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I do not remember when my eldest son realised the truth about father christmas, but i clearly remember my second sons moment. he was about 7 or 8 and i had just collected him from a party a little before christmas, and as we were driving home he said to me “mum, some of the children at school are saying that father christmas isn't real”, my heart sank, “well, what do you think” i asked him, “i don't know” he replied, i just want to know the truth”, now this was the point when i could have reassured him and he would have believed me and had one more christmas with that particular brand of magic, but he had asked me directly for the truth, so i told him. he was quiet for a moment, then asked, “but who brings the presents, and how come the mince pie and the milk we leave him and the carrot we leave for rudolph are always gone?”, so i explained how i waited until they were all asleep and how the subterfuge was achieved. by this time we both had tears running down our cheeks. as we arrived home he said to me, very seriously, “we must try to look as if we aren't sad, i don't want my little brother to realise”, i was as proud of him at that moment as i have ever been before or since, it was a great testament to the type of boy he was, and the type of man he has become, that even at a time of great disappointment his first thought was to protect his brother.
writing this i find the tears running down my face again just as they did that night.

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Don't cry baby bear, santa will know where you are.
and he'll know that you've been good all year, and the north pole's not too far.
though we haven't got a chimney, i'm certain he'll still know,
just exactly where to find us,
from our paw-prints in the snow.
even though he's awfully busy, i just know that he'll still care,
about every little boy or girl, and every baby bear
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Wrapping the tricky shaped presents first 😂
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Even on the grimmest day it is possible to set sail on a voyage of discovery, your imagination is the most fabulous world you will ever find
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Enjoying a game with neptune and hoping to make a splash with a late entry for #cs_black for @creativelysquared and @burnbabyburncandleco
throwing in a few squares for @instagram #whpsquares

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Meet my reading glasses ....they have a life all of their own
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The flamenco frills of the ginkgo litter the ground now, like an autumnal finale

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The first cut is the deepest...
plastic surgery has never been more popular, 90% of surgeries are performed on women, (although it is becoming more and more popular with men as well) and the most popular procedure is still b****t augmentation, with facelifts and liposuction next on the list.
i find it surprising that so many women seem happy to be defined by their looks and particularly by their breasts, at a time when women are finally being taken seriously and are close to equal in most circumstances. i'm also not convinced that it is a sexist issue, i'm not convinced that most men are attracted to something that is plainly not "real". so is it all about self confidence, are women setting themselves unreasonable standards, is it about the fear of getting old and facing mortality, or is it as common place as fashion. i'm all for freedom of choice (and obviously i'm aware of how wonderful it can be after injury or illness) but it seems a little sad to me that so many people pay to cut perfectly healthy bodies.#gotd_2051

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Whilst we enjoy the flames of autumn leaves, elsewhere more alarming flames are taking their toll, thinking of california #whpseasonal #staysafe #jj_forum_2429

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On the day when we gather to honour the dead, more numerous than the seeds of the poppies we wear to commemorate them, i could not believe that trump and macron used such a meeting to discuss building armies.
has mankind learned nothing from the last hundred years. #rememberance #lestweforget #lestweforget🌹 #poppy

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A little late for #breastcancerawareness month, but as @jjcommunity huesday today is “pink” it’s never to late to stop trying for victory over that particular beast

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