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Have you ever thought "what if" we didn't have a martin luther king jr, where would we be today? really, where would we be as a people?

i have many times in the past and then i hear a beautiful song today by @indiaarie that reminds us about love and why its so important.
many people are enjoy taking the day off from work today, being detached from the impact and how it shifted history for everyone, not just people of color. in many of our schools they still continue to give a vague picture of his life and activism and what it truly means.

so, why is this day, martin luther king day important? while segregation of whites and people of color is no longer an issue when it comes to our schools, neighborhoods, public places and water fountains like they were before the civil rights movement, prejudices still exist across our nation. it is very evident in today's society!

martin luther king jr. day exists to serve partially as a reminder to us that we've come a long way, but that we still have a very long way to go. that we as a people should remember that whatever differences we may have in terms of ethnicity or culture, we can and should do anything to overcome the benefit for our society with peace and love. dr. king said it so many times gracefully in the series of sermons he preached about the different levels of love and in his speeches.

today, like many others is a reminder of the life changing struggles my family and many, many others endured so the future generations could have a fighting chance. don't forget what dr. king stood for, the many things he did to bring greater equality to america and to ensure civil rights for all people regardless of race and how he and many others lost their lives for change. #mlkday #martinlutherking #courage #civilrightsmovement #lovenothate #equality #history #blackhistory

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As of today i have two children officially in their 30's. wow! our children are living scrapbooks with photo filled pages that turn way to fast for us to keep up.
my middle man cub is 30!! jay @ajking89 you're officially retiring your twenties sweetie and embracing your thirties! there are a lot of things to look forward to, and still a lot of things to be done. life will always throw us curve balls and how we handle those decisions will help build the foundation of our lives. the best part of being thirty is that you will gain more experiences and learn the lessons that you need to be successful in life. you had your twenties to try out new things in life, and fail as many times as you want. now that you’re thirty, it’s time to be the man that god created and we love. i can't promise it will be easy, but the difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations in life. you are an amazing son and father and i love you with all of my heart! happy 30th birthday baby!

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When one of your 3 year granddaughters chooses her favorite undecided challenge video, then decides she wants to watch @wearegoodgirl over and over and over again 😍. #undecidedchallenge #undecided #challenge #jusmove #granddaughter

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"how hard did aging hit you?" you tell me 😄 me: january 2008 (39 l) vs january 2019 (50 r) #aginggracefully #getitfrommymama #50yearsold #lovinglife❤️ #howharddidaginghityouchallenge

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Many stores have put stuff out for valentines day and then you come across something amazing in target! a section for black history month ❤. thank you @target and your marketing team for putting a smile on one of my granddaughters face 😍. bravo 👏👏! #blackhistorymonth #target #culture #appreciationpost #blackgirlsrock #simple #simplethings #blackhistory #natashatarpley #hair #lovemyhair #embrace

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2018! thank you for a special year. we welcomed our 9th grandbaby ❤ lil miss mimi, had wonderful travel experiences with lessons taught and learned, some sorrow and frustrations, happiness and joy, i turned 50 😍, and most importantly waking up each morning and enjoying life with my family and friends.

2019! let's talk, before we meet in a few hours just know that you will be filled with many life lessons. i will not except anything less than what i deserve and will always remain humbled. let's work together and embrace my vision and path i will embark upon in this next year. i'm excited for the next chapter in my book of life and 'becoming' the woman i am destined to be 😄. im ready to get started. let's go! #newyear2019 #motivation #becoming #humbled

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Tuesday thoughts..... i was 7 when this mini series came out on tv. our mother made sure we watched it every week. she had read the book and wanted us to know why it was important we knew about history that many families endured, including ours. we always talked about history in our family and when one of my children came home talking about slavery i rented the series and watched this with them.

i have since then purchased the series and plan on watching it with my grandsons very soon because they are asking questions. some states have taken slavery completely out of the history books because they feel it's no longer relevant or some rarely mention it in the books anymore.
to me history helps us understand what it means to be human. we can’t fully understand anything unless we have background information to help us move forward. our families come from history, we come from history. why would we want to forget?

as martin luther king said so eloquently.. "we are not makers of history; we are made by history." #history #relevant #neverforget #roots

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Monday mood is....... knowing that our blessings come in many shapes and forms. a few of mine just happened to taken over my heart. through them, i can see the future. through me, they can see the past. in the present i will enjoy each moment being their nana and loving them with my whole heart ❤. #mondaymood #mondaymotivation #blessings #grandchildren #heartbeat #lovemyfamily

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The look you give when you are told your plane will be delayed for an hour after waiting 2 1/2 hours in an airport to get home on your birthday, lol. i'm too blessed to be stressed ☝☝. #todayisgoingtobeagreatday #blessed #itsmybirthday #50 #humbled

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Little sister, despite some of our disagreements over the years we are family. we’ve witnessed how we’ve conquered our own trials and came out stronger after everything we have been through in life. i am happy to see where we are today and i wouldn’t be here without you, little sister. you are one of toughest people i know 💪. i love you.....happy birthday beautiful! #scorpioseason #happybirthday

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I did my civil duty of voting before i left home😉. many sacrificed and died for me to use my voice. "you must be the change you wish to see in the world" ~gandhi
#election #vote #votingmatters #yourvotecounts #ancestors #future #electionday

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