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Not even cupid skips leg day. get 20% off at with code vday20, plus a free gift for orders over $60. sale ends tomorrow. catch ya later ✌️

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How old were you when you started lifting? and are you happy with where your at? i don’t think i’ll ever be satisfied with my physique, and that’s not a bad thing.. it’s what keeps us going every day. working on our weaknesses, around injuries and illnesses. there is no final goal in this game—instead aim to make yourself better each day. help yourself to my training programs (link in my bio @calumvonmoger )

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Training at golds was always better with @frank_mcgrath78 miss that boof head. he’s new mates are ok i guess 🦆 🦆 🦆 vid: @royalbauer

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King of the castle 🤘🏼🤘🏼

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Who else is suffering from a bad injury and can’t train properly? i just past 8 weeks since my bicep surgery. i still can’t use my bicep and there’s discomfort in the joint but with limited exercises, i can train chest and shoulders together now for the first time so i’m happy with the progress. if you’re someone who is going thru something similar right now, just know that it does get better! i’m the most impatient person i know so this setback has taught me it takes time. you just have to accept it. ⏳

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Trust me, every inch counts. new gear at

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Monday night motivation. who needs to get their a*s to the gym? 🙋🏻‍♂️ vid: @royalbauer

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Try this filthy superset on your next arm day👌🏼 it brings forth tremendous pumps 💪🏼 oh and don’t be stingy— tag ya skinny mates so they do it too! 🙂 @calvonmoger @teamvonmoger - (koality gains tank and weight belts)

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Don’t wish for it, work for it! train with me at

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I can’t wait to get back to some real training. i’m getting tired of the modified training that i’ve been doing with my s****d injury. besides, seeing old pics like this one just makes me twice as impatient. 😤 photo by @spohphoto

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Happy australia day! 🇦🇺 wish i was back home being a rascal with my mates but yeh na not this time. anyways hope yous all have a sick weekend! 🍻#catchyalater

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Are you part of the international lifting crew? join the movement. where is everyone from? new #humpdaypumpday release every wednesday!

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Classic rig! my newest hypertrophy program on is kickass. combines strength and muscle mass into a nice 6 week workout program. follow the link in my ig biologies and check it out. perfect for life. are you keen? #teamvonmoger

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Have a guess which ones louder 😂

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Training legs 3x a week tryna grow these puppy dogs. since i’m restricted with upper body, i’ve been hitting quads heavy twice a week (monday, friday) and hamstrings on wednesday. calves get done at the start of each leg workout. snapchat for workouts > calvonlive

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Oi! there’s a new expo in u.k. called @fit_festival on august 18th/19th and i’ll be there both days to meet up. they’ve combined a music festival with fitness festival so thats gonna be filthy asf! 💪🏼💦🎶 so bring ya glow sticks and arm yourself with a cheesy, i’ll be seeing ya there! doof doof 🎧😁

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#tb 1 week after surgery. i heard that by training the right side of my body during recovery can actually stimulate the brain and tell the other side to prevent muscle atrophy. nevertheless my left arm has still suffered and is very jealous of the gains it’s missing out on!

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Check out my bot 🤖. link in the bio #catchyalater (@spohphoto 📸)

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Staunch has arrived in australia & new zealand!! 🇦🇺💪🏼🇳🇿💪🏼 my first goal after launching @staunch.nation was to get it distributed back to the aussies and kiwis. today it has become available in select stores. have a look at @nutritionsystems & @nutritionsystems _nz to see a list of exclusive retailers. #koalafreak #kangamilk #staunch

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Post-surgery physique update! it’s been 5 weeks since surgery. been a mental battle as much as physical but i’m not afraid to share this with you. it was a hard setback to accept at the start but it is what it is.. and with healing and rehab going well, it is only gonna get better from now! 💪🐨 see the full video on my youtube ch! #staypositive

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