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Wouldn't be thanksgiving without great deals!!! 30%off @mypowerdot 🤗🙀🙌🏽💕⭐️️ #loveit #greatdeal #bestproduct

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Some complex training today combining power clean and db jump to develop explosiveness and jumping ability... finding ways to get more explosive especially while coming back from my shoulder surgery... athlete development program @clbnation

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Athlete development program link in my bio💕⭐️️ ' pre-hab for posterior chain intense day! 3 rounds: 50m front rack carry with band (left then right) 20 pull through 10 squat therapy 5sec down 5sec up @clbnation 🤗💕⭐️️ #trainsmart #getfitter #stayhealthy

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Max being an amazing demo while helping me film some pre-hab warm-up for the athlete development program @clbnation #clbnation @sugarwod ' best demo ever 🤗🐶💕 @nulopetfood

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Athlete development program is now live!!!!! ' ' link in my bio 💕 use code top50 for 10$ off for ever for first 50 subscriber!!! ' ' 🤗i am so excited about this... get coach by me and my husband with the amazing @sugarwod app ... keep track of your results with a well balanced program for every level and be part of our online community 🦄💕⭐️️#clbnation @clbnation

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Something is coming tomorrow... project we've been working on for a long time and we are so excited for it! @clbnation #launch @sugarwod #tomorrow ' ' ⭐️️ pre-hab and workout specific warm ups: to avoid common injuries associated with overuse and breakdown and fix mechanical issues, and get your primed for the days movements ' ⭐️️ targeted skill work and special exercises: get the skills, positions, and patterns you don’t have or need to improve. specific drill work for weight lifting, gymnastics, running and rowing etc. provide focused work to improve. ' ⭐️️ proven strength training formulas: each week has 2 maximal effort lifting days, 2 technical speed work days, and multiple variations of lifts to avoid plateaus and drive results. strength tests occurs regularly to track progress. ' ⭐️️ metabolic conditioning workouts: these workouts are meant to tax and develop all the energy systems of the body to prepare you for any challenge. you will work in all time domains and test all skills ' ⭐️️ aerobic capacity training: focused interval work on the ability to process oxygen accessory work: high rep muscle building exercises to fortify the body ' ⭐️️ regular benchmarks and testing: to track and optimize your progress ' ⭐️️ regenerative workouts: if you are feeling tired, run down, or need a rest day regenerative workouts are written each week as an option to help tissue and hormones recover, by flushing you out with some light therapeutic work.

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I’m so excited to offer you guys an exclusive discount. use my code clb at checkout to buy halo sport for $499 — the lowest price ever. this special offer ends tuesday 11/21 at 11:59 pm pst. i can’t wait to hear about your training gains. i've been using this for the past 2 years and it helped me a tone learning drills and skills faster and stay more consistent through my movements. ' halo sport is brain stimulator for athletes that accelerates improvement in skill, strength, and endurance when paired with training. it works by stimulating the motor cortex of the brain, priming it to more quickly generate and strengthen neural pathways. this helps your brain better communicate with your muscles. @haloneuroscience #brainstuff

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Progress ... took some picture through my rehab (after i got 4 anchors put in my labrum) as i am regaining my range of motion first picture was 5weeks post op and last video was 13 weeks post op... focusing on progress as small as it may be as been key so far in my rehab and has teaching me so much about patience, trusting the process, dedication, discipline and having the right attitude... i can't wait to see how all of this chapter transfer into other aspect of my life 🤗❤️💕#workhard #beproud #bebrave #2018

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Work is work! don't overthink it don't over analyse it and don't over strategize... just show up and work! #workhard #beproud #bebrave @roguefitness #ryourogue 📸: @shaynalarsen

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#fuel5 @xendurance 5 types of carbohydrates that just help you keep going! #workhard #beproud #bebrave

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If it excites you and scares you at the same time then you know you should do it with all of your heart! #enjoylife #2018 #bebrave

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First unassisted pull-ups and then i did 7 more hahaha yay!!! #workhard #beproud #bebrave #2018 12 weeks post operation... 4 anchors in my labrum... 3 hours of rehab a day and muscle stimulation at night @mypowerdot .. i'm far from where i want to be but so stoke with progress @kseng73 @justinsua @cjinvictus

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