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There are bad hangovers and then there are finding turtles in your v****a hangovers @chicks

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“dad pace yourself, you remember what happened last parents weekend.”

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Joe rogan interviewing joe rogan.

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Walking out of her place on sunday morning after laying the pipe @foreplaypod

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Pray for the young men who are forced to go to the orchard this fall. @kfcradio @kfcbarstool

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“just think about it” @oldrowofficial

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Power couple @oldrowofficial

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West virginia gunna west virginia @wvubarstool

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Still better than the default iphone alarm @zeroblog30

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When you keep joking about eating a*s and then she actually asks you to do it #asseatinszn (via @cats_of_instagram )

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Football guy @pardonmytake

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Created player: 99 ovr
difficulty: rookie

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