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....and you thought you rolled allot of tube this weekend 🤔 #baileigharmy #baileighrollbender

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No smoke! john overstreet from @_core_art_ loves that he can run his plasma table all day without his shop looking like a smokey pool hall. the pt-105hd has an incredible downdraft system that sucks all of the bad stuff away #baileigharmy #baileighplasmatable

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Now this guy builds some cool stuff! go check out @redcodforge as he just landed himself on the #baileighradar ・・・
fresh fish out of the forge #blacksmithing #fish #artmetal #metalart #redcodforge

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👊 @snipes0003
after a few years of talking about raising the power hammer it finally happened. just in time for alot of winter metal shaping #creativeconcepts #bailiegharmy #eyelevel #metalshaping

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What?!!! you’re a tig welder? well come on over here son.....#baileigharmy #baileighwelders

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Big things are coming from aaron kauffman @thearclight and the crew at @arclightfab 💪 go check it’s all about baileigh in the shop #baileigharmy

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Hey! that looks like one of our new monster rdb-480 pipe benders getting ready to be installed in the field! that bad boy can bend 4” schedule 40 pipe all day long without breaking a sweat #baileigharmy #baileightubebender

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We love welders! win your choice of a new @baileigh_industrial mig, tig, stick or multi-process welder, free shipping in the lower 48 states in the us, banners, shirts, shout outs for your crew and a huge baileigh press release.
note: this is an instagram contest, not a “random giveaway” or a “charity.” you actually have to work for this one……we are looking for an energetic welder who will show off their new machine and put it to good use.
the rules are simple:

step 1: repost this picture on your instagram page to spread the word.
step 2: be creative, enthusiastic and convince the baileigh team that you should win and why.
step 3: enter by posting pictures or videos of your entry (shop tours, funny skits, fabrication or welding action shots) to your own instagram page and tag them with #baileighweldercontest (enter as many times as you like)
step 4: your profile must be public and not set to private.

enthusiastic and original entries will be considered, lazy reposted entries will not. be creative and get our attention! why should we pick you? how will you benefit from a new welder?
remember….this is for fun, so keep your entries clean (no nudity, getting tattoos or doing anything dangerous. common sense prevails)

contest entry cutoff date will be october 1,12:00pm, 2018 (central time us) the baileigh crew will pick and announce the winner shortly after that. good luck!

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Ok john....we get like planes 🤔 @_core_art_ #baileigharmy

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Look at @dez_armstrong go! he is having the time of his life while becoming a metal shaping rock star down in texas. local tv stations won’t leave him alone ever since he picked up the ph-36a #baileighplanishinghammer and started making authentic, riveted body armor. fox 26 news ran his story the other day and did a little role playing #baileigharmy

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