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“it’s britney bitch” -michael scott -britney spears (sound on) @chicksinthewild

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Alabama groom gets married to lsu bride.

immediately gets trolled. @lacesoutshow (via twitter/wafb)

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Pitch perfect 4: brads vs. the bellas @5thyear

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Created player, 99 overall @lacesoutshow (via @maxpreps )

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5 beers in and you start feeling yourself:
@5thyear (via @cari_frederick )

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Tag a basic that would get triggered @chicksinthewild

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Being polite at dinner waiting for someone else to get their food to eat and they finally get it @icanteven

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Tiger fans showing up to every tournament to get their heart ripped out @foreplaypod

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Frog’s madden elusiveness rating: 100 @barstooloutdoors (via twitter/kikdasneak11)

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Casper the friendly cuck @barstoolnewsnet

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This good boy sounds like “toxic” by britney spears (sound on) @icanteven (via @rileyhardn )

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Get in the hole @foreplaypod

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