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#shareblackstories means you have to use your platform to tell your own truth.” ❤️ not only is @lauriseirl the ig strategy editor for @refinery29 but is a creator in her own right—one whose following grew 173% in 2019 alone. 👏 check out our stories where she’s sharing her tips for success. 🔥

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Have you tried the #broomchallenge yet? 🧹 the challenge took the internet by storm this week as people attempted to stand a broomstick on it’s bristles hands free. 🙌the reason? a rumor gone wild that it would only work on one specific date, february 10. 🚀

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Chef and food creator @eitan is best known for his drool-worthy igtv series which will definitely make you want to try out his recipes. 🤤check out our stories today to hear his tips for success on instagram. ❤️

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Sara and avni of @iconicakes experienced 🔥🔥🔥 growth on instagram once they started consistently posting engaging content on igtv. ⚡️ check out our full episode of “how i create” to learn how igtv was a game changer for them as creators. ❤️

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Follow your 🧭. #wordstoliveby

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“our stories need to be heard because they are empowering, encouraging and uplifting.” — creator @kherispoppin (of #flexininmycomplexion fame 🔥) shares why #shareblackstories is important to her. ❤️ check out our stories today for more from kheris! ⭐️

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Never underestimate your influence as a creator. ⚡️

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“if you post something that resonates with you, you have no idea how many people it can inspire.” ❤️ in this episode of #howicreate, dancer and actress @niasioux gets real about everything from body positivity to branded content and beyond. ⚡️

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February is black history month. ✨ we hope you’ll join us as we #shareblackstories all month long to celebrate the black community. 🙌🏿💕

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Video editing extraordinaire @leamotion is best known for her creative use of #videoeffects. today on stories she’s sharing how she got started and her go-to editing software for 🔥🔥🔥 content like this collab with @chancetherapper.

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Ever wondered how often you should post on instagram? it varies from creator to creator, but here’s @vincentmarcus’s unique posting strategy that’s helped him be successful on the platform!

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Tag a creator who you would love to collaborate with. 👇👇👇

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