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Life hack for insomniacs🌙
🌟 nobody can tell how little you sleep if your under-eyes are shimmering⭐ shout out to past victoria on her 23rd birthday rocking gold stars under her eyes 🌟

[video description: victoria moves her head from side to side to demonstrate the glittering of the stars under her eyes]

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💤🌜my under-eye dark circles are the one giveaway of an endless fight to stay awake & failure to fall asleep🌛 insomnia is just one of the "perks" of life with m.e💤

📸 cred: @_jazzacuna_

[image description: a sepia image of victoria posing like she's over it wearing a an over the shoulder top, image bordered by a grey brown solid colour]

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New vid (finally)☕🍪 to talk about: the complications of mould poisoning, ageing, religion & current obsessions / tea & bicky 03 [cc] 🍪☕ after a long absence i am back to the youtube ✌ (link in description)✌

[image description: black and white image of victoria is looking bothered, with the words 'where have i been? long story' written in white text & faded stars decorating the background]

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Full-time sick chick that i am, i rarely leave my house, but when i do, you know i will be what? sickening darling 😏💅🤧
📸: @_jazzacuna_
#disabledandcute #puns #looks #sickgirlsclub #teal -
[image description: victoria is sitting in the middle of a refurbished train car. she is sporting a pink beanie, teal lipstick, grey dress & oversized teal jumper]

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🌸🍪🐼 i will gladly spend my spoons for time with my sisters 🌸🍪🐼 #ilovemyfamily #reunion #sistersbeforemisters

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I'm so proud of my [not not] twin @_jazzacuna_, who's been alive for a quarter of a century. 👑 h a p p y 25th b i r t h d a y 👑

growing up as pastors kids, being homeschooled, moving to and fro, it fused an inseparable bond between my sister and i, a bond that only gets stronger as we get older. jazz is not only the one sister god gifted me with, but my mentor, carer, best friend; she's my other half.
may you light up the world as you light up my life 👑🔥
#sisters #25thbirthday #happybirthday #throwback #babyphotos -
[image description: an old photo of victoria & jazz acuña as smiling tiny children in blue school uniforms, with a dusty blue background, they wear their hair in braids with blue ribbons.]

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Living bedbound/housebound plus my consistent online absence, sparked the creation of this digital collage + poem: 🌫 haunted 🌫

i didn't think i believed in ghosts till i became one
being not quite in or out of the world i live in shadow
apologising for my absence even when present
it's a habit to be so out of touch with the outside
all look through me not at me
i exist in delay, delay
disappearing in a perpetual loop of fragmented being

a fading echo of who i once was
i didn't think i believed in ghosts till i became one
#poetry #ghosts #haunted #paininspired #millionsmissing #doyouseeme #cfs #invisibleillness #collage #artistsoninstagram [image description: a digital collage, a cut-out image of victoria acuña (curly short deep green hair, closed eyes, loose grey shirt) is layered over & over, fading out to grey. set on deep grey background, two faded crooked outlines of squares frame the collage]

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New vid: 'what endometriosis means to me'💅 👎(link in description)

as endometriosis awareness month comes to a close, journey back with me to 2015, where i open up, for the very first time, on the impact of endo. from everyday ableism to period shaming & much much more, watch me rant about how much endo sucks & what i've learnt.
[image description: 'victoria & the curse of endometriosis' is written in bold ol' timey horror font, victoria's silhouette shown in grainy gold & khaki green] #endometriosisawarenessmonth #endowarrior #womenshistorymonth #justendothings #invisibleillness #realhorrorstories #taleasoldastime

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What defines disability [cc]
☆ i found this footage that didn't make the cut for a past youtube vid (for chronicles) & i wanted to share cos i was super stylin in this! ☆

throwback victoria why would you throw this away? it's such a look! ✌ a e s t h e t i c ✌ [vid description: victoria talks about a bad doc experience where she's told she doesn't have a disability. victoria explains why that's pure b.s. she's dressed in skater punk-esque fashion, her teal bob is in pigtails under a disney blue/red snapback worn backwards. her lips are gloss black & she wears an oversized burgundy jumper with white bold text of feminist written in front] #disabledandcute #disabilitylookslikeme #invisibleillness #spoonieproblems #crippunk #look #throwback

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⚡new vid: 'debunking myths of chronic pain ⚡(find video link in description)

welcome to chronic pain club. it's like fight club, but the fight is internal 💪 ⚡a woman talking about her chronic pain on women's history month & endometriosis awareness month? perfect timing⚡ [image description: victoria acuna is seen to the left of the frame, a glitched multicolour filter covers the screen. victoria's lips are pursed, eyes closed & hand closed into a pointed gesture, the words 'the first rule of chronic pain club' are written in multicolor in front.] #chronicpain #chronicpainclub #chronicillness #spoonie #disabled #cfs #endo #endometriosisawarenessmonth #womenshistorymonth #youtube

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No 👏 more 👏 craptions 👏

sparked by the lack of good captions available on youtube, 'no more craptions' is a movement launched by @rikkipoynter as a call to action for accessibility
if you believe disabled folk matter, closed captions (aka subtitles) matter

disabled folx are sick of able bodied tears of pity,
unless it results in action for change, pity is worthless
take action, caption your content, call in others to do the same & support disabled creators like rikki i.e. buy her 'no more craptions' tees (like mine seen above) 💐 [image description: shows a self-portrait collage of victoria in her wheelchair. she's enveloped by a big blush pink flower, the words 'be accessible, be - ee accessible' written above her in multicolour vcr font. she's sporting a flower shaped white sunnies, a blush pink 'no craptions' oversized shirt over a short white skirt, multicolour long socks in white shoes & snow white purse sits on her lap] #nomorecraptions #beaccessible #accessibility #captionsmatter #disabledandcute #crip #crippunk

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Psa •🌟this🌟 young, disabled grrl's lil collection of self-portrait work is a part of the 'come together': international women's day exhibition at vic university metro west in footscray • the opening is this thursday (1 march) at 6pm!🌙 ☀️ so much talent is to be featured, including some dear friends, so it'd mean the world for one & all to come support ☀️ [image description: a collage of victoria acuña hangs in a white frame. the collage contains a cutout of victoria surrounded by newspaper cutouts & bordered by 'young & disabled' words in multicolors. she wears a dark beanie over her green bob & a cropped black tee decorated w/ the words "good enough" in white font]
#goodenough #internationalwomensday #iwd2018 #disabledandcute

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