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"to all of my fellow students out there who have finals, midterms, projects, tests, or any other academic assignments coming up: you deserve to prioritize your mental health.

mental health is more important than grades, homework, gpa, and studying. students’ mental health matters, and we deserve to take some time to focus on our mental health.

please take a break right now if you’re studying, you deserve it. if school is giving you a lot of stress, remember to take moments to focus on yourself and your well-being. practice self-care daily and do something every day that brings you joy. we got this." - a message from our founder/ceo/designer @gabbyfrost / @gmf.designs ⚡️

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It can be hard to say “no” to things in life, but you deserve to give yourself permission to do so. you don’t need to say yes to everything, especially things that can be detrimental to your health. prioritize yourself and your well-being.

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Therapy needs to be normalized. it’s totally okay to go to therapy, and there doesn’t deserve to be such a stigma surrounding it. anyone can benefit from therapy, even people without a diagnosable mental health condition.

therapy also needs to become more accessible for everyone, as it’s harder for lower income people to afford therapy. mental health care is a right that everyone should have.

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Mental illnesses affect people every single day of the year. people can’t just “turn off” their mental illness and not be affected. mental illnesses are not a choice, and people with mental illnesses deserve support to get through whatever they’re going through. mental illness doesn’t take a day off.

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In case you forgot, here’s your reminder to check in on your friends! just asking them a simple “how are you?” could change their day for the better. it’s important to show your friends that you care about them and are here to support them.

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It’s okay to have days where your mental illness makes you:
• cry or feel upset
• feel weak, hopeless, lost
• want to do nothing at all

sometimes we have days where our mental illness “wins,” and that’s okay. we can’t always have a good day. your experience is valid.

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We wanted to wish a happy international women’s day to all of the women out there who have a mental illness or are in recovery. you are strong, resilient, and amazing, and should be proud of yourself for that. living with a mental illness or being recovered isn’t easy.

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You deserve to be proud of yourself if you:
• got out of bed
• brushed your teeth
• ate a meal
• showered or bathed
• cleaned up your room
• drank water
or just breathed today.

even the “simple” accomplishments deserve recognition. mental illness can make the easiest tasks seem like the hardest, and that’s okay. celebrate yourself for getting through another day.

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Our founder @gabbyfrost / @gmf.designs made this small guide on how to be supportive of someone with mental illness.

1) listen to them
actively listen to whoever is talking to you. don’t try to talk about yourself while they’re sharing. show them you’re listening by nodding and say “yes,” “mhmm,” etc.

2) validate them
after they’re done sharing, validate them. tell them things like “your experience is valid,” “you deserve help,” and “i’m here for you.” if you want, talk about your own experience if you can relate to them without shifting the focus entirely onto yourself.

3) ask questions
ask them if they have anything they want you to know about their condition(s), and how you can support them.

4) research their condition(s)
look up information about their condition(s) so you can learn more. there are a lot of mental health sites that have information about a wide range of mental illnesses and other mental health conditions.

5) act supportively
don’t just say supportive things, also act supportively. physically do things that show you support the person, like helping them get out if their mental illness has made it hard for them to do so.

6) check in on them
it’s important to check in on your friends or family members that are going through mental illness. ask them how they’re doing, or how their mental health currently is.

in conclusion, please remember to check up on yourself as well. supporting someone can potentially take a toll on your own mental health, especially if you have a mental illness too. if you’re having a tough time with your mental health, make sure to talk to your support system if you need it. it’s okay to let your friends or family members know that you’re not in a good place either. if you need to, find other resources or people that they can reach out to receive support (like a hotline or professional help).

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This is your reminder to check in on your own mental health. we always stress checking in on our friends and family without emphasizing the fact that we need to check in ourselves too. check in on all of the people you care about, including yourself.

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Your mental illness is lying to you. you will be okay, and you are doing just fine.

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Today is the last day of national eating disorders awareness week. as this week comes to an end, we want all of you to educate yourself about and raise awareness for eating disorders all year round. we need to talk about eating disorders for the 51 weeks that aren’t national eating disorders awareness week.

remember that eating disorders affect people of any body size, age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, race, ability, career, religion, or socioeconomic status.

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