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Been a while since i posted a video clip up on here so i figured i would get a little iphone video of the beast on this gloomy day 😈sound provided by @awetuningofficial and @rktunes 🔊🎶

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Tgif🍻! this will be the last #frontendfriday shot with this wheel setup 😈. big things to come next week with @zitowheels and @michelinusa 💪🏼💯 so stay tuned and catch my car at the @phillyautoshow in the dub display downstairs with @intercityconcepts

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My bro @_bluemist finally got wheels 😳and they were worth the wait 🔥💯 loving the new wheel setup and the big brake setup! look forward to seeing the beast in person hopefully in the near future! great job man 💯

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Taking the knight out for a #thirstythursday treat ⛽️🍻💯

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My bro @darthvaderm3 is looking so d**n ///mean here 😱😈. don't make eye contact ☠️⛔️. also happy birthday man💯 and sorry we couldn't meet up for 🍻. bbq next 😜💯

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Booty in the wild 🍑👹 be sure to checkout my boy @bmw_world_ua for more great bmw pics 👍🏼💯#humpday

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Smoking guns or a smoking question?🤔 to upgrade my current tail lights to the new lci leds🤔 that 'tis the question 🤓 if the price is right i think i'll upgrade💰. also my wheels are for sale 🤑. dm me for inquires ✏️ checkout my bro @mpower_official for more great bmw pics 💯

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The knight just giving the normal #meanmuggin monday stare 😈👊🏼

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The knight keeping the fun in #sundayfunday 😜😎💯also checkout @bmwm_lovers for more great bmw pics 👍🏼💯

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Get on my level... the ///mfloor 😈💪🏼😂 #sideshotsaturday

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Sky fall #frontendfriday 😈. love how the bsm paint takes on the colors of the sky here 🎨 . have a great weekend everyone 🍻

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Can't forget about this little one for #thirstythursday ☃️⛽️. despite being a little 2.0 4-banger this one does still get thirsty. especially when having fun in the snow 😈💯

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