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Turtley awesome 🐢

comment 11 star 811 6 days ago

Crystal clear waters. frankland islands, queensland.

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Nemo in his anemo-nemo-ne. .
anemonefish and sea anemones have a symbiotic, mutualistic relationship. best friends for life! .
i reckon we need a clownfish emoji. i would definitely use it!

comment 8 star 289 2 weeks ago

Frankland islands has some pretty spectacular snorkeling with many friendly turtles 🐢 to show you around

comment 7 star 360 2 weeks ago

Frankland islands 🏝
i took a day trip out to this spectacular group of islands and wow, how beautiful is this place!?! the water, the beaches, the coral, the wildlife, the peacefulness.

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Magical 💛

voted australia’s number 1 beach, nudey beach 🏝 on fitzroy island sure is stunning.
where is your favourite beach?

comment 6 star 330 3 weeks ago

Nudey beach, fitzroy island
all kinds of beautiful blues and greens

comment 5 star 194 3 weeks ago

I found nemo! 🐠
did you know all clownfish are born male, with the biggest/most dominant changing and becoming the female of the group.

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Turtle 🐢 .
as well as the gorgeous scenery above the island, there is also beautiful wildlife in the underwater world. 📍fitzroy island

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Island life 🌴
i’ve been exploring the islands around cairns over the past few days and wow, this part of the world is just magical. this is nudey beach (by name only), ranked number 1 in australia’s best beaches. just look at that water!!!

comment 8 star 311 4 weeks ago

Never lose your sense of wonder... waterfall adventures 💦 at ellinjaa falls, queensland

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My friends under the sea 🐢 🐢.
how many turtles can you spot?

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