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Im sorry to you and everyone and my family and all my friends for not being awesome

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For you
i'd do anything for you
for you
there ain't nothing i wouldn't do
for you
your beauty makes the sun arise
for you
the moon also shines
for you
for you

for you
creation was created for us two
for you
i'll never make you blue
for you
the stars were placed there for you
for you
eternity flies on through and through
for you
for you

for you
i'm cooked to you so rare
you are and someone's there to believe me
never leave me
with you there's so many new things to be done

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Yikes no outlets

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@psockadelic dark side of the moon

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My skin is paper

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Nothing but time @catpowerofficial can’t wait to say hi 🐈 ⚡️

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Chronic the hedge hog f**k you

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Mystic dreaming full dream illusion

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