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Match in the gas tank 💥

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Cute as a koala 🐨

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Hey betty what’s up wanna know how much i can bench? ok cool so if you could somehow stack two kenmore 69313 stainless bottom freezer refrigerators on each other and put them on a bench, i could lower them to my chest and push them back up. because mr. freeze can handle the 440 pounds. #biggermovie #arnoldschwarzenegger

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Surgery was a success. always in good hands with dr. banffy and his staff. while i was asleep they did a knee manipulation and were able to break through the scar tissue and get my rom to 130°+ which is a huge step forward for me. today i’m already back at pt at @eliteorthosport working on my knee to keep progressing. i feel so much better mentally now that i have this operation out the way. i can finally start rebuilding myself. and to top it off i got some encouraging words from arnold @schwarzenegger during my pt this morning.

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Quick update: just checked in for surgery to repair my bicep (it was cancelled before due to blood thinners i was using for dvt). 2018 has been the hardest year for me, i have been beaten again and again but that’s ok. i’ve dealt with it as best i can and i’m stronger because of it. i look forward to starting over again. thanks for the endless support and encouragement.

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On set #jbm (just being massive)... bigger movie screens today, go work out, then take your friends to see it!
#biggermovie @biggerthemovie

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Who’s ready for the national release of my new film, bigger tomorrow?!? go to to find a theater near you.
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Days getting shorter, rides getting longer. ****************************
new drop on

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Doing some last minute gardening before surgery tomoz 🌻 how’s your day going? #bicepsurgery

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We will either find a way or make one...
@teamvonmoger #fatherofdragons

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Just wrapped up a long awaited workout. i’ve been using the digital body analyzer scale by @vitagoods. it tracks my body fat, muscle mass, bone density and water weight. it’s been much easier for me to keep on top of progress each week. do yourself a favor and pick one up with the discount code “cvm” at #ad

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