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3/10: alain berliner’s “ma vie en rose”

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2nd of ten treasured films.
nicolas roeg’s “don’t look now”

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Why hello @raypozi ✨friends✨ceramic masks✨

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Vroom vroom, little chili pepper

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This 10 day film still thing is calling my name. ten stills from ten films that have moved me... 1.) krzysztof kieslowski’s “blue”

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Lately swarms of birds have felt like beautiful oceans. meant to write omens but oceans feels good too. having a deeply beautiful day with both my imagination and moments with strangers; currently packing a stack of ghosts with tchaikovsky in my headphones next to a line in the post office as long as christmas eve. two people are arguing about patience, a little boy laughs each time my tape roars across the box. i keep my scarf on even though it’s warm inside. (song is copyrighted so a glimpse of the classical tune accompanying birds in my story)

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This past week i’ve been pulling a combination of all-nighters and weird half-sleep days for a secret project that i just finished. sleep is now descending upon me. ✨✨🥀 dance magic dance.

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Lounge like this forever

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By the bus stop

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