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“i’m so excited to finally read one of my january @bookofthemonth picks, ‘golden child,’ a deeply affecting debut novel set in trinidad, following the lives of a family as they navigate impossible choices about scarcity, loyalty, and love. have you read it yet?”
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“my first @bookofthemonth read! i’m surely looking forward to reading this one over the next couple of weeks. for those that also selected ‘golden child,’ what did you think?⁣”
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“our book of the month choice: ‘maid’ by @stepville. this is a true story of stephanie’s life as a maid and all of the outlandish things she experienced and discovered. a must-read for all those who love memoirs ❤️”
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“first on my reading list this year is ‘maid’ by stephanie land. it tells a moving story of a mother who did everything she could to survive and raise her daughter in the midst of poverty. a true story of overworked and underpaid americans. a story of strength, determination, and ultimate triumph of the human spirit.”
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“one of my big reading goals for 2019 is to read out of my bubble. in other words, i think it’s so important (more important now than ever) to open my heart and mind to the struggles that others are facing. and then to do something to help. this book is making me so mad about the stigmas against poverty and the ‘working poor’ and ‘servant’ workers... as stephanie says. it’s eye-opening and heartbreaking and man is @stepville one inspiring human. read it. it’s important. 💛”
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“i finished my first @bookofthemonth pick as the snow hit denver! i’m not usually a dystopian-style reader but i’m trying to branch out this year and the synopsis grabbed me. ‘golden state’ is a place in the future where lying is a criminal offense. speculators can sense when people are telling lies and ‘captures’ record reality around the city and in homes. that’s as much of a premise as i’ll give you. this book interested me because i always admire when authors can create alternate worlds...”
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“i’m really excited to read #goldenstate. you all know how much i love a good dystopian novel, and this book about a society where lying is the ultimate crime sounds right up my alley. what did you end up picking for this month’s box?”

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“happy friday! how gorgeous is this cover? i love dystopian books and couldn’t pass up on this one for this month’s pick of @bookofthemonth.”
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“‘the night tiger’ by yangsze choo: a stunning historical fiction / fairy tale / m****r mystery novel set in colonial-era malaysia. you guys. i could not put this one down!! i’m not even exaggerating when i say i was captivated from the very first page. there’s adventure, romance, and it’s very intelligent. i felt so immersed in malaysian history and culture ... recommended for fans of ‘the night circus’ or ‘spinning silver.’”
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“what draws you to certain books? i’m a visual person, so no matter what is said about covers and judging ... i’m always going to do it. but the synopsis is also really important! i have to connect with it pretty quickly. i know right away if a book is a yes or no. a maybe is just a no in disguise for me—there’s just not that strong of a chance i’m ever going to make time for it. too many books, too little time. i am super excited about my @bookofthemonth selection for january. it immediately caught my eye. and then the synopsis completely won me over. i am definitely looking forward to reading it!”
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“how much weight does a book review hold for you? what/who are your most trusted sources? if a book has mixed reviews, it makes me want to read it and find out which side i fall on. but otherwise, the reviews of the sources i’ve come to find align with my reading taste play a huge role in if i pick up a book or not. ‘the night tiger’ by yangsze choo was my pick for this month’s @bookofthemonth because i couldn’t resist the reviews and the description. it sounds exactly like something i want to read.”
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“‘the silent patient’ by alex michaelides is one of @bookofthemonth’s january selections. been hearing nothing but great things about this book. you know how i am always drawn to psychological thrillers lately! this book seems like the perfect read! ♥️”
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