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This evening was really "bitchin" #carpinteriasunsets

comment 3 star 97 4 weeks ago

Lots of waves this weekend. here's one from saturday afternoon. great to see waves and weather! #backwash

comment 7 star 234 last month

Bowie boy "floating"on ball return! #acd

comment 7 star 95 last month

This guy was definitely giving me "the eye" this evening. #carpinteriabluffs #turkeybuzzard

comment 0 star 77 last month

2016 - yep some weird stuff but all in all another good year. "happy new year" everyone have a great 2017. remember "be where you are" "stay in the moment" do stuff" and "have fun"!

comment 5 star 87 last month

Just another awesome sunset viewed from carpinteria! #carpinteriasunsets

comment 4 star 86 December 2016

Shot this a while ago. messed around with it this evening. came out kinda trippy. #carpinteriasunsets

comment 5 star 97 December 2016

Bay area robust beach break going off for those wanting a good workout. #beachbreakbarrels

comment 9 star 129 November 2016

This evening we said goodbye to a great old friend. rest in peace "rell" girl.

comment 25 star 119 November 2016

Greg venable in sync with the "queen of the coast" #stylecounts

comment 6 star 117 November 2016

Super moon rising above rincon point! #supermoon

comment 9 star 137 November 2016

Definitely the best surfer out this eve at rincon! #dolphinsurfing

comment 11 star 169 November 2016