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Pic 1: my first semester abroad at beijing language + culture university eating a giant bucket of fried chicken.

pic 2: me in montreal surveying the goods

point: never change

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Happy #internationalwomensday - here’s to strong women everywhere.

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@ronaldmcdonkey did this to me

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The future of hollywood is looking bright. love u @jennyhan and @lanacondor for inspiring me, and many girls out there w dreams. #thisisamerica

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Thank you @nybg for this incredible honor, and thank you @ny1 . this meant more than you’d ever know to me and my family. the nybg was my mom’s favorite place in the city and she would take me there before i was old enough to walk. she held my 4th birthday party there and passed away a few months later. this meant so much to me and my dad. my mom would’ve been so happy.
the vanda awkwafina is native to singapore, and is now a part of the @nybg ‘s orchid collection and exhibition.

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Last pic. thank you @johnmulaney for being a truly dope human being, and thank you @theacademy for having us present at #oscars2019 ! it was a dream come true. 📷: @gettyimages

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It’s about time we met. love u @tiffanyhaddish @vanityfair

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Freaking out - i love u @lauradern !!

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Red carpet!! man, what a magical night.

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Baby’s first #oscars2019 in a she suit.
thank you to my team!

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Happy as a hippo

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