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Now we up, now we gucci πŸ–€

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Full video out now!! link in the bio πŸ”₯πŸ–€ i wanna thank my team @x_bianncaraines @timelessfloyd @ebonytezeno @directorjulianmtz @nebmanagement @thetergroup on this big project! without them we couldn’t have done this πŸ™πŸ½

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My princess πŸ’– @novagraceprince

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They didn’t believe in me until it was 2 late πŸ’š 🐍....same thing that makes you laugh makes you cry. i used to hold a little caesar’s sign on the corner for 5 years straight. never give up on your dreams. i bought my 2nd lamborghini at 27 years old. #tbt #610 #lamborghini

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I love my kids πŸ’™ #princeboys @djandkyrieprince

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People say once baby girl gets here she’s gonna change my life....but the truth is you already did πŸ‘«

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Our princess will be here soon πŸ’–

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Happy easter from the prince family & thank you guys for 1 million followers on instagram 😈

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We’re still the goats 2 years later @pontiacmadeddg πŸπŸ’š

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Sometimes elevation requires separation πŸ’š

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Pay attention to the people that don’t clap when you win πŸ–€

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I made a couple bands by my lonely.....f**k n*gga i don’t wanna be yo homie πŸ–€

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