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Wow look at me uploading something human related. here's a drawing i did for my friends at uni lol. experimented with poster paint and gouache. #gouache #posterpaint #illustration

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Color pencils on a2 paper. this was done for the final exam for 5 hours.

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#watercolor #stilllife on a2 paper. uni task done in 6 hours. sorry, got nothing else to share :(

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Hello! i've been rly busy with uni tasks so ya. these are a few of my tasks that i've finished. but like i'm still in shock with the paper sizes lmao. i've been dealing with a5 before uni and suddenly everything is 40x40cm and beyond. #nirmana #stilllife #deletelater

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Lmao look i'm actually doing full watercolor for this

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Sorry for not posting anything lately! have been working on this collaboration with @instagram . there will be a timelapse of this on instagram's igtv and it's currently in progress. i'll update you guys when it's already available!

special thanks to @leroymchl and @shlycdr for helping me shoot the videos. they were a huge help!

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Commission for crimsonalloy from discord (3/3). thank you so much crimsonalloy for commissioning me 3 pieces 😭♥️ her ocs were a delight for me to draw. next drawing will be a collaboration project + timelapse video, please look forward to it! 💫

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Another commission for crimsonalloy from discord! (2/3) their ocs are very fun to draw, especially the spider lady from before. also, after this set of commissions, i'll be changing the price since the vifart paper has run out 🙃

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Commission for crimsonalloy from discord (1/3). i really enjoyed coloring her but i died at the background 😭💦i'm gonna continue my webtoon now that i've finished my commissions 👀

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Commission for @missyacappuccino thank you for commissioning me! i had fun coloring her eyes and hair 💕

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Commission for @chocorainforest for their birthday friend along with a mini birthday card. the character here is their birthday friend's oc. thank you for commissioning me!! it was fun coloring this! ♥️

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Honestly i can't do background so all i did was just put everything on luminosity and multiply 🙃 this was a good chance for me to practice digi and details more. i think my next drawing will be another digital one?? i still need to practice more 🙃

if you want to see the full and high quality (thanks instagram) you can look it up on my deviantart! my da is also calamityneko.

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