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Put out a second mixtape cuz i wanted to. didn’t rly market it , didn’t push or b**w up the world abt it. went on a 40 show tour for the mixtape cuz i wanted to. & u guys show up and know every word to these songs. im competitive and i’m a perfectionist who spends hours going through the numbers- but who cares about data and statistics when u have this. this this this. x

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Two days we were at @sxsw with @facebook , yesterday we woke up at 3am to deal with two canceled flights & still made it to omaha for the show , today our bus broke down so we loaded up into a van and are heading to denver. tours crazy but we got the hardest working , most positive crew in the whole dam world. send ittttttt x

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Episode 01 of my 'sleeping with roses’ docuseries with @facebook and @instagram

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My spotify singles are now live ! recorded at @spotify nyc. out of focus acoustic & a cover of summer love by the legendary @justintimberlake - hope u enjoy x #spotifysingles

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Haha every week is spring break on tour ! !

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Around ur neck

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Toronto, detroit, philly & nyc. some of the biggest rooms we’ve ever played. my team, my family, my friends by my side. this just never gets old x video by @jonahgeorge

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Ran away from tour. hiding in new hampshire. u will never find me byeeeeee

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If u look rly hard u can see my mom turning up on the balcony ha ha ! i am the luckiest.

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Republic records - thank u to everybody who made this happen...x

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Hi starting tmrw were playing 1 sold out philly , 2 sold out nycs , 2 sold out bostons in a row brb while i cry at both my excitement & my exhaustion byeeeeee

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5 shows down 24 to go. video by the amazing @jonahgeorge

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