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Ronnie coleman: the king movie is out now from @generationironofficial excited to hear this mans story 💪 #aintnothingbutapeanut

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Heard it was #nationalselfieday .

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Happy father’s day! from me baz james steve and rex 🐶🦎 @pablow_escobr @iamthmpsn @rexthebull

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Full stable 🐴
can’t wait to throw a leg over these beasts again. #harleydavidson #vrod #nightrodspecial #muscle

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First day back at the gym 😁lookout 10lb dumbbells i’m coming for ya next!!
@teamvonmoger - von moger bros shirt. (but i ripped the sleeves and collar off myself)

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7 weeks no gym and i’m starting to look how i used to when i wanted to look ripped like andy whitfield (rip 😔) from ‘spartacus’ season 1.
maybe i like this size.. maybe.

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Don’t worry @rexthebull we are gonna grow big and strong together 💪😁

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7 weeks post op. ive been doing my rehab at home between physical therapy sessions, i’ve lost muscle from not being able to train like i normally do, but i’m keeping in shape and happy with my recovery progress! ps. i got a puppy @rexthebull

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Mini bull terrier pups 😍

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Happy von birthday to all the other june 9ers out there! i hope your celebrations are long and filthy 🍕🎂

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For the next hour i’m doing a q&a here on my İnstagram! comment your questions below. go!👇
tank and belt from @teamvonmoger

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This pic just showed up on my facebook memories form 2014 getting ready for mr. universe.
who remembers what they were doing or where they were 4 years ago today? 🧐

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