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A bit of nightmare before christmas aesthetic going on🎄💀 dead’n’dead dead guy ale aged in dead guy whiskey barrels ⠀

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🚨🚨do you like girl scout cookies? do you like beer? then boy, oh boy i've got a giveaway for you.... i'm giving away two ticket's to @circlebrew and girl scouts of central texas's cookies & craft brews event happening january 19th. 🍪🍺 each ticket to the event comes with a beer & cookie tasting badge, commemorative tasting glass and a punch card for all 8 cookie and beer pairings. to enter:⠀
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Chocolate, a bottle of 120 red wine, glasses filled with goodies… yep, this is how you put together a white elephant gift that they’ll all be fighting over. 😘🍷 #livinglavida120 #santaritawines @santaritawinesus⠀

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Had this lineup at a bottle share over the weekend, and i still cannot stop talking about how fun these beers are. inspired by sonic's best slush flavors, these fruited kettle sour golden ales are a rotational series from colorado based brewery, wiley roots brewing. my favorite was the california limeade slush with summertime flavors of tart hibiscus, sweet coconut, and sour lime. although, given the opportunity, i will say they taste delicious all mixed together. 😅😍 which one would you wanna try??

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Wait… what do you mean it’s national cookie day? 😬🍩 #donutsarebetter have you tried this sweet collab yet? can’t believe i found a six pack down here in texas, but come on... does it get any better than this?!

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It’s so crazy to me that exactly fours years ago today, i was wrapping up my first trip to austin, texas. it was during that trip that i decided i would move here. 😍 so i graduated college the following may, and stayed in my hometown for a year to work and save money to make the cross-country trip. during the ‘waiting period’, i met my current boyfriend and when things started looking a bit serious, i let him know that i was moving to texas soon. i was straight up and told him, he could come with me, or he could stay in virginia. i brought him down here (during the hottest time of the year no less) to see what he thought, and of course he fell in love with the city. everyone who comes here does. ❤️❤️ #tbt 📸 @readysetjetset

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Take me back to phuket, where the cocktails are cheap and garnished with fresh orchids 🍹💛#traveltuesday

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I love books. the only problem is, i’m really, really bad at finishing them… 📚😣mostly cause i get excited about another book before i can get around to finishing what i’m currently reading through. it’s an endless cycle… so i’ve got a lot of books, a lot of beer books. it’s ok though, because i’m also an avid hoarder of books. at the end of the day, nothing makes me happier than seeing shelves and stacks of books everywhere in my house. it feels like such a blessing and privilege to me. if you have access to books, you have access to all the knowledge and imagination in the world.
that’s why i decided to create a roundup of the 28 greatest beer books– to hoard or to gift. there are books listed that will make you a better homebrewer, and there are books that will take you back centuries to the beginning of the beverage itself. some of them are new and some of them are classic’s, like randy mosher’s tasting beer. all of them are special, and all of them will give you a better appreciation of the beer you’re drinking. 🍻❤️link in bio

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Jameson’s black barrel irish whiskey is a neighborhood favorite that makes you feel right at home wherever you may be this thanksgiving. you can certainly drink this straight, but it is such a smooth spirit for cocktails both at home or out at your local bar. @jameson_us #lovethyneighborhood #blackbarrel 🥃 🦃
so what’s good in the ’52? well, everything. they say, “don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood,” and that sums up exactly how i feel about where i live in austin. no matter how crazy or hectic the world gets, being in a neighborhood that you love and feel a part of makes everything better. i’m especially thankful that my neighborhood is so rich and diverse with dozens of local businesses. here are a few of them that i’m thankful to call my neighbor:
💚 michi ramen: for a delicious bowl of noodles that keeps you warm.
💚 brewtorium: for always brewing my favorite beer styles.
💚 royal jelly: for having an impressive and daily happy hour.
💚 heo: for being the fix to my frequent banh mi cravings.
💚 barrett’s coffee: for being my caffeine fix and running a chill shop for those days i work from home.
💚 stiles switch: for serving up the best bbq in town, i bring all my out-of-town guests here.
💚 and of course, jang’s chimac korean fried chicken, our go to carryout place.

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Looking forward to this four day weekend and eating my weight in stuffing and gravy tomorrow (and the following few days, lbr). 🤤🦃 what‘s your favorite thanksgiving dish?

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Vista brewing just released the latest beer from their barrel program: laissez faire. this brett ale was created with 100% texas grains from blacklands malt, house-aged hops, and a belgian yeast strain captured from a small brewery just outside brussels. the beer was then aged for four months in freshly-emptied montepulciano barrels from their friends down the road at bending branch winery. it’s got a nice, light pink hue (thanks to those wine barrels) and delicate notes of pear and rose. and yes, it is absolutely delicious.
i highly suggest heading out to brewery to try some on tap straight from the source. but if you can’t make it down to driftwood, bottles will be available to purchase at spec’s in austin and san antonio or available on tap at craft pride on rainey! 🍻

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Keep calm, and chive on #tgif 🍻 got to hang out at chive hq last night to celebrate @chivetv’s release of their kcco austin-style lager collab beer with @unclebillys brewery. they have some really fun offices, mainly because there’s a legit bar with a lovely whiskey selection, plus a slide and employees that love to have a good time. check out my insta-stories to see more from the chive offices!
now on to the beer… i was very pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this light lager tasted. it’s a beautiful bright yellow beer with a moderately low 4.0% abv. which makes it one of those simple beers that you can drink all day and not feel like a wreck. 🍻 definitely keep your eye peeled for this beer to be on tap in more than 300 bars in austin, plus over 4,000 bars across the country will also be serving this incredible collab.

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