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Bike riding in usa independence park (that's what it's actually called!) . . . . #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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The perfect start to act 2 of #bjemotl . . . . . #marchoftheliving

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#repost @happie.hoffman ・・・ humbled to have been able to honor memory and sing yesterday at auschwitz birkenau on behalf of the millions who weren't able to.

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#repost @daniorloff ・・・ today i marched out of the gates of auschwitz with this inspiring woman in memory of those who couldn't. never forget ✡️❤️ #bjemotl

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#repost @sophie_himmelstern ・・・ most eye opening experience of my life. today, i marched along with 10,000 other people across the world for those who did not have the opportunity. i have never felt so grateful and privileged to celebrate my family history and religion. #motl17

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#repost @alishabeth33 ・・・ at zbylitoska gora we visited a mass grave of 800 jewish children, torn from their parents' arms and beaten brutally to death. it is a place that fills me with horror and dread, but that as a mother, i feel an obligation to stand at this horrific place to honor them each time i come here. as an educator, i feel a responsibility to ask my teens to face the ultimate horror of what humanity is capable of, and ask them to walk away committed to counteract this horror by committing themselves to filling the world with kindness, justice, and light in order to tip the scales away from that horror toward good. the teens left their thoughts and prayers for the children buried there. the only way i know how to return to my own children after standing at this place and to look them in the face and be able to tell them that the world is a good place is by knowing that i and every teen who stood there with me is committed to tipping the scales toward goodness in the world with our own actions. #bjemotl #marchoftheliving #weremember #tipthescales

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Our survivors . . . . #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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The march has started! #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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#repost @alishabeth33 ・・・ spending today with the spirited purple bus!! #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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The pre-march song session with 💯ruach . . . . #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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#repost @danielleyounai ・・・ [war]saw a lot of heroes in poland #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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A long day touring auschwitz-birkenau comes together for a beautiful sunset. we heard from and became witnesses of witnesses today. . . . . #bjemotl #marchoftheliving

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