Bret Jackson II #IslandCityPoems Out Now on Spotify and [email protected] 😈💙
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#thel1fe tomorrow #carelessmusicmanila tell me if you're as excited as i am! #teamcmm

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Thank you for all the love you're showing #islandcitypoems 😈💙

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Thank you for the support everyone! number 2 and 12 on the philippines viral 50 on spotify! #islandcitypoems #carelessmusicmanila #teamcmm

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Just how it is video sooooon #islandcitypoems 😈💙

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What's your fave line from the album? #islandcitypoems

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What's your favorite 3 songs off the album? #islandcitypoems

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Number 1 song and album right now because of all of you! thank you so much to everyone who is supporting careless music manila. i am beyond happy right now. #islandcitypoems

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I feel the love and support from all of you. this energy is growing. thank you. #islandcitypoems

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God always paints the best pictures.

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Ok ok ok yeah yeah yeah #kingwawonthemonster 10:30am - 1:00pm

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