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"as a family we like to make bold statements and i wanted to celebrate aminat's culture." tap the link in our bio to find out why this family photo is being liked by so many people. justin mcclure and his wife aminat posed with their three children in west african-inspired clothes for a portrait. aminat was born in lagos, nigeria and justin is from georgia, us, and they want their children to grow up in a mixed heritage family. after the photo was posted on instagram and facebook, other people shared their own stories about growing up in multi-cultural families, which you can read at the link in our bio. photo: justin mcclure #family #instagood #familylife #celebratelife #twins #children #bbcnews @jkmcclure @mccluretwins

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Saudi arabia's world cup football team's journey to their group game was pretty dramatic. an engine on the plane they were travelling in caught fire. despite the drama the plane landed safely and everyone was ok. #plane #worldcup #saudiarabia #scary #bbcnews

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Don't call me 'manu'. france's president reprimanded a cheeky teen after he got a little too friendly. emmanuel macron was meeting young people in paris when the incident happened. #macron #emmanuelmacron #france #respect #bbcnews

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Prince harry and his wife meghan turned on the style as they joined the queen at royal ascot. tap the link in our bio ⬆️ to find out more about what happened on the first day of the famous horse racing event, where the duke and duchess of sussex presented the winning trophy for a race. the couple, who married exactly a month ago, were met with rapturous applause when they arrived at ascot. photos: reuters / getty images #racing #royalfamily #royalwedding #princeharry #meghanmarkle #queen #royalascot #bbcnews

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No exhaust fumes and no noise pollution. this electric plane has taken to the skies as part of norway's plan to combat climate change. the bbc's roger harrabin tested out the new mode of transport and found out about the country's plans to get more people using boats and cars powered by batteries. #renewableenergy #electric #electricpower #transport #travel #bbcnews

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Luxchmi lost her job before christmas and had struggled to find work. she had a change in fortunes after visiting a charity offering women personal styling sessions and interview coaching. she says trying on different outfits gave her "a big boost of confidence" and helped her find a new job. #job #work #stylist #clothes #bbcnews

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Rip xxxtentacion who's been killed aged 20. he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in south florida on monday when an armed suspect shot him. tap the link in our bio 👆 to find out more about the controversial us rapper who had been hailed as a breakthrough talent. #xxxtentacion #rip #ripxxxtentacion #bbcnews

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The look of sheer celebration! 🙌⚽️🥅click the link in our bio☝️for more on the england v tunisia nail-biter that ended with a stoppage time winning-goal from england captain harry kane. #worldcup #russia2018 #england #tunisia #volgograd

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Pomp and ceremony for the order of the garter. 👑 click the link in our bio👆for more photos of the annual ceremony, held at st george’s chapel in windsor. (where meghan married prince harry). the prince of wales, the duke of cambridge, the princess royal and the duke of york were among the members of the royal family who joined the queen for the procession. #royalfamily #britishroyals #princewilliam #queenelizabeth #bbcnews pics: getty images

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The jolly green giant revolution. click the link ☝️ in our bio to see why this 60ft statue is seen as a symbol of an untold good news story in america today. the giant, which overlooks highway 169 in minnesota, can be seen as a sign of a flourishing employment and entrepreneurial boom in many of america's small cities and towns.
#askamerica #minnesota #ruralamerica #smalltowns

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The creatures with ‘night vision goggles’ 👀click the link in our bio👆for more animals that can see in the dark. this one is a tarsier, a south east asian primate that has eyes so big they’re each the size of its brain. 😮 #tarsier #animals #naturalhistorymuseum #wildlife #bbcnews pic 1: getty images. pic 2: quentin martinez/getty images

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“we beat the champions of the world, so we are gonna win!”🇲🇽 ⚽️ 🥅🙌 pure joy as mexico fans celebrate their 1-0 victory over germany. could they be right? click the link in our bio to follow all the latest on the #worldcup ☝️⚽️👆⚽️☝️⚽️👆 #football #worldcup2018 #soccer #russia #mexico #germany

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