit needs 👍🏼💯. those tails might be coming soon though for real 🤷🏻‍♂️😎

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Always lurking and trying to escape the light 🦇😈 #meanmuggin

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Just chillin’ like a villain for #sundayfunday 😎🍻 hope everyone is enjoying the day!

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! i was able to put on my winter setup and enjoy the day with the r 😈☃️ #sideshotsaturday

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If you want to challenge yourself while drinking, try doing some squats 🍑😂. it’s the only way the knight drinks 😈🍻. have a great #thirstythursday everyone!

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#humpday with my germans 😎 which one for you?😜 looking forward to getting the @michelinusa ps4s limited edition tires for the r 😏

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Congrats again @stillnahrich formally (m3nahrich) on his beautiful new mclaren 570s and @omgt3 formally known as (f80awm3) on his new porsche gt3 🚀🚀🔥👍🏼. i wish these guys luck on their new build and can’t wait to see what they do 😈👍🏼| #tunertheory#michelin#ps4s |

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The knight is ready for this @tunertheory weekend to be here😈 🔥🔥 (nyc won’t be the same) 😂😏

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“we at bmw do not build cars as consumer objects, just to drive from a to b. we build mobile works of art.” -chris bangle. judging from this b***y i can agree 😏🍑 happy #humpday everyone!

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You know you’re winning when you see you’re being copied 😈...i know getting together with the @tunertheory team soon for the @michelinusa summit will set the bar high again for 2018! 🏆

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