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I did it... i survived the my first virginia craft brewers fest. 🍻🙃 i’d like to thank my sorority sisters for helping me keep track of all the awesome swag, my fellow beer bloggers for telling me where all the best beers were, and of course, the brewers for laughing at all my ‘hilarious’ jokes. you guys da best ♥️#virginiaisforcraftbeerlovers

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There’s something absolutely wonderful about the dry-hopped pacific wonderland lager from @dechutesbeer. the new-ish year round beer is brewed with pilsner malts and a trifecta of hops, but the end result is a sessionable brew that beer drinkers are loving from coast-to-coast! 🍻 what hoppy lagers are you guys enjoying these days??

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I ❤️ r*m and so should you! inspired by a recent dinner with @flordecanarum, i wrote a love letter to this incredible, and often underestimated spirit. grab your favorite r*m cocktail and celebrate #nationalrumday with me 🍹🥃 visit the link in my profile to read my latest post.

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The real fab five 🍏🍎 my favorite cider comes from virginia-based cidery, @boldrockhardcider. i hadn’t visited them in a few years, basically since we moved out of state. so yesterday, on my way from richmond to roanoke, i knew i couldn’t pass up a quick stop at their new taproom on the top of carter mountain, overlooking charlottesville. you could see for miles, and there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the blue ridge mountains.
while it’s pretty in the summer, i can only imagine what this would look like in the fall. hopefully when i come back to virginia in october, i’ll get to see this view again and the mountains will be painted in red, orange, and yellow. ❤️

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Like a rolling stone, @stonebrewing laid its hat down and is calling richmond home. 🍻 ready for some mind-blowing numbers about their east coast distribution center in richmond? of course, you are!!
🍺 the brewery has a massive 250 barrel system and has the capacity to brew 600k barrels annually... 🍺 it’s the 10th largest craft brewery in the united states!
🍺 the new location is located right on the virginia capital trail, a 53 mile running and biking trail along the james river connecting richmond to williamsburg. 🍺 finally, the brewery is a whopping 200,000+ square feet and the team went from breaking ground to brewing beer in 18 months! 😳

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Saving up to make this my next car 😎🍺 the #bbc18 kick off party was hosted by prince william county (@visitpwc ) at 2 silos brewing company / farm live and touring the eight acre campus was such a treat! so happy to be back home and drinking local beer with my all my beer blogging friends.

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So my flight was delayed today and i ended up missing the bus for the #bbc18 pre-excursion at @dogfishhead. i’ve been pretty bummed about it all day, but then i got to visit @ocelotbrewing’s beautiful brewery and spend some time with family. so hey, things could be worse! it’s not like i’m stranded without any delicious craft beer in sight 🍻😬 and here’s to kicking off the beer blogging conference tomorrow!

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Blue skies and a cold carl kölsch… it’s the simple things in life ❤️🍺 @stelmobrewing

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Treaty oak’s lineup of gins will make you rethink everything you ever felt about gin. first off is the classic waterloo no. 9, a classic botanical gin filtered through that mighty fine texas spring water. the other two gins in this family include the antique gin. with sweet vanilla notes, this bad boy was aged for two years under the hot texas sun in american white ok barrels. 😎☀️ finally, the old yaupon gin, with tastes of anise and wildflower honey, is treaty oak’s take on an old tom gin. i never knew gin could be so multi-faceted, as if i didn’t love spirit enough…

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Happy friday! it’s only fitting that i head back home in august. and not just because the weather in virginia is a good 15-20 degrees cooler than here in austin.⛰
august is virginia craft beer month and there’s a lot going on that called me back to the east coast for a long visit. 🍺💻 the first few days i’ll spend in northern virginia at the beer bloggers and writers conference. and then following weekend will be the @vacraftbeerlovers brewers guild beer fest hosted in charlottesville at @threenotchdbeer’s new spot!
talk about great scheduling 😎🍺 head to the link in my bio to get all the details!

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Café no sé is one of my favorite spots on south congress. just look at this beautiful spread, the real winner is that delicious burger right there in front of me 🤤🍔 what’s your go-to spot on south congress? #chasesapphire #atx

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At the bristol pub in colorado springs, school is always in session! 🍺📚 the brewery is in a former schoolhouse along with a few other local businesses. definitely one of the coolest breweries i’ve been to… what about you? what’s a unique brewery you’ve visited lately?

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