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Maxim I'm a car photographer, which would travel around the world and shoot cars when he'd have cash, but for now I'm stuck in Berlin, Germany
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Thank you for 30k. i love you all my ni🅱🅱as ❤ ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#1. thank you for letting me know about that, mister anonymous. this is my spot of the year. happy new year everyone! ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#2. sorry for the late upload, but here is a tipp from me: if you play "bring me to life" by evanescence at exactly 23:59:08 today, the first "wake me up" will play exactly at midnight. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#3. this>>>>>>>>>>>aventador. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#4. no fancy title today as i realized my new year will start as s**t as it ends. just enjoy the pic, for gods sakes and don't ask. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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Still #5. here you can actually see that it is indeed dark green. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#5. one-off brewster green 993 turbo s. it almost can't get better than that. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#6. half car shot of the tdf for now because some pleb who claims to know the owner wanna try to sue me. pathetic. full shot in january. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets #zufälligjura

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#7. a s**t shot of a beautiful car. i guess it neutralizes everything. i love the b12 e38 ❤ ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#8. another csl because i've seen two this year. at the same day. merry christmas! ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#9. same picture of the same csl as i don't have any other. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#10. totally forgot to setup the counter today. i am such a pleb ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#11. some fun times with @supercarsoflyon. #nohomo ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#12. i always wanted to see a lancia stratos. i did now. lifegoal completed. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#13. we've only seen a yellow porsche, thought its a local turbo. on the way home one of us realized it's a 911r. we stood literally 100 meters away from it all the time. oh well ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#14. gigantic v8 powered monster truck. karl geiger for scale. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#15. blue 458 speciale a with gold rims and red interior. the exterior color painted shields were kinda odd tho. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#16. mansory with its radical design language might be not pleasing for everyone, but i think we all have to admit the continental gtc collage edition one-off is a masterpiece. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#17. donkervoort d8 gto rs. quite a cryptic name for a weirdly insane car. only real petrolheads will decrypt the name and realize how incredibly rare it is. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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#18. my seventh spotted 918 spyder or so. told you some uploads ago, but i've missed a chiron this day and a 918 wasn't quite a fair trade. ~~~~~~~~~ #berlinrichstreets

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