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Every time we look at prosciutto, we immediately start to drool 🤤 (thanks for the tips, @altonbrown!) . . . #ironchefshowdown < wednesdays @ 9|8c

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У вас есть друзья, с которыми вы видитесь редко, но метко? @urgantcom как раз из таких. Рада была встретиться и поболтать ☺#этомояночь

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Happy thanksgiving 🍁||| we gon' fight the war we gon fight our fears || ✊🏾 full of 😢from black -2009 📸 @marcbaptiste007

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Whatever harry we get it, you don't want anyone on your lawn🙄 #girlsthinkimfunnytwitter #saynotoracistuncles #putthemintimeout

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Ready for my vanity fair interview like 👣 let’s have some fun and get to know each other, leave your questions below in the comments, i’ll be answering today! 👇🏻🖤 photo @argemiront #alyssabarbara #portrait

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I️ am thankful. watching xander learn something new and to see how many times he fails but never gives up, through him i’ve learned resilience. watching him smile at complete strangers constantly reminds me to show compassion. watching him sleep so peacefully has shown me how to be in love. i am so thankful that through life we get to teach and learn from one another, you have opened my heart and i️m forever grateful to have you as my son ❤️ what are you thankful for today?

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My lovely girls at @catwalk_connection are having a black friday sale!! so i have a little something special organised for you ladies ... - code: bf50 - 50% off storewide -free black ‘amalia’ bodysuit with all purchases they have the cutest shoes 😉 #thankmelater thanks for styling my hair @ladyofthelocks it's extra 😉❤️

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Blue skies, salty skin and the chance to catch a few uncrowded waves all to yourself, what are you thankful for? #roxysurf

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So very thankful for you! 🌹 happy thanksgiving you all 🌷25% discount use code: blkfriday

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To promote dog safety we're giving away the "glowing collars" for free, just click the link in the bio! get yours while stocks last. 🐶❤️

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New fab four personalized brow kits! how cool is it to have all your favorite brow tools in one kit! it’s the perfect size to travel with and you can stick it in your purse! the coolest part is that you can customize your own colors that are perfect for you! we’re now introducing our new split pans! choose blonde/brown, or brown/dark brown! the fab four kit comes with the highlighter of your choice plus the kbb smudge and angle brush!!! plus shop now for your buy one brow kit, get you’re 2nd brow kit free 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 to shop go to ❤️link in profile 👆🏻

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So many things to be thankful for today. we started the day off in macy’s day parade and worship 😍extravagant love all around today ♥️ singing this over all of you and praying blessings over everyone’s family today! i pray your hearts are just as full as you are🎈 love you all!! @macyjaemoore @allykmoore

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هيونه الصديقه والاخت الغاليه...شكرا لكلامج الجميل عني وانتي دوم نجمه وماكو احد يأخذ مكانج ..والفضل من الله انتي مجتهده في خطج واني مجتهده في خطي والحمدلله اجتمعنا اني وانتي بعمل درامي جميل وناجح مسلسل( على ذمة التحقيق) وان شاءالله لنا ااعمال جديده دائما مع بعض وكل الحب والود يجمعنا..وبعيدا عن الفن احنه أخوات وصديقات.

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Happy thanksgiving , so much to be thankful for 😍❤️🙏🏻

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