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The all new bmw z4 concept! what do you guys think?! i really like it and hope this look can carry over into the production spec. 💯 thanks @bmwusa for having me🙏🏼

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A different type of #thirstythursday . one with nature and middle of nowhere cottages 😂👍🏼 have a great day everyone 🍻. also if anyone is out here in monterey this week hit me up!

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Hey guys! if you follow @tunertheory and @michelinusa and then click the link in my bio you can sign up for a chance to win a free set of michelin tires 😳😎. michelin is giving away a couple sets of tires and you have till midnight tonight to enter to win! winners will be announced tomorrow 🔥🔥💯(takes less then 30 seconds to signup ⏳) #ps4sdominance

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The knight is always standing guard 😈💪🏼🏰⚔️. also be sure to watch my ig stories. if you follow @tunertheory and @michelinusa and swipe up on my michelin tire stories you can enter to win a free set of the best tires out there😈 #ps4sdominance#sideshotsaturday

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The knight doing his usual rounds at the local watering hole 🤦🏻‍♂️⛽️🤑. happy #thirstythursday everyone 🍻

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The knight enjoying #humpday on top of the world at the pagoda 😈🍑 enjoyed the mountain roads with my @michelinusa ps4s too 😎

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#tooshietuesday never looked so dark 😈 who will be out at pebble beach for #carweek next week? i'll be out there from the 14th-20th 😎

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Just another one of those ///monday's you know?!🙈👿

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Sunday....knight day 😂😂🤓 hope everyone had a great weekend! catch the knight at the knight's watch in got soon 😈

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Got to borrow @theblued3vil 's new i8 for a day and i have to say the car was pretty cool to drive. totally different experience from the m4. while the performance and handling is no where near the m it still was a lot of fun to drive. sport mode the car is still fast as it's awd grip and instant torque from the electric motors makes the car no slouch. while in comfort mode the car makes pretty much no sound and gives you that electric/ tesla feeling which is a different cool experience. plus opening and closing the doors on this is pretty sweet as well 😎. take away notes; the @bmwi i8 definitely impressed me with it's refined performance and comfortable touring ride feel. thanks again @theblued3vil 😈🙌🏼

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Finally #frontendfriday 😌😈💪🏼 hope everyone has a great day and weekend!

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I officially have the @michelinusa pilot sport 4's on and man do they feel great 🤗😍. gotta clean the car up and shine these up a bit but i'll let everyone know how they feel upon breaking them in. already feeling an amazing difference in these already 👍🏼💯 #pilotfamily#ps4s

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