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Can't forget to post on one of my favorite days 😏⛽️🍻. loving the new side profile with those new shoes 👟 #thirstythursday

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Finally was able to take the knight out and grab a few pictures of the new 👟's yesterday 😈. more pictures to come with @dared3vil_m3 💯

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My bro @bmw_mg_f82 is killing it with his new frozen rose bronze hre wheels 🔥🔥💯 be sure to follow him in case by some chance you weren't already 😜. congrats again on the beautiful shoes 😈👍🏼 📸: @erikmarroquin

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#tooshietuesday starting off strong like that black sapphire metallic flake 😍💯

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Enjoying a fine #sundayfunday in this warm weather 🤗💯 hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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Congrats on making it to friday everyone 😎🙌🏼 now enjoy this #frontendfriday shot and the weekend 🍻😈👍🏼 #tgif

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In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria, in gasoline there is power 😈💪🏼 and i'll drink to that 😁🙌🏼⛽️🍻#thirstythursday

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More b***y popping for #humpday 😈🍑🙌🏼

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Shocked to see that both cars in my life are in the same picture for #valentinesday 😱. i asked the knight for a #tooshietuesday shot but i guess they don't mind being with each other on this day 😏. i'll drink to that 😎🥂❤️🖤

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The depth of field on the iphone 7 plus is just crazy 💯👍🏼 hope everyone's monday is going well! if not not try to enjoy this #meanmuggin face 😂👿

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Happy #sundayfunday everyone! thought i'd share the knight's strong side to close out the weekend 😩🍑

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Giving that resting ///m face look for #frontendfriday 👿💪🏼 have a great weekend everyone ✌🏼🍻

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