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Spread in acres on the banks of river yamuna, there lies a huge construction site, a site for building better connectivity, flyovers for the ever expanding capital city; new delhi, and in middle of all the concrete, cranes, and steel beams, trucks, and the noises of drilling, flashes of welding there echoes what seems to be children reciting english alphabets…a for apple, b for ball and so on.
a little inquisitiveness will take on to witness a unique, one of a kind classroom running inside one of the concrete sections, that’s one of the blocks for making a six lane flyover that will connect either ends of the city. the classroom is attended by children of the migrant labours, who migrate from site to site, and other people who reside in and around the riverbanks also migrated people hailed from other states to delhi in search of work and food.
all this a brainchild of one such migrated individual, satyendra pal.
pal, 23, hails from bihar, an ias (indian administrative services) aspirant and a resident of a temporary shanty where he prepares for his public service exams. pal noticed even after so many perks and promotion done by the government to ensure schooling for children there are still some not attending. these are the children of labourers who frequently move from one construction site to another, and children of some who are too poor to let go a child to school lest he needs more working hands.
on the same ground where their lies a spot for putting up a strong foundation of flyovers for better connectivity for the future in the capital, pal lays one even stronger than that ; educating the coming generation

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