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I don't know what felt colder that morning, the gust of wind blowing in our direction as we stood on the mountain peak waiting for the sun to rise or the fact that unlike the other couples surrounding us we refused to seek warmth in each other.

divij and i were part of a group where we had an almost equal number of members from both the genders. the group was formed when we were 18. by the time we hit 21, a few had left and the remaining had coupled up, leaving us the only singles behind.

call it peer pressure or an internal one stemming from comparisons or fear of missing out that divij and i decided to get into a relationship.

for sometime it felt good, the coupling around, the intimacy but there was always something lacking within both of us. we sensed it but never spoke of it. we were just happy to not be single and having a hand to hold on to.

divij and i shared a camaraderie but were wholly different in terms of personalities. he was more of a visual person and unlike me, he scoffed at the idea of reading books. “such long books, so boring. i can never get around reading. even readers are boring.” afraid of putting him off the way i was at that moment, i lied for the first time holding a 500 page book and calling it a 100 page one that i was reading to k**l time.he lied too when he told me once how he was busy when he was only trying to get away from one of the fine dines on my list.

you'd think by looking at our photos from our recent travel to the mountains and us clicking more than necessary selfies on cobbled streets and pavements and quaint market places together that we'd be happy but in reality, the gust of wind only numbed our hands that tried to hold each others.

he eventually moved abroad for his studies and we blamed long distance for things not working out.our silences to confront issues and our lack of need to adjust with our differences needed a closure after all.

but on an emotional level, not so much, for we knew we were simply standing on the wrong side of the horizon waiting for the sun to rise when it had only set on our relationship a long time ago leaving strings of twilight behind as we parted ways.
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She is an inspiration.

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Thank you all participating in "fill in the fiction." contest.

here are some wonderful tales.

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Thank you all participating in "fill in the fiction." contest.

here are some wonderful tales.

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Thank you all participating in "fill in the fiction." contest.

here are some wonderful tales.

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Thank you all participating in "fill in the fiction." contest.

here are some wonderful tales.

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Is your heartbeats in sync with your words?
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Isn't it beautiful?
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*it's beautiful, no? being in love with someone so madly that you don't expect anything in return. i always thought there is nothing to lose in one sided love. i had heard and read a lot about this craziness but never had privilege to have experience of it until i found this girl. suddenly all those things that had been said and told were true and i knew why these things were so filmy yet so talked about.

if you ask me about her, i could tell you about her even with my eyes closed. i could tell you how her face looks when she laughs or when she gets angry or when she is irritated. trust me when i say this her laughter is more melodious than any melody and her smile is the best sight my eyes ever witnessed. i have had crushes on many celebrity, many got me cupid but when i look at her, my heart skips a beat, i couldn't think of anything ill or evil. everything i felt for her was pure and i didn't even mind being called mad, s****d for her because my mind, heart and every sense of my body told me that she is worth it and when your mind and heart are on same side, you know, there is not much that you can do.

i mentioned it earlier that i always thought there is nothing to lose in one sided love. i would have done anything to make her happy, to make sure that she sleeps happy and there is nothing could go against her. but, when things you do doesn't get appreciated, you start losing value for yourself. i felt i was losing my way. i was lost and it was hard for me to hold on. so, i decided to walk away.

things don't change if you are simply turn blind to it. i could still bring the moon down to the earth, not literally, but, you know what i mean. i still feel the same for her. i still hear her laughter in my ears, i still dream of her and i still look for her in crowd, wish for her in shooting stars. there is still a part of me who wishes for her existence in my life and make it worth living but there is also a part of me who has stopped believing in miracles.
saurabh kumar.
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i entered this town
a new one
i had lost my way
while looking for
the sky was on fire
the sea lacked waves
there were pyres
of broken hearts
at every nook
and corpses of
that were choked to death
stacked up in corners
the inhabitants
there were a lot of them
slept on pavements
made out of numbness
they broke down all homes
they knew that
hurt has their address
they welcomed me
with eyes
that could look straight
into the blazing sky
and not flinch
for hours
they have already known
the sensation of burning
there is no heart
but ashes in their chests
that suffocated their lungs
and hopes alike
they smile
a smile so scarred
it scares me
they say i am one of them now
they do not know
how to distinguish between
water and blood
they do not know when to
let go and hold on
they seem to have fallen for pain
they bring me dead flowers adorned with tears
mistaking them for dew drops
to usher me in
it is where dreams go after they die
it is where the air echoes with the muffled cries of sleepless nights
it is where half of our generation resides
the town of dead smiles.
arunima sengupta.
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Bitter truth.

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