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An oldie of @schmoodwheresmycar reimagined over the years by other artists on here (swipe 👉) way before i ever got into photography, i used to stay up late listening to emo music and sketching alternate versions of my favorite album covers. now it feels like something similar is happening with my photographs and it’s so d**n cool to see how they inspire you 😭 these ones in order by @emgrart @spookygeo @sen_nrvz @fluffyfaces_official @jasacid and @helena_swidron

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Slice of paradise 🌿

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Rough patch

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Playing it by ear

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Odd one out

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Be right back

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Last month to see “routinized absurdity” on display at the kindl museum in berlin. thank you @cucoberlin for giving my hoards of wallpaper and self-portraits a temporary home and to my better, more logistically talented half @sharkbitesellers for rendering this installation into a reality. exhibit closes feb 3 !

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Green with envy

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Thanks for getting weird with me

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’tis the season

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