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Going to need more then a fire hydrant to put this 🔥 out 😈💪🏼. happy friday everyone and have a great weekend 🙌🏼💯| 🏎: @rodriguezw92 | #tgif

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Normally you only see darkness on my page but hoping i can brighten it up with my friend @eddy_torres ‘s alpine white f80 😍💯. loved this roller i got of his m3 👌🏼. happy #thirstythursday

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Over here staring at #humpday like 🤤 @vaderdriven |

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Absolutely love this san marino blue color on my bro @rodriguezw92 ‘s f80 😍👌🏼. do you agree?!

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@vaderdriven getting ready to take off into the week 🍑🚀 but enjoy this #sundayfunday view first 😍

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Congrats to @vaderdriven on his completed @psm_dynamic widebody m4. looks incredible 😍🔥🔥. also thanks to @detailersdomain and @adamspolishes today for putting on an awesome show, even with the rain 🌧.

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King of the hill 💪🏼. never stop grinding until you get to the top..and then keep going 🙌🏼💯 have a great weekend everyone! be sure to come up to @detailersdomain tomorrow at 9am and join the epic show/event that it will be. i’ll be there as well as @adamspolishes 💯#tgif

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The darkknight will rise again..soon..but for now enjoy this fine 🍑 shot for #humpday 🤓

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend and just wanted to say happy mother’s day to all the moms out there! i’m posting this pic of the knight because first off it’s awesome lol..secondly because my mom found this spot with the batman mural when living in north carolina. she’s always been supportive of my obsession for cars especially the knight and try’s helping me in anyway she can. it’s just another example of how she’s always been there for me. thanks for everything mom 🙂🙏🏼 #mothersday#sundayfunday

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Hey guys 👋🏼 so a lot of you have been freaking out or congratulating me on getting this new m550. this is not my replacement for my m4. that car is still coming and will be here shortly 😜🤙🏼. looking forward to having this m550 for a bit and sharing my impressions as i’ll be using it as my daily. so far this thing is an absolute rocket while still being very comfortable to drive. never had a car quite like this and looking forward to sharing my experience with you 😃. #bmw#m550i#bmwpartner

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Which ///m car would you choose and why? 😈 (can only choose one😜) #go

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Happy #sundayfunday with what i have left 😩😂. no but seriously i’m so happy to be driving the little r with my fresh @michelinusa limited edition ps4s tires. swipe to the left to see that special velvet sidewall 👀🔥. car handles noticeably better over the oem continentals especially in wet conditions. can’t wait to tear up the roads this summer 💯. #ps4sdominance

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