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Ambrose akinmusire (@ambroseire ) for @capitolrecords @bluenoterecords . thank you to the amazing team that pulled this (almost disastrous) shoot off! @elizabethamiranda @moha @stacybuch @michael.j.lyon

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Peanut πŸ₯œ

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In june i was given the opportunity to photograph some amazing women in nova scotia πŸ’› i highly recommend reading the full story in the new issue of @saveurmag. check out my story for photos of the spread :) @thompaynenyc you’re the best!

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Franck marchis of the seti institute and his telescope for @popsci @popsci artdept. thank you @thompaynenyc for the assignment and @cayceclifford and @moha for enduring the ridiculous rain and wind to make this shoot happen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

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In πŸ’– with this cover of ann miura! also the first time i’ve ever had a 100% female crew, from the writer to the editor to the assistant and makeup artist. thank you @katiem_mua and @cayceclifford for your excellent work.

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This guy turns 5 tomorrow 😭 also he is an excellent assistant πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸ˜˜

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Model 3 production @teslamotors for @nytimes

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@bootsriley for the july/august issue of @motherjonesmag. thank you so much @ickibod for this shoot, and @moha for the vital assist.

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Modular homes for @nytimes

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I spent a couple of days photographing the residents and waking around the 30th and martin luther king jr block in west oakland last month. i highly recommend reading the full piece in the current issue of @sfmagazine about the changes happening in the neighborhood. thank you @karen_williams_photography and @clarkwilliammiller for your constant support, and @rachelbujalski for the assist.

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“the slow progress of biofuels has caused many to lose hope, but jay keasling is undeterred. he is still fighting for the clean fuel that the world left behind” repost @technologyreview

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I recently worked on a story about the employees at the @museumoficecream in sf for @theatlantic. thank you so much @emilyjan for this awesome assignment and @mizzlaurens for your impeccable reporting.

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