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Beyond thoughts in association with half baked beans brings to you this fun contest.
the mega prize is sponsored by the uber talented @homenharmony ...check out her amazing page.
swipe left to see the mega prize ( it is a beautiful book ladder ......yay)
'we never know ' by @bhumika_monani is a college fiction that celebrates purani jeans and guitar.... what you have to do?

1. follow half baked beans and beyond thoughts to be eligible for contest.

2. share your favourite college memory and tag your college buddy.

3. tag 3 friends further to participate.

4. earn brownie points by reposting, insta story mentions and showing extra love.

5. 5 winners to win the copy of this college fiction and 1 participant who's been most active and enthu wins the mega prize.
let's get going....contest closes november 18.
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I love the kind of poems
where we don’t speak to each other

there are airport lounges in the scene,
beach-side restaurants and
birthday parties of mutual friends


it’s the hotel elevators
where conversations happen
when we try to go for the buttons
and our fingers touch

it’s the queues for groceries
where we stand behind one another
and accidentally take a step too soon
or one too late

it’s picking the same book
taking the same taxi
or sitting next to each other at the movies,
our legs tight for the shiver,
where our worlds coexist
for a little while

the tension that builds between us in rooms
is the tickle i take to bed at nights

with my eyes closed, my fingers
draw me to depths of dreams
where we can’t stop talking dirty

and i end up not knowing what to feel
for you except that i know exactly
how i don’t want to

so each day i think of a hundred ways
to spark a conversation with you,
yet each night, end up closing
with a poem where

we don’t speak to each other.
animesh ganguly.
(@penningdownthemind )
#beyondthoughts #microfiction #microtales #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #nanotales #wordsofwisdom #poetsofig #writersofig #rekhta #storytelling #tales #yourquote #wordgasm #ttt #bt #instawriter #instagood #instagram #metoo #poets #metoomovement #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poemsporn #terriblytinytales #quotes .

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Remember, if no one is there we are there to talk with you.

introducing #beyondtalks
you can ask, write, confess anything in comment related our questions.

no submission, no approvals.

just be you.

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Say hello to your 10-20 years ago old self. what do you observe? do you see what kind of person you were?look into those tiny eyes. what do you see? insecurity? attitude? ego? grief? dishonesty?
no? then what do you see? innocence? joy? truthfulness? honesty?
i guess yes! do you remember what you used to do then?
you closed the refrigerator door just to find out when the light goes off. you used to buy chips to get that free tattoo inside .you made space to sleep between mom and dad. you used to build an empire out of sand. you pulled off the chair when your friend was about to sit. you used to gambol in the soil. you hid behind the door to frighten your friend. you made cup and thread phones and pretend to talk over a real rang your neighbor's doorbell and ran away. you collected the golden paper everytime your chocolate gets finished . you wrote on the walls and corrected the old books with red pen pretending to be a teacher. you argued for the trial ball when you got out on the first ball itself.

do you remember the days when your sunday plans were to play cricket and a glass full of rasna? when elderly talks seemed to be boring and you need not worry about anything. when you had pillow fights but you never let your pillow get wet.

there was stardust in your eyes and sunshine in your heart. there was purity in your soul and authenticity in your heart. you never hesitated to speak your heart out and never missed the chance to have fun. the power of innocence in your eyes was enough to get things done. your cheerful smile elevated the mood of others and you were exuberant enough to lighten up the house. your soul was filled by an euphoric sense of happiness while your radiant heart never carried ego. your environmental air was never filled with selfishness while your hands never paused to give. you melted at the sight of chocolate. your heart was good enough to neglect the cruelty of the actual world.
(continued in comments)

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They say "a boy and a girl can't be best friends." they might be true.
but, you know i share a special space with her.
we respect each other's feelings and a vague line is created between us not mutually but in our mind that keeps us safe from falling in a zone called "relationship"
yes, i fear that word and even she. but you know we both love beyond limits. we both care like our parents and we both are committed to each other like a married couple.

they say, if you behave so the prejudiced world outside won't accept you both as you are.

so we dated each other.
yes, we did. my flaws went on a date with hers and their together since then.
my understanding always makes love with her understanding.
my decisions always has her hand to hold on firmly. i don't accept anything for her yet have strong wall of trust which assures me that she will be there for me in every uncertainty.

we know we are walking on a road which has no end. but, we are here maybe just to have a walk.maybe, just to enjoy the presence of each other and this weather.
maybe, just to keep on moving.

i don't know where i will end up. but, i am assured in this storm of fake relations i have already found my home.

darshan sanghvi.
(@darshansanghvi28 )
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