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Peaceful sunset over rice terraces
📍chiang mai #thinkricethinkthailand 🍚
rice in thailand is all around us not only in this country, but the world!
it was beautiful moments like this after learning with the locals about a hard days work of planting rice, that sitting back and enjoying these experiences is what it’s all about 🙏
we will never forget the laughter and smiles we shared with the incredible local people of thailand who took the time and gave their patience in teaching us the techniques of all the love that goes into making their product perfect and something they’re proud to share with the world!
with over 10 million tons being exported every year, many say it's the best quality rice in the world!
there are tens of thousands of prime quality rice species and during our time there we experienced their innovation of cutting edge technology of not only rice for food, but to be used in many mainstream products for health, beauty and lifestyle.
rice is more than just a staple grain, but a product for better health and a better quality of life!
rice is life. rice is spirit. rice is culture!

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Paradise even when it rains!
philippines 🇵🇭 tag who you’d swim with!
by @warrencamitan #bestvacations

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Tag who you’d ride with!
this is in france! 🇫🇷 🚣‍♀️
by @sennarelax #bestvacations

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Nothing but crystal clear 💦
salar (salt) de pedernales in chile 🇨🇱 by @simple.dp #bestvacations

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Tag who you’d ride with!
perfect simple sunday moments in italy!
positano. by @treviorum #bestvacations

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Tag the people you 💙
vietnam. by @mblockk #bestvacations

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Via @insta_animall 🐘
playful baby elephants! 🐘🐘
south africa 🇿🇦 by @nessytoafrica #bestvacations

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Summer days are coming ☀️
living inside a postcard in italy 🇮🇹
by @chels.alexandra #bestvacations

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#prayfortheworld 🙏 #srilanka by @doyoutravel x @gypsea_lust
our hearts are broken from the devastating sad news from sri lanka today our thoughts and prayers are with everyone 🙏🙏🙏

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Lanterns in a dream world!
featuring @whatthechic ✨video by @melissa

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Tag who you'd dream with!
sleeping under the stars in the maldives ✨
by @lyss @meirr #bestvacations

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We are praying no one got hurt 🙏
they will rebuild & restore! the update is that the main structure of the cathedral, towers & facades were saved!
by @ag_photographe #cathedrale

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