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One of these patterns is not like the others (@paulzivkovich at @unnamed_nyc )

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Brazil! i will be in rio de janeiro next week making new work and i’m looking for people to photograph. also looking for people to hang out in cacti with me (optional)/eat good food and sit on nice beaches with me (not optional). send a message if you’re interested in any of these activities 👯‍♀️

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A little sketch on my desk turned into a reality (swipe 👉) thank you @eastolivia for taking on this installation with me, @birdybright for hand grooming each flower w love and my assistant @yiyuchen11 for always keeping me afloat & properly caffeinated on set. we left this installation on a stretch of sidewalk in queens with a small note saying “take what you need” and when i returned back to the site that evening nearly all of the flowers were gone. don’t know if that’s a thing of beauty, opulence or the new york street cleaning agents but i’ll let you decide ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Double take for @zign

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🔄 for @zign

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New work for @zign 👀

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A zine of my work published by @drawdownbooks will be available at the moma ps1 art book fair in nyc sept. 20th-23rd. i’m personally selling 5 copies which are signed, numbered and delivered with a 4x6 archival pigment print (pictured here) dm if interested. 32 pages, full color, 6.5 × 9.35 inches. link in my bio for anyone interested in ordering unsigned versions 👽

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I met @eastolivia a few weeks ago through an open call i did on here (yooo thank you internet) she offered to model for a picture + let me borrow some flowers for an idea i had. gotta say when i showed up at her apartment, i was so intimidated—girl literally had a buffet of freshly picked floral things organized by color like it was no big deal and i’m so used to working with whatever i can find in the moment. so instead of doing anything with flowers, i nervously pet her dog and made a bunch of strange pictures of a chair. after repeating these steps for about an hour, i finally gained my nerve and made this (still featuring a chair cause ya know sometimes just gotta ride the wave of inspiration) 🌊

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A series born from my inexplicable desire to sink into patterns (feat. @kewwss )

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Part ii

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Pay it no mind

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