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Gorilla alien man moc.
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Happy birthday @anneime_cosplay and happy birthday mirishiki.

sweetheart, you are the most amazing woman i've ever met. you're beautiful, funny, silly, stubborn, and a major, loving, supportive. i love everything about you, anxiety and all. you are the highlight of my day every single day, and i don't know where i would be without you. i love you, so much.

mirishiki is very much an extension of you and she means so much to me and i know she does to you too. it's been an honor getting to develop her as a character and as a person alongside you, to tell her wonderful story, and to share her with the community.

happy birthday, both of you. you mean the world to me.

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Looking back on an old design of miri's for #throwbackthursday she's come a long way.

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The forager, a mysterious man who wanders the island of okoto, defending villages from wild beasts.

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The silent knight, a wandering warrior from the island of the breach. his allegiance and goals remain unknown. legends tell he does not speak, nor breathe, his armor does not creak, no sound comes from the silent knight.
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The witches of jethlaria.
alcina, hecate, and befana, three sisters from centuries ago who were cursed for their meddling in magic, forced to live as one tormented being.

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Finally finished yurie's legacy of light revamp, really satisfied with how she looks now.

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Some pretty neat pictures of antman, wasp, and yellowjacket, wanted to do stuff like this thanks to @thatchmac
really happy with how the sink pictures came out.

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The highly intelligent response operative, or h.i.r.o. was one of the first androids designed and built by zotalix, the doctor.
a younger, more optimistic zotalix designed hiro to help people, to save lives in a very dangerous time. and hiro was almost a success.

unfortunately a glitch in hiro's programming resulted in him detesting combat, preferring to subdue aggression with words. which often only made the aggressor more furious.

due to this the h.i.r.o. project, and the planned factory of h.i.r.o.s, were cancelled shortly after hiro was built.

zotalix did modify hiro's programming slightly, he intended to make hiro completely combat ready, but he was only able to make him a little more comfortable with combat before hiro found out the doctor's plan and ran away.

he only uses force if he sees absolutely no other means of protecting himself or others.

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I recently got the shadow ranger figure from the new power rangers lightning collection by hasbro.

spd was one of my favorite shows as a kid and cruger, the shadow ranger, was my favorite character.

and man this figure is more amazing than i'd imagined. he's got some amazing sculpting, great paint and detail, even if some paint is missing. he has alternate hands, an alternate unmasked head and the neck ring, the awesome sword and the badass effect part for the sword. his morpher, just a perfect shadow ranger figure.

when i was a kid i had the bike riding figure of him, the removable armor version (which i still have without the added armor), i even had his megazord back in the day, but sadly never got the main normal figure version. i was even the shadow ranger for halloween one year.

this guy really has a special place in my heart, and the figure lives up to that love for cruger 100%

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Alkadex wins!

personally i don't think he deserved to get nearly as far as he did, in terms of being a well developed, interesting character, miri outclasses him completely.

but i can see why he appeals to the simpler likes of most fans, he's a cool, mysterious, edgy, badass character.

he is a character i've had around since 2014, so it's at least good to know he's a fan favorite, well developed or not.

congratulations alkadex, and congratulations miri, beating kasai and getting 2nd place is something to be proud of

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