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Hushed woods dressed in citrus foliage, a network of kaleidoscope colored breaths sweep along the back of the earth, and a sea of toasted tangerine, almond, and lemon hues bloom across the varying landscapes of new hampshire — and photographer michael matti gives us a front row seat to one of nature's best shows. where are some of your favorite places to watch the seasons change? (🎥: @michaelmatti 📍: new hampshire)

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An aerial view of the dragon and tiger pagodas is nearly as breathtaking as experiencing this fork in the road moment in person. built in 1976, the temple is located on the scenic lotus lake, with each pagoda standing seven stories tall. don’t worry, though — regardless of which you choose to explore first, you’ll still be able to quickly meander across the way and navigate up and down the spiral staircases of the other. (📷: @_deepsky 📍: kaohsiung, taiwan)

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The #bdteam is flying thousands of feet above the hustle and energy of #artbasel2018. over 70,000 visitors from all over the world flock to miami beach for one week to see art from over 250 global galleries. isn’t miami art basel just as stunning from above? @southbeachhelicopters (🎥: @whatsnextlex and @cshep25, 🎶 : @marshmellomusic ft. @bastilledan ”happier” (@breathecarolina remix)📍:miami beach ,florida)

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As the cold fronts of winter slowly begin canceling out the crisp autumn air, we want to know — has anyone started planning a winter getaway? this group of snowboarders has inspired us to start prepping our long johns for the upcoming ski season, and to search for similar knee-deep powder, snow-blanketed pines, and the lavender and orange reflections of winter sun. travel tip: take a note from these winter sports enthusiasts and head to whitefish, montana to fulfill this season's skiing and snowboarding desires. we hear that the powder is pristine, and the incredible scenery and wildlife of glacier national park are only a 30-minute drive away. (🎥: @justindkauffman📍: whitefish, montana )

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A la ed sheeran in his song “barcelona,” you can pretend you’re dancing around the sagrada familia, too. the mostly unfinished catholic cathedral is a unesco world heritage site, and while construction on it began in 1882, the expected finish date won’t be until some time around 2026. (📷: @thetechcreative 📍: barcelona, spain)

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The mesmerizing and iconic pyramid architecture of the louvre's exterior makes it one of paris’s most recognizable features, as well as one of the city's historic landmarks. #bdteam creator, logan lambert, captured this aerial shot of the museum while in france earlier this year. as the world’s largest art museum, the louvre sees an influx of incredible and diverse exhibitions from around the world every few months. travel tip: if you're in paris anytime from now until mid-january, 2019, be sure to check out the “japonisms 2018 kohei nawa, throne” exhibit — marking the 160th anniversary of diplomacy between france and japan. the show features stunning sculptures inspired by those used in religious festivals in the far east. the intricate, towering, gold formations were created using modern 3-d modeling systems and gold leaf gilding techniques that echo those of egypt. (🎥: @loganlambert 📍: paris, france)

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An hour away from shanghai is hangzhou, one of china’s seven ancient capitals. this "tea capital" is known for its “dragon well” tea and tea plantations, which tourists and residents alike are invited to wander. if you're in the mood to explore hangzhou's sites — including its many temples and pagodas — by bike, you're in luck. over 70,000 bikes make up its public bike system, which also happens to be the most extensive bike sharing program in the world. (📷: @panvelvet
📍: hangzhou, china)

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From the rolling meadows and valleys to the stunning peaks of the tetons to the geysers of yellowstone, what you see is just the start of what you get in wyoming. as the 10th largest in the u.s., this western state is brimming with miles and miles of untouched beauty just waiting to be explored. #bdteam creator @cshep25 shares his experience of wyoming's diverse natural landscapes while on a recent trip to the adventure-packed destination. “ever since i was a little kid, 'adventure' has always intrigued me. i’d never been somewhere that completely embodied every sense of the word. from biking and hiking to fishing and even wake-surfing, wyoming has it all — but the best part was the people. everyone was incredibly welcoming and excited to show me what their home had to offer." #visittheusa (🎥: @cshep25 📍jackson,wyoming)

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Resembling an imaginative lego creation that was dropped right into the bangkok skyline, the cleverly designed mahanakhon building was completed in 2016, earning itself the title of thailand's tallest building. the glass curtain-walled exterior features a three-dimensional, pixelated, spiral carving that coils up the along the entire length of the tower and consists of projecting glass skyboxes, combined indoor and outdoor spaces, and oversized terraces — the ritz carlton even offers luxury residences inside the eccentric locale. would you want to live here? (📷: @woody_chai 📍: bangkok, thailand)

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A stretch of pavement runs the spine of a patchwork of greenery that rolls through the tuscan countryside, its cypress and olive trees peppered with hues of violet and lilac. with a population of under 200, the rich, quiet beauty of the scenery surrounding the small town of bolgheri offers visitors a truly idyllic italian escape. travel tip: visit the castello di bolgheri for happy hour or dinner — the winery and vineyard live on the property of an old castle and feature vines that yield merlot, cabernet franc, and cabernet sauvignon wines. (🎥: @sebastianmzh📍:bolgheri, toscana, italy )

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Sunset in matosinhos means watching the boats on the water around the curves of the formidable leixões cruise terminal. designed by luis pedro silva arquitecto, the terminal won the 2017 building of the year for public architecture and is a beacon for a city that prizes excellent design. if you’re visiting and have time, be sure also to see the casa de arquitectura, a museum dedicated to the architecture of portugal. (📷: @fernandogguerra 📍: matosinhos)

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Traffic pulses in blurry, spotted hues of red and white, snaking through the veins of a highway that runs along the electric skyline of an iconic city. this hyper-zoomed "micro shot" is the work of director dylan schwartz, and seamlessly captures los angeles's signature essence — one of limitless fantasy that's ever-present in the city's energy, stories, and possibilities. where have you been that makes you feel like anything is possible? (🎥: @dylan.schwartz📍: los angeles, california )

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