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Fun with hydraulics #baileighradar

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Insane woodworking! #baileighradar
dual-height insect table by @godarfurniture

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Unbelievable abstract ornamental railing. tag em if you know em, we have no idea who made this but when we find out, they will be famous 😎 #baileighradar

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It’s party time in ocala, florida! @jeremyconnor8 just landed himself a ph-28a pneumatic power hammer. a budget friendly metal shaping hammer that comes with everything you need to get in on the power hammer game….even the tooling. a turnkey metal shaping solution, just north of $6k, that operates on shop air and can shrink, stretch and planish steel and aluminum like butter. remember kids, power hammers are not just for high rollers anymore! go follow @jeremyconnor8 and see what he produces with his new toy #baileigharmy #baileighpowerhammer #powerhammer #metalshaping #yoder #pullmax

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If you love fabrication, you are on the right page #baileigharmy

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Be sure your roll cages are up to s***f kids #bobross #baileighradar

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Austin paruch @paruchautomotive is putting his baileigh metal shaping machinery to good use #baileigharmy #baileighmetalshaping

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@weldernation nailed it on this post.
got to put the new guy through the paces
@matthewluke32 @dfree382

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#baileighradar action from @rod_shop_collective
@dwaynejacintho is building this neat v-twin powered cart for his daughter. this is one unique project! check out @dwaynejacintho to see more.

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Monster truck madness from @toddleduc #baileighradar ・・・

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Make it rain! there is soooo much money to be made with a cnc plasma table. from “one off” parts and production pieces for job shops, to custom signage and metal art, anyone can be an entrepreneur. simple to use and extremely easy to learn, a cnc plasma table can pay itself off in a matter of months. this is not a greasy sales pitch……it is a fact. we have tons of customer success stories that started with a simple plasma table and a smart phone. if you would like to learn how to change your financial situation, call the guys that can make it happen for you #baileigharmy #baileighplasmatable thanks for the video clips @kyleboudreau

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Father of the year goes to @dwaynejacintho
1934 mini hot rod running a supercharged twin cam harley motor #minihot rod #street rods #teachouryouth #baileighradar

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