Having to churn airline credit card miles sign up bonuses at a breakneck speed to keep up with the #badbitch’s taste in airplane seats πŸ›

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That was fun πŸ¦ƒ thanks @bgillyb

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Keeping this gap tooth fresh as f*k 🍷

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Got to see some old friends in france and meet some new ones as well. πŸ‡«πŸ‡· 🍷

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Too many homeless people on this beach 🏝

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Who needs food in france when you can just drink all your calories?

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Drone number 3 of 4 shot this cover image of @john_john_florence in hawaii last winter. i’m terrible at taking care of these things and can’t keep them out of the water. this drone died an unfortunate death at the surf ranch last week. after she was laid to rest this cover came through. her legacy lives on. 🚁

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Could i be any more ridiculous? πŸ“· πŸ’» β˜‚ 🎩 🎧

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How bad can i f**k this up?

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Back to school never looked so good πŸŽ’

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