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‘anyway, i was around ten at the time and we were going deer hunting, so we drive out of boise and we’re on a two-lane highway. the only light is from the headlights of the car and it’s pitch-black. it’s hard for people today to imagine this, because there are no roads that are pitch-black, hardly ever. so this is pitch-black; we’re going on these winding roads up into the mountains, and a porcupine races across the road. my dad hates porcupines because they eat the tops of trees and the trees die, so he tries to run over the thing but it makes it across the road. so he screeches to the side of the road and slams on the brakes, pops open the glove compartment, takes out this .32 pistol, and says, “come on, dave!” we run across the highway and we’re following the porcupine up this rocky mountain, and we’re sliding down while we’re trying to go up this hill, and at the top of this little mountain are three trees. the porcupine goes up one of them, so we start throwing rocks to see which tree it’s in. we figure out which one it’s in, my dad starts climbing the tree, and he says, “dave! throw a rock and see if it moves. i don’t see it!” so i throw a rock, and he yells, “no! not at me!” so i throw some more rocks, and he hears it running, and—bam! bam! bam!—it rolls down out of the tree.’
david lynch goes for a drive with his dad.
from room to dream by david lynch and kristine mckenna
cover design: david lynch. front cover photo by sunny lynch. author photo by jérôme bonnet
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Kevin barry’s new novel night boat to tangier was reviewed in the guardian of saturday by alan warner. you can (and should! it’s well worth your time) read the full review over on the guardian’s site. here are a couple of snippets:
“to avoid plot spoiling, let me say that what we assume is a two-hander crime novel swells with plenitude into an emotionally crushing panorama of two friends gone wildly astray, punished by regret but with their grim solidarity intact – so far. this is not a journey devoid of dark humour; there are back-breaking moments of mirth, as well as real madness and love...”
“barry, winner of the impac dublin literary award for city of bohane and the goldsmiths prize for beatlebone, is a clairvoyant narrator of the male psyche and a consistent lyrical visionary. the prose is a caress, rolling out in swift, spaced paragraphs, a telegraphese of fleeting consciousness.”
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It’s the final stop on our #indiebookshopweek tour of edinburgh! and it’s another not-yet-opened shop!

topping & co were kind enough to sneak us a peek of their amazing and very under-construction space.

they already have much-loved branches in bath, ely and st andrews - and caused huge excitement when they announced they were coming to edinburgh. the shop may not look like much now, but will become the biggest independent in the city when it opens in august. with 70,000 books stocked across two floors, the grade a listed shop will be fully accessible and include event space for up to 50 people. they're also bringing their a-list team to run things, with hugh and cornelia topping at the helm, and ely bookseller claire harris making the move north to run the events programme.

and that’s the tour! wherever you are - if you can - go out and finish indie bookshop week right with some book buying at your local indie.

#indiebookshopweek @booksaremybag

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The #indiebookshopweek tour of edinburgh continues!

and it’s stop 5 – the portobello bookshop - @portybooks
not only does edinburgh already have an amazingly lively independent bookshop scene, but it's set to get even better! if you don’t know edinburgh, portobello is a lovely area with a great beach, about 1,000 beautiful dogs running about on that beach at any given moment, and a real feeling of community. basically the only thing it was lacking was an independent bookshop.

and in about a month the portobello bookshop will set that right! they wanted to keep the inside a secret until they open (they’ve just had their first delivery of books!), but thank you sarah, alice and jack for posing for a photo of the tantalising exterior of the shop (and to porty local @catclarkewriter for taking the photo!). #indiebookshopweek @booksaremybag

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We are not quite finished with our indie bookshop tour of edinburgh, but we’re taking a breather to wish happy publication day to these two extremely fine novels!
night boat to tangier by the goldsmiths-winning kevin barry is a typically funny, dark, melancholy story of two irish gangsters, their pasts and romantic lives entwined, as they wait in a ferry port, sharing their reminiscences and regrets. (“a true wonder” max porter)
and the internationally bestselling the people’s act of love by james meek has come to our canons list – a remarkable story set among the harsh and lawless terrors of siberia at the end of the russian revolution. (”spellbinding… a truly great read” guardian)


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Indie bookshop week tour of edinburgh continues!
day 4 – lighthouse bookshop (@lighthousebks ), in edinburgh’s southside

lighthouse books is a radical bookshop on nicholson street – a reincarnation of the word power bookshop that opened here in 1994. lighthouse is dedicated to representing lgbt+, political, intersectional feminist, environmental and revolutionary voices. the incredible team also host a full and varied programme of events and talks; from the annual independent & radical book fair to book launches and pre-protest crafting days!

the bookshop family aka mairi, jim, noor (recently named individual bookseller of the year 2019!), ali, andrew, jess, anita, peach and moss are all passionate about making the world a fairer, better place with the books they stock and the community they nurture around them.
as if you needed any further reason to visit, they also have a resident bookshop dog, artemis, who will happily give you a tour of the shop in exchange for a treat. (artemis wasn’t there when we visited to take photos, but we love artemis too much not to include her - not to brag but she’s a close personal friend of sylvie the canongate office dog - so we pinched a picture from @lighthousebks ...) #indiebookshopweek @booksaremybag

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It’s the 3rd stop on our #indiebookshopweek tour of edinburgh!
day 3 – typewronger books (@typewronger ), near leith walk

typewronger, run by the lovely tom, is a fine independent specialising in first-hand books and second-hand typewriters – and it shares a roof with mcnaughtan’s, scotland's oldest second-hand and antiquarian bookshop. from typewriter repairs to fizzing fiction, to art books, poetry, non-fiction and childrens, typewronger has a wide range of brilliant books, and will always bring service with a smile, a cup of tea, and an origami animal folded from a book's page.

also featuring the tweetwronger, an internet-connected electronic typewriter that automatically types messages tweeted at it!

#indiebookshopweek @booksaremybag

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Our tour of the indie bookshops of edinburgh continues!
day 2 – golden hare (@goldenharebooks ) in stockbridge

golden hare do everything with the same aplomb with which they fake-read for instagram photos (thanks jonathan!). so much so that they only won independent bookshop of the year at the british book awards this year! and richly deserved too.

a brilliant, enthusiastic group of folk, they have made an amazingly cosy, welcoming, literary space in stockbridge, with events, book groups, masterclasses, a book subscription box and even a podcast (called bibliophile featuring booksellers julie, david and jonathan - go subscribe!). we’re lucky to have them enlivening our city.

#indiebookshopweek @booksaremybag

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It's independent bookshop week!

so this week we’re going to do an instagram-tour of the excellent indie bookshops of edinburgh (because we’re lucky enough to have a home city that abounds with them – with even more on the way – and all staffed with wonderful people). day 1 - the edinburgh bookshop
@theedinburghbookshop - bruntsfield

marie (seen here schmoozing with canongate office dog sylvie) is the owner of the edinburgh bookshop. everyone who works in the shop is a delight, and they run great events for grown-ups (including monthly gin-fuelled speakeasy) and for kids (weekly story-time!). they also do a video series of interviews with authors on this very sofa, and have a great selection of books.

plus: free badges.
#indiebookshopweek @booksaremybag

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Next week is refugee week, a nationwide program of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the uk.
in honour of refugee week, we’re sharing an extract of @dinanayeri’s profound, humane, intelligent and extremely important #theungratefulrefugee in our instagram stories. go and have a read! ☝️☝️☝️
the ungrateful refugee is a book about becoming a refugee, what it means to be a refugee, how refugees are expected to be and act, and more.
robert macfarlane called it “a vital book for our times”

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Darcey steinke’s fearless new take on the menopause and killer whales is out next month!
darcey was inspired to write flash count diary after she hit a wall of frustration whilst trying to find clear and non-judgmental answers to her questions. the resulting book is a fiercely intelligent dismantling of the menopause as perceived by a patriarchal society. but don’t just take our word for it... available to pre-order now! (pub 4th july)
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Looking for a father’s day present for sunday? choose your own dad-venture continues!
part 2
intellectually curious dad?
making evil by julia shaw is a wickedly good, clever (and often really funny) exploration of exactly why we think and do bad things, from cyberbullying to murder. also: phenomenal cover illustration by david shrigley.
adventure dad?
in outpost, dan richards explores places at the far edge of civilisation & uses them to explore our relationship with the natural world and with each other. it's beautifully written & also hilarious.
“vivid, self-deprecating, literary and very, very funny” observer
politically engaged dad?
the ungrateful refugee is a book about becoming a refugee, what it means to be a refugee, how refugees are expected to be and act, and more. it's profound, humane and intelligent, and extremely important.
“a vital book fo our times” robert macfarlane
and finally...
real dad's dad?
my old man edited by ted kessler is maybe the perfect father’s day gift. featuring nina stibbe, john niven, florence welch, tilda swinton and many more, it's a collection of revelatory, funny, moving personal stories of fathers.

#readcanongate #instabook #bookstagram #juliashaw #makingevil #danrichards #outpost #dinanayeri #ungratefulrefugee #tedkessler #myoldman #fathersday #fathersdaypresents

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