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There’s never not a good time to work on yourself, even if you’ve got less than an hour - 35 minutes of glute brutality, nothing better. see my latest client video for demos! 🍑

want to surprise your s/o with a tight and toned peach? contact me directly via my bio (dm or text on 0401784858). it’ll be the best present they ever get 😉

comment 8 star 42 May 2018

If you ask for legs, i’m going to give you legs! jelly legs in fact. i had less than an hour with gorgeous @laurameghan last week, so this workout was really specific. legs, legs, with a side of legs and abs. the frog hip thrusts were by far my favourite exercise - they can be done with and without weight, they open up your hips and they sculpt your buns. 🍑

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Hey legends! i’ve had a few people ask me as of late how much i charge per session, other than my packages - see one of my other recent posts. these are my prices as of june 1, 2018 and they will not be changing. ☺️ my first session with you is always: at a maximum of an hour, and is always free. this is so you know that i am the right pt for you, and that i can help you achieve your goals. i also have some discounts that you can ask for, such as; student discounts (high school and uni), seniors discounts and a referral system.
keen to have you on board with me soon 💪🏼

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It’s h**p day! so let’s talk about squats: 🍑

squats are a great whole body, compound exercises that typical dominates your quads, hamstrings and glutes. done correctly, they can build the strength in your leg muscles, improve your stability and increase your balance.
with or without weight, there are so many different squat combinations and techniques that make for great workout components. here i show a weighted back squat: a nice wide stance with my weight in my heels, knees turned out and shoulders back. these help shape and tone my glutes, as well as building my quad strength.
tag your squat squad below, happy h**p day! 👊🏼

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Full body programs are a great way to work most of your bigger muscles, such as your back, quads and abdominals, without targeting any specific, that will still leave you in a sweat. give this spicy lil full body workout a go next time you’re in the gym - time efficient and effective if you like to feel the burn. see my latest client video for demos! enjoy your tuesday! stay warm and dry!🔥

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One of my girls @melissaquineyfitness asked for a challenging, full body workout to work her way back towards her pre-baby body after giving birth to the cutest bubba 7 months ago!
this woman is an absolute machine, dropping 2.3% body f*t in 3 weeks and upping her lean muscle mass by a solid 1kg, she’s already crushing her goals. 🔥

if this doesn’t spark your inspiration for your tuesday, i don’t know what will 👊🏼

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Personal training - looking after yourself mentally, emotionally and physically through health and exercise is now considered a luxury, when it should be considered an essential. luckily, i’ve got 3 packages that can help you look after yourself so you can look after other people, and maintain a healthy work/life relationship.
contact me through my dms or text via 0401784858 to make one of these packages yours. they give exceptional value for a such a small cost towards your health. 👊🏼

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Are you looking for a personal trainer but struggling to find one that offers you what you actually need? what personal trainers think you need and what you believe you need can be two very different views.
well, i want to cater to what you believe you need. whether it’s training, programming, support or accountability, i believe that i can provide you the tools to help change your ‘wants’ into ‘needs’. i’m a qualified personal trainer based from @plc_somertonpark in adelaide. if you can’t travel to me, i offer mobile personal training, so there’s really no excuse. if you believe you are ready to change your lifestyle, physically, mentally and emotionally, dm or contact me via text on 0401784858 to see what we can work out. packages and discounts are always available, i look forward to hearing from you soon.

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When’s your leg day? as a self confessed leg specialist, every time i get to write a leg program, i smile because i know it’s going to be a good time! next leg day, give this little burner a try! see my last client video for the demos! remember: never skip leg day! 👊🏼

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‘can i just do squats?’ 😂🍑🔥another client of mine @therealbrownpenguin @brownpenguins_wildfitness absolutely demolishing his leg day with me today! program consisted of mostly legs, a bit of an arm pump and a bit of fast-blast cardio at the end. yes boys, i’ve got something for you too. never skip leg day 😘

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Ladies! how’s this for your friday? i’m releasing 5 spots in my schedule for hardworking women with goals they want to smash! 👊🏼 whether you want to lose some weight, tone up, grow some muscle or build your confidence in the gym, contact me now! these spots will go quick - packages and discounts available, dm me or text via 0401784858 to reserve yours! happy friday! 💕

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Gals! one of the most common phrases i hear as a personal trainer when the words ‘women’ and ‘weights’ in the same sentence is: ‘i don’t wanna get too bulky’. this statement could not be further from the truth! in case y’all haven’t heard ladies, strong is the new sexy! and genetically, most, if not all of us, don’t have the required levels of hormones to build ‘extreme’ amounts of muscle like our counterparts (unless you’re on the ‘magic juice’). so, now that this has been cleared up, girls, next time you’re in the gym, skip the cardio and hit the weights. resistance and strength training is so beneficial for your health and longevity, regardless of your age.
ladies, this one is for you - dm me, text me on 0401784858, or come and see me at @plc_somertonpark in south australia to let me help you build your own personalised weights program to strengthen and tone your body, and build your confidence in the gym. you won’t regret it. 👊🏼

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