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My original intention with this car was a bit more reckless/rally, but i’ve found so much enjoyment on how this thing handles tracks/corners. thoughts on me making it more of a touge style build? 📷: @hamilton.t6i

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Had some car trouble, but we pulled through and took home the win! can’t thank @bcracingna enough for making this trip to @stacked_motorsports_festival possible. one for the books! where to next? @proxzimity @taylordrifts @matttheginge

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Can’t thank @bcracingna enough for sending us up here to compete in the @stacked_motorsports_festival team tandem comp tomorrow. who is coming?
@proxzimity @taylordrifts @matttheginge

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Spent the day with @albertobigboost and @lewisphillipjr getting this thing perfect for the cross country journey. see y’all in the poconos! @stacked_motorsports_festival @proxzimity
i will be there friday and saturday!

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Chewing on some gringos with @tommyfyeah

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Got some new hoodies and jackets coming out wednesday. follow @lzmfg for more updates!

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If you aren’t up to date on videos... i recently picked up this amazing example of an evo 5 and am beyond excited to rip it around up north. few simple mods then off to the dragon! 😎

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Excited to announce that @matttheginge @taylordrifts and i will be competing in @stacked_motorsports_festival team tandem comp as team @proxzimity on october 20th in the poconos. @bcracingna has given us this opportunity to travel together to our first out of state event as a team and we couldn’t be more stoked! #ripalldoors #rubbingisracing 📷: @richardmasonhughes

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This is the only proof that my car made it to germany... it had to be sent back to the usa before i could even get through customs. was beyond excited to drive my car after months without it and now it will be a few more. i’m very bummed about it, but everything happens for a reason. maybe it kept me from totaling it on the ring? if you want to hear the full story behind this mess click the link in my bio ❤️ she’ll be back soon.
thank you @activeautowerke @precisionsport @robferretti @mgcharoudin for so much help with this - we did our best, but will have to try again next year!

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Germany has been so cool. just shredded a random parking lot in the country with @drifted_jzx surrounded by the craziest jdm cars. the people here are great!

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Still so unbelievably hyped on @superd_usa 😬
📷: @rinthericekid

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Took home first place at @superd_usa midwest trial!
stoked is a massive understatement. driving a comp with dudes you’ve looked up to for a while as drivers is such a surreal feeling. so many awesome builds. so many talented drivers. so much fun. thank you @colectivo_drift_clan for letting me shred your car, thank you @albertobigboost for keeping me on track, and thank all of you who came out and said what’s up! can’t wait until the next one 😎

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