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Tag someone you know that would respond the same way she did!!😭😂 follow her @x_bianncaraines

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What’s understood doesn’t needs to be explained 💯

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I took my mom @mrs.harris2you to her first nba game 🙌🏽

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Enjoying life 🙌🏽

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Firecracker prank on husband (gone wrong) #prankvsprank #d&bnation

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Caught getting head prank on wife!! #prank #d&bnation #prankvsprank

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I was this kid from fort wayne, indiana who worked at little caesar’s holding the pizza sign on the corner for 5 years to now living the dream! i’m very blessed to have a 2017 lamborghini at the age of 25 which has been my dream car since i was 12 years old! i can’t express how thankful i am to actually see this day become a reality 🙌🏽

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We had fun last night 😝

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Balenciaga’s on my feet 🤒

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We was at the bottom together, now we at the top together 🙈

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