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You ain't really wild, you a tourist, i be blackin' out with the purist 😈☃️ #snowday

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I know it’s #tooshietuesday but i can’t get this face out of my head 😍 take me back to germany!😩🙏🏼#f90#m5

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Another snow storm is on the way..☃️🙈💆🏻‍♂️. who else is ready for spring and warmer weather?! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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Happy st.patricks day 🍀🍻hope everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend! also be sure to checkout @amguice and his coverage of #sebring12 with @michelinusa #michelinpilotexperience

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Cruising into the weekend like 😎🤘🏼. have a great weekend everyone! #tgif | 📷: @antdabrowski |

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That late (k)night 🍑☎️🦇 is hard to resist 😍🤓 #humpday

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I can never get enough of this 🍑 for #tooshietuesday 😏. may your day be filled with happiness and strong gainz😜

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When you wake up and you’re about to hit snooze... then monday gives you this look 🙄🧐👿 #meanmuggin

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Another throwback with this setup 😊. hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙌🏼💯. also if anyone is interested in my current wheels i’m willing to work something out for the stock 437 black wheels! #sundayfunday

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Loved all phases of the knight! here is one with the other @zitowheels and aggressive front lip-(rip😂)🔥🔥 #sideshotsaturday

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Happy #fatbootyfriday 😎🍑have a great weekend everyone! 💯

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Car has “never seen snow” 😂☃️ can’t say that for this one 😜. wanted to thank everyone who has been messaging me concerning the knight and how it’s for sale. i’m just seeing if i can get any offers for buying the car as it sits ($58k). i don’t need to get rid of it this way but just seeing my options. i will be staying with the brand though, don’t worry about me leaving @bmw 😎. hope to share something new with you guys soon 🙏🏼

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Free ///mugs for monday! 😈💪🏼. hope everyone is having a great start to the week🙏🏼 (p.s if anyone is interested in buying the knight let me know 🤑🤪)

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Besides the great debate of the 🍑 between the m3 and m4.. i do love the side profile of my knight 😍💯 #sideshotsaturday

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Can’t thank @bmwm and @bmwdrivingexperience enough for my time out in the #m4gts . i had such an incredible time out there with this beast 😁🙏🏼. also helped having one of the best bmw m driving instructors out there with me 😎🏁 #tooshietuesday

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Happy friday everyone! 😈🎉 hopefully your weekend looks this evil.. i mean good 😉🍻

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#thirstythursday hangzzzz 😎😏. have a great day and margarita for #nationalmargaritaday 🍻

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Fell in love with this individual ruby red b***y 🍑while at the @bmwwelt 😍 who else digs this color?! #humpday

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🔊turn the volume up to hear the beautiful soundtrack from mia 😊😈🔥🔊. this has the first edition m sports exhaust with black tips.

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Well it’s monday... and i’m already missing this beast 🙄😢. what’s crazy is even in the snow it didn’t have any trouble putting the power down 💪🏼 #xdrive

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