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How strong is your leg game!? my @ko8_fitness bands are taking my #yg12 moves to a different level and my body is loving it!! the @ko8_fitness bands are one of my fav tools to make my movements more challenging but also to modify the exercises when i need to as well 👊🏼. you can get this tool at 15% off using my code ‘carmel15’ at checkout!
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We do a lot of single leg exercises in the #yg12 program so that we can eventually do things like this if we want to! 🙌🏼 #dragonpistol
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All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. the truth is outside of all fixed patterns.
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“mom, what are you doing?” .. side affects of being a #ninjamom /dad/person you find stretches in the weirdest of places.. who else does stuff like this?? happy saturday friends!! ❤️ need a reason to stretch like this? join my 12 minute a day yg12 program.. full body agility, balance, fancy footwork jump rope and handstand training all in one program 🙌🏼. subscribe now! click the 🔗 link in my bio !
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Remember, you are uniquely different than anybody else because that’s how it is supposed to be. stop comparing yourself to others and let your light shine 🌟💫❤️#tbt
have an amazing thursday my friends!

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have an amazing thursday!

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Getting in all those good vibrations 💃🏻 #yg12 #bodyma #the12minuteworkout #jumpropeworkout
happy wednesday team!
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Taking the #yg12 #thrustandhop and adding some resistance with the @ko8_fitness bands.. body on 🔥

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Do what you love and love what you do but never apologize for wearing a #pocketdress
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Sunday aka recovery

does anyone else watch tv like this?

as a full time mom, athlete and business owner, you’ve got to make the best use of your time.. when i’m not out cheering on my kids’ sports, or doing family things.. i’m usually doing things like this 🤷🏼‍♀️ #restandrecovery #yg12 #bodyma #stretch #relax #legs

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I’m not perfect, my practice is not perfect, neither is this camera work. but the moment was 😘

stop waiting for perfect, because it will never come.. it’s just an excuse to delay ❤️ (@garyvee )

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It’s the silent hustle, the one you do behind closed doors that no one takes notice of - that’s the real grind 🙌🏼 these were a killer by the 10th rep, it felt like my legs weighed 200lbs each and my #handstandframe was on 🔥. what is your “handstand frame”? i talk about it in the #yg12program make sure to subscribe now to get your handstand game strong 💪🏼 click the 🔗 in my bio or 🔹 🔹

#yg12 #yg12crew #bodyma #the12minuteworkout #handstands *if you don’t have these bars, you can try doing on a smith machine or a small sturdy fence, make sure your hands are secure (that they won’t slip as you’ll need to really push into the floor.

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