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Se um pinguinho de tinta cai num pedacinho azul do papel,
num instante imagino uma linda gaivota a voar no céu

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Photo by misha

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Keep me in the loop

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Back from playa... first day back at the office today!
feeling lucky to have a job i love to go back to 💗

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All the feels and waves of smiles ear to ear as black rock city is slowly put away, disappearing without a trace until we make our way back home next year.
i feel recharged, reconnected, inspired and centered. my hair is still dusty af, but my soul has never felt this clean

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One more from the weekend ☺️

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2 weeks to go

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Happy friday!
ready to get on festival mood again!
i can’t believe it’s already outside lands again. then we blink and it’s burning man... and then it’s 2019.
just like that.
i always feel like an old lady when i make this type of comments but omg this year is going by sooo quickly 😂

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First day back to my 5:45am wake up time!
lately i’ve been slacking a bit and waking up around 7ish... i love having all the extra time in the morning, but getting back on track is not that easy 😂

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