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Ich krieg gar nicht alles aus der #schmökerbox auf ein foto 😍😂 jedenfalls ist der inhalt mega und das buch kenne ich noch gar nicht, was ja bei vielleserinnen ein problem sein kann 👍🏼 und die die schale und überhaupt alles ist total schön. definitiv eine empfehlung #bookstagram

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Ich hab heute auch eine #schmökerbox gekriegt. aber mehr wird noch nicht verraten 😉 #bookstagram

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Selbstgekauft, aber ich mache trotzdem mit bei der #leserunde von 😉😂 ich bin sehr gespannt auf diesen roman. #literatursalon #christiantorkler #derplatzandersonne #bookstagram #currentlyreading

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I finished this children’s book by chilean author #luissepulveda the other day and it was really good. i’d recommend it 100% (english title: the story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly, spanish title: historia de una gaviota y del gato que le enseñó a volar). fleeing from chile in the 1980‘s, he was granted asylum in germany and lived here for ten years and hence, this story is set in hamburg. also, i found two cute rocks and i know @rszzz will appreciate them 😉 #bookstagram #wiekaterzorbasderkleinenmöwedasfliegenbeibrachte

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I bought this illustrated biography of frida kahlo the other day and it’s an incredibly charming book. the english version will be available from september 4 and will have the second picture (#swipeleft) as a cover. it’s perfect as a gift (hehe, to yourself 😉). #bookstagram #fridakahlo

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New book for € 3,99 lol i loved the first part of the series, hated the second one. so we’ll see how no. 3 goes. #bookstagram
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In light of recent events i highly recommend these two books on russia. currently putin‘s puppet in the white house thinks it’s an interesting idea to let russia ~interview bill browder as well as former ambassador michael mcfaul. both books explain why and why generally russia sucks #sorrynotsorry #bookstagram

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Hasnain kazim ist journalist beim spiegel und weil weder sein name noch seine hautfarbe so sind, wie sich das die immer mehr werdenden nazis wünschen, wird er auf vielen wegen (twitter, facebook, e-mail, schneckenpost) angegriffen und beschimpft. in diesem buch hat kazim nun diese post und zuschriften und seine antworten veröffentlicht. kazim ist bewundernswert schlagfertig und geduldig, so dass man teilweise nicht weiß, ob man lachen oder weinen soll. aber letztendlich bleibt auch beim leser die wut, dass da draußen so ungemein viel rechter hass ist. ganz normal unter uns, getarnt als nachbarn, kollegen. ich gebe eine definitive kauf- und leseempfehlung, aber #postvonkarlheinz ist kein buch, was mut macht. mut hat eigentlich einzig und allein der autor, der immer weiter macht. #bookstagram #hasnainkazim

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Happy #4thofjuly. ->> this book was an excellent read. usually, books by american authors have a very, well, american view. a lot of them don't know there's a whole world besides the us outside and whatever issue they're writing about, they only see it in the context of themselves. no wonder #maga is such a hit with them us folks lol
not so ziblatt and levitsky. they cover more countries even i expected or could wish for. they're current with hungary, poland, turkey, venezuele and they dive into the history with argentina, peru, chile and many more autocratic/dictarial countries.
they explain thoroughly the way a country can go from democracy to not!democracy and they offer a bleak outook for the future of the us. go vote!! honestly, whenever i thought, oh, i wish they'd cover this or that....they did. they even touched (albeit briefly but better than not at all) on the us electoral system. it's kinda a pet peeve of mine that nobody ever sees how full of pitfalls that system is.
and even tho it's been written at the end of 2017 it's super current; if you ever wanted to know what court-packing the supreme court means and could it happen in the us (in light of the current supreme court justice discussion), seek no more for information - buy this book.
it's an easy read without being too scientific but for those with more scientific needs it has 60+ pages of notes at the end.
honestly, it's a must read this summer. #bookstagram #grimdragon #allthebooksjuly18 #ampersand2018 #howdemocraciesdie

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What a beautiful book @door_jadore 😍 🚪#bookstagram

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My 30th read book this year and my 500th post on instagram 🎉 🎊 🍾 i loved the book, i give it five ⭐️ out of five. altho i’m glad i’m an adult living in europe. us high schools are weird 😂😉 #instabooks #instabook #reading #books #book #pictureoftheday #bookphotochallenge #bibliophile #booknerd #bookish #bookstagrammer #bookstagramchallenge #bookaddict #booklover #igreads #bookphotography #lovesimon #simonvsthehomosapiensagenda #lilgettingtoknowyou #mostrecentfavorite

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What’s in my bag? a sweater, my kindle, my moleskine, sunglasses, lipgloss, tictacs, pen. #lilgettingtoknowyou #bookstagram

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