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Pic 1. the fire had been burning for less than an hour. the wind was slamming through the hills, but 2000ft up the air was calm and the smoke billowed. the moon cast a weird white rim light on the top left of the smoke. the first helicopter showed up (white light bottom left). pic 2. saticoy ave. fire was moving at a ridiculous rate. at this point it became apparent vta was in real trouble in a matter of minutes not hours. pic 3. grant park about 30min later. i raced the fire west on 126, i was even with it at victoria. by the time got to the pier parking structure, parked and ran to to the top, grant park already had spot fires. .
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Most of the time i like to know as much as possible about the subjects i photograph. things like where they grew up, their life’s work, family, travels, hopes/dreams, loves and losses. occasionally though it’s kind of fun to photograph someone i know nothing about, like this guy. i know he has a van, a dog and likes to smoke while watching the sunset. beyond that my imagination gets to make up the rest of his story... hmm, maybe he’s d.b cooper...🤔.
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“the musk nebula” 🚀.
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