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Going through all my pictures from #aprettycoolhoteltour to finish up my website and wow i’m ready to get back out there. lord only knows how many sandwich beds are just waiting to be slept in. or waiting to have a sandwich eaten in them!!

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One thing i’m doing this year is buying myself more flowers. i know it sounds like an unnecessary expense but i cut out getting manicures regularly and having wine at home alone so let’s just say there was room in the budget 😏 this week has been stressful and my right eye hasn’t stopped twitching in 26 hours but these babies have just been bloomin’ like crazy and calming my heart (not my eye though, still workin on that)

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Did the #10yearchallenge in my stories but decided to post this pic here too cuz i wanna remember this age and this time of life and my 28 year old face and even though i’d be considered old if i were on the bachelor i don’t think of that as a bad thing anymore 😎 so this is me in the outfit i wore for a week straight in hawaii, my @savers_thrift swimsuit and @jildever scarf. can’t wait for more hawaii selfies in 2019. #comingsoon #margaretgetsdressed #yesithriftbathingsuitstoosorry

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I’m not on any new diets but i have listened to work b**ch by britney spears every single day in 2019 so far and i’ve never had so much energy and drive. should i write a book? the britney method...sounds like a hit. #thinkingofubrit (yes that’s me testing to see if i show up on hashtags now😂) happy sunday!

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I posted about it in my stories today but just want to commemorate it here since this is the end of an era for my ...corey hashtag. i’m too scared to use it again but let’s just say i’ll be using different hashtags from here on out that don’t mention anything that could get banned 😂 also hotel tour announcements coming in early february or sooner so...here’s to continuing art on or off of social media! 💕 #aprettycoolhoteltour #heartshapedtub #testingtesting123

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Happy monday, just posting some more non-controversial content until i get my hashtag privileges back 👀 who’s watching the bachelor tonight even though it’s colton because you’re addicted to bachelor in paradise and you want to know the characters who will inevitably show up there? 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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Finally watched bird box and started the marie kondo show but tbh we couldn’t do it. we watched about 10 minutes then skipped ahead to the end. maybe it was the couple...the editing...the pace. (corey thinks the problem was it’s too q***r eye but without the queer) either way, we still got up and organized the house/got rid of garbage bags full of stuff 😂 so...10 minutes is enough to influence you, folks. just skip ahead to how she folds 😂 marie is powerful!

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The house is getting a couple little updates like this @nikipilkington print i gifted myself 💕 taking my dreams v seriously this year and spending the weekend setting my goals and intentions and all that good stuff 💆🏻‍♀️ .
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No more questionable hashtags over here 2019
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New year’s day ❤️ we’ve already hit the ground running since getting home so i’m thankful for the moments of quiet in between ❤️ .
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Definitely going to disappear into my to-do list when i get home tomorrow but these past couple weeks have been a really wonderful and much deserved break. so many feelings, most of them good 💕 happy new year! 🎉 .
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