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Why do i look so cool in all these photos ?? prob cause i'm rockin sleeping with roses merch. and now ! u can rock it too ! link in bio x

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My whole heart. world, meet cooper.

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Take me back. video by @jonahgeorge

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12:21am. leaving for the airport in a couple hours to go play a show in santa barbara. so i wrote this instead of sleeping.

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And then there were none-- my first headline tour is over. eighteen cities, eighteen sold out shows. to my team and my crew, thank you for being the most passionate, diligent humans. i'm humbled and in awe at how hard you all worked day in and day out to make this tour happen. to christian, thank you for coming with us, you're truly an amazing friend and a talented talented artist. and lastly, to my fans, thank you for the overwhelming amounts of love you showed me each night. you guys are all i have. i will never understand why i have been blessed with you all, but i will never take it for granted. i promise i promise i promise that i am going to work as hard as i can to give you guys even half the light you all give me. things are coming. we are going to do this. x

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Was awake for 24 hours in new york. in that 24 hours, i played on national television and played a show to a sold out bowery ballroom. dreams come true. video by @jonahgeorge

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Ahhhh i love my team so much. first of many. gratitude.

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National mental health day - no more stigma ! everybody has a brain, take care of it ! therapy is cool and is for everybody. talking about ur feelings is healthy. self care is important. if u are struggling, this is your sign - make a change. most importantly - be gracious. consciously work at changing your negative thought processes and focus on the blessings you have. conscious positivity is changing my life. always always here for u guys if anyone needs to talk x

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Been up since 4am, just played my first tv performance, & now i get to go play a sold out bowery ballroom in front of all my family and friends. life is a dream. i love this city.

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Breaking rules !!! philly see u soon 🌟

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Last week of tour. these moments are keeping my head above water x

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From the last time we talked after i last saw you.. thank you for always telling me what i needed to hear, not what i wanted to hear. you were the person at amherst who made me feel like i was never alone in everything. and when i ever needed you, in my lowest lows, you were there every single time. i know you know all of this already but somehow this feels like i can tell you again how grateful i am for your friendship. can't wait to see that goofy smile again one day. gonna keep 'darkness visible' on my nightstand forever. we love you and we're all gonna miss you like crazy down here. you're one of a kind, rest easy ji.

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