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Climbing up to get a sight of those mesmerising features. 😍

l o c a t i o n :- mardi himal trek - nepal ➖

i m a g e - s o u r c e :- ahton
f o l l o w - i m a g e - s o u r c e :- @jankovoy

all copyrights belong to photographer.please visit owner's gallery for more such photos - contact owner for any queries

lets experience the most
unexplored region of the
himalayas - you can also
be a part of our journey

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f o r - m o r e - u p d a t e -
f o l l o w :-

a d m i n :- ajay sharma
f o l l o w - a d m i n :- @onlineajaysharma

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St.mary’s church – kotgarh: built in 1843; this church at kotgarh is one of the oldest churches in india housed in the premises of the gorton mission school surrounded by orchards and a small graveyard at the back. 😍

l o c a t i o n :- kotgarh -shimla - himachal pradesh - india ➖

i m a g e - s o u r c e :- ashish panwar
f o l l o w - i m a g e - s o u r c e :- @ashish__panwar

all copyrights belong to photographer.please visit owner's gallery for more such photos - contact owner for any queries

lets experience the most
unexplored region of the
himalayas - you can also
be a part of our journey

use hash tag :- #instagram #world #india #repost #instadaily #picoftheday #photographer #photography #incredibleindia #himalayas #earth #mountains #mountain #photooftheday #amazing #nature #naturelovers #naturephotography #naturelover #travelphotography #travel #travelblogger #travelgram #travelling #traveling #travels #traveller #instapic #instatravel #travelgram

f o r - m o r e - u p d a t e -
f o l l o w :-

a d m i n :- ajay sharma
f o l l o w - a d m i n :- @onlineajaysharma

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നൈസ് ക്ലിക്ക് ❤
🔰@freakz__zone_ .
🔰@freakz__zone_ . ✌✌
🔰@freakz__zone_ .
🔰@freakz__zone_ .
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featuerd. @_j.e.e.v.a_
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1월 초, 인스타그램에 혜성처럼 등장해 #카일리제너 의 1830만건짜리 ‘좋아요’ 기록을 깨버린 달걀! 알고 보니 몇 시간 전에 공식 온라인 스토어를 열었더라. ’i liked the egg’라는 문구를 새긴 티셔츠를 판매하는 중.
#결국신박한마케팅이었구만 #저도계란좋아하는데요 #갑자기분위기김민경 ✍🏻송명경 🎥@world_record_egg

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Photo by @aleah_michele
photographer aleah michele ford (@aleah_michele ) combines repurposed objects, vintage costumes and stage props to create fascinating original images. “my mind is like a little inspiration library, i’m constantly pulling tidbits from here or there,” aleah says. for this photo, aleah had two reference points: michelangelo’s stoic statues and the italian circus costumes of the 17th century. “they’re two very dissimilar things, but somehow work together visually,” says aleah. #whpinspiredby

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Video by @helenbreznik
“it’s just me with some flowers in my hair and a red and white shirt. a few simple props and careful posing. that’s it,” says photographer helen breznik (@helenbreznik ). the photographer from toronto translated frida kahlo’s vibe to the digital age with a moving image. “the motion of her applying brushstrokes to this invisible canvas actually sets her own image into motion,” says helen. “she is painting but also being painted. she is wiped away but then flows back.” #whpinspiredby

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Photo by @anniset and @drcuerda
creative duo from valencia, spain, anna devís benet (@anniset ) and daniel rueda cuerda (@drcuerda ) set out to create a photo that could be mistaken for a surreal painting by rené magritte. 🍏☂️ “magritte’s universe is such a fun place to visit. he could take something ordinary and turn it into something completely different with his paintings,” anna says.
follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpinspiredby.

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Video by @lucasadverse
lucas adverse (@lucasadverse ) has been juggling for six years, and playing the japanese game kendama — in which players perform tricks using cups, a spike, a ball and string — for just two. “juggling and kendama are great for the body and mind,” says 24-year-old lucas. “they train muscles and improve reflexes, coordination, balance, concentration, everything.”
growing up in brazil (he now lives in vancouver, b.c.), lucas was not great at “futebol” — the only sport anyone wanted to play. but juggling and kendama have made him better “at all sports, including soccer.”
ultimately, lucas aims to bridge what he calls the “two distinct cultures” of juggling and kendama. few jugglers play kendama, he says, and kendama players would never call themselves jugglers. “but both of these arts are about creatively manipulating objects in the air, they bring people together, anyone can learn — and they’re just really fun.”
check out today’s story and our igtv channel to see lucas in action.

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Photo by @lylexox
for lyle reimer (@lylexox ), the line between trash and treasure is blurry at best. the vancouver, british columbia-based artist creates self-portraits that feel otherworldly, but his technique is very down-to-earth: reuse, reduce, rethink and upcycle. “it’s 100 percent found objects and recycled pieces,” says lyle. “even if you see sequins or beads, those are actually pieces that have been taken off of old garments.” lyle began turning found objects into facial sculptures five years ago. “i love the pairing of literal garbage and junk with luxury together and creating a new language,” he says.
his appreciation for shape-shifting can be traced back to childhood craft time. “one day my mom made this peacock out of egg cartons,” he says. “and i remember thinking to myself, ‘oh my gosh. my mom is like a magician.’ i saw the importance of taking something that had no value to it, or no perceived value, and giving it a new life.”
today on our story, we meet some of lyle’s creations. tune in now to see more upcycled self-portraits.

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Photo by @closedeyegiraffe
for the past six years, marie mcgrory has asked people around the world from all different walks of life to draw their own @closedeyegiraffe .🦒”there are only two rules: you have to draw a giraffe, and you have to keep your eyes closed,” says marie, who lives in nyc. this giraffe was drawn by jeff heimsath (@jeffheimsath ). “it’s just always a fun experience. it’s fun to watch people draw it. it’s fun to watch them react to it. i’m no art therapist, so i can’t tell you what your giraffe ‘means,’ but i can tell you that each one is so unique and so special.”
check out our igtv channel to learn more about marie’s #closedeyegiraffe project.

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Featured photo by @goldfinchelson
weekend hashtag project: #whpinspiredby this weekend the challenge is to put your own spin on things that inspire you. for example, make an old master painting really pop, like tracy goldfinch elson (@goldfinchelson ) did in the featured image. here are more tips:
modernize a classic. take your source of inspiration – whether it’s a renaissance painting or a dress from the 1960s — and make it modern with touches straight out of present day.
add a fresh perspective. don’t copy and paste. here’s your chance to remix and reimagine. introduce selfies to the wild west. paint the pyramids with emoji. defy outdated stereotypes from eras gone by.
pay tribute. think of the historical figures you most admire. then use images and words to show your appreciation and showcase their influence today.
project rules: please add the #whpinspiredby hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpinspiredby hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpinspiredby hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.

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Photo by @yorikokoro
hello, world! for today’s #weeklyfluff, we’re having a ball with goma, a 5-year-old poodle who’s been groomed to be incredibly well-rounded. according to his human, yoriko hamachiyo (@yorikokoro ), it takes two hours to transform goma into a circular sensation. thankfully, yoriko is a dog groomer and owns a pet salon, where goma gets the supermodel treatment he deserves.
see more of goma and let this fluff ball bounce into your life, today on our story.

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Photo by @seanstumblingthrough
eight months of waiting for a permit. three miles (5 kilometers) of hiking through unmarked trails. one photo that defies expectations. that marks sean han’s (@seanstumblingthrough ) journey to the wave in the paria canyon-vermilion cliffs wilderness near the arizona and utah border. but seeing this prehistoric dinosaur hangout spot in person was worth it. “most people would never expect to find such striking colors and patterns in the middle of the desert,” sean says. #whpunexpected

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Photo by @hollyupnorth
ready for a morning kiss? it’s not unusual for holly (@hollyupnorth ), a 5-year-old australian shepherd, to go up and greet vicky, a 3-year-old miniature horse. but no one could have expected what happened next. 😝
“often, holly licks the horse, but this time vicky licked back and holly wasn’t sure what to think about it,” says dani peterson, the human behind the lens. “this challenge opened the idea of looking not for that picture-perfect moment, but for the odd moments that are weird in their own way and tell their own story.” #whpunexpected

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Photo by @jeanpaulbardelot
some people stop and smell the roses. others go for a swim in a sea of red tulips. 🌷to create this surreal image, dutch photographer jean paul bardelot (@jeanpaulbardelot ) recruited his girlfriend and partner-in-art, nelly. “together, we are often looking for ways to stage pictures like these,” he says. “nelly had to bend so low in between the tulip rows. we had a great laugh about it.” #whpunexpected

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Video by @pastagrannies
vicky bennison (@pastagrannies ) travels all over italy filming one of the country’s most delicious traditions: grandmothers making pasta by hand. “but it’s not just about the pasta,” says vicky, who lives in london. “it’s about food anthropology. it’s about these women and the traditions.” while she was doing research on italian cuisine several years ago, vicky noticed that the tradition of women making pasta from scratch every day was fading. she wanted to document it while it was still alive.
with an italian friend who vicky calls her “granny finder,” she tracks down grandmothers across italy who specialize in different shapes and styles of pasta — cavatelli, anolini, orecchiette — and joins them for a meal. “they’re very generous with their time, and happy that the project is about saving traditions,” says vicky. “i want to celebrate these women and the experience of ordinary cooks, because they cook every day for love. they’re cooking to feed their family and the soul of the family.” 🍝
watch italian grandmothers in the basilicata region hand-make pasta today on our story and on our igtv channel.

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