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“you up?”

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Almost 10 years and 60 pounds ago, we were smacking the other teams in the a10 so bad that they kicked us out the conference πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† #3peat

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2 years down 16 to go

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Name a more iconic duo πŸ“Έ@mrsdelorisallen

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A man can’t ask for a better birthday present than this right here!

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What did i miss during halftime?

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A pros sual

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If you’re not coming into 2018 with this same energy you can stay yo a*s in 2017

comment 6 star 199 December 2017

Back in the day when i was a lady killer (i hear those eggs dropping)

comment 30 star 749 December 2017

Show me a more uncomfortable santa pic...i’ll wait

comment 15 star 597 December 2017

I used to be a momma's boy. depending on who you ask i might still be one. don't quote me on this but that might be lean in that cup. did mom dukes start a trend πŸ€”

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How i feel after going thru a @gabriellaposaspt workout and then immediately eating some unhealthy, buttery, salty, greasy food afterwards

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What kind of illegal substance do they put in this and where can i buy some?

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comment 16 star 283 September 2017

Got caught turning up with the crew

comment 12 star 381 September 2017

Going back to the old stomping grounds to support a great cause. i might even come out of retirement to lace them up one last time

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They tried to break up the squad

comment 3 star 283 August 2017

New week same shenanigans, congrats to these two @jaredbartling @haleyyjorgensen

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