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Nyeseque pih @real__pcy

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Я всегда стремлюсь к внутреннему балансу. И не люблю, когда кто-то из моего окружения начинает его нарушать. .
Не могу терпеть человека, если он начинает постоянно ныть😭, жаловаться😢, подводить, поступать не честно😏... .
Я не верю в сглаз и порчу🔮, потому как уверена, что к любой ситуации человек сам себя подводит. И верю в то, что всегда есть выбор, как поступить. И от этого выбора зависит дальнейший ход событий.
Стараюсь всегда поступать по совести и хочу, что бы окружающие делали так же.
Но, к сожалению, так не всегда бывает. Именно поэтому сегодня я решила начать новый виток в жизни. .
Всем отличного дня)) Скоро лето 😉


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Prenjon, mana prenjon :")

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Photo by @ wahyuanisa98
📸 by @ gunawanwicaksana28
📍 at masjid mataram, kotagede, yogyakarta
mention orang yang pengen kamu ajak kesini!

ayoo jangan lupa follow dan selalu sertakan hastag #explorealamjogja dan tag @ explorealamjogja di fotomu.

foto terbaik yang akan kita repost dan jangan lupa selalu sertakan lokasi.

add official line : @ explorealamjogja ingat pakai @ ya 😁😁 kalau gak mau ribet ngetik klik aja link yang ada di bio 😎😎

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ورق بزنید تا زودتر مینی بوس برسه پیر مرد زیر افتاب منتظرشه
عباس آباد،گلپایگان_ بیشتر از یک ساعت وقت صرف شده تا این پنج تا عکس گرفته شده،پیر مرد دوست داشتنی از روستای قرغن و فامیل شریفشون جناب نوبخت که تا شهر با هم گپ زدیم و از حضورش لذت بردم واقعا
#گلپایگان #گلپایگانی #پاییز #هلیشات #گلپایگان_را_باید_دید #گلپایگان_پایتخت_کباب_ایران #طبیعت #طبیعتگردی #عکاسی #عکس #اینستگرام #سفر #اصفهان #ایران #اکبرگلپایگانی # گلپا #تهران #golpayegan #golpayegani #instagram #tehran #photography #tehran #tabiaat #tabiaat_gardi #tourist #tourism #travel #esfahan #iran #travel

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Photo by @yesfira
becoming a hairdresser was a natural evolution for 21-year-old yesfira sidorenko (@yesfira ). “in ninth grade, i got interested in doing hair from watching online tutorials, and started practicing on my little sisters,” says yesfira, who was born in latvia and lives in alaska. “after high school, i decided to go to cosmetology school, got a job as a hairdresser, and this is where i am today.” braids were one of yesfira’s earliest styles she worked to perfect, and she’s stuck with them through the years, adding in more complex twists, waves and updos for weddings and special occasions. “if i were going to #prom today, i would wear my hair in a loose mermaid wave, with my hair tucked to one side with a clip.”

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Featured photo by @jimjam.jimjam
think positive this weekend for #whp🙂.
create smiling faces from everyday objects. place rocks on the bank of a river to form a smile, or keep an eye out for window washers in the shape of a grin on the side of a skyscraper.
show us what makes you smile. family, friends, time outside or at home — take photos and videos of what brings positive vibes to your weekend.
use video to capture your behind-the-scenes processes. how long does it take to attach googly eyes to every piece of fruit in your office’s kitchen? we’d like to know, so share the details in your instagram story and feed.
project rules: please add the #whp🙂 hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

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Photo by @hanihanss
when she started her instagram, hani sidow (@hanihanss ) didn’t know many muslim women she could look to for beauty inspiration. “i wanted to represent other people like me,” says hani, a 21-year-old beauty blogger who was born in somalia and lives in london. “when i was growing up and when i first started on social media, a lot of comments would be, ‘you’re muslim. are you allowed to wear makeup?’ people just didn’t know. i wanted to give them some knowledge and let them get to know me and my perspective: that religion should never be a barrier to expressing myself.” 💄
see some of hani’s favorite makeup looks on today’s story.

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Video by @sugar_boogerz
slicing, sizzling, smoking — laurel driskill (@sugar_boogerz ) cuts through meltable objects with a hot knife and revels in the results. “it’s seriously so fun,” says laurel, a 24-year-old student of painting and animation who lives in massachusetts. “it keeps me young. i love when my grocery basket is full of crayons, glitter and play-doh.”
laurel turned to creating her #asmr videos (that’s autonomous sensory meridian response, when certain sounds and visuals cause relaxing tingling on the head and neck) while she was going through her divorce. “i needed an outlet: something to focus on that was outside of myself and that gave back to the world,” says laurel. “i get messages all the time saying thank you and expressing gratitude for making my videos. my asmr journey is an example of a very good thing that came from a really bad thing.”
watch our story to see laurel’s asmr experiments.

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Photo by @mr.wgnr
marcus wagner (@mr.wgnr ) got lost (literally) with a friend in an industrial neighborhood. “#whpgetlost could be my personal theme — i’m always trying to find lost places, hideaways and strange locations.”

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Video by @alexgalmeanu
using a drone, photographer alex galmeanu (@alexgalmeanu ) took this looping video of ana, a romanian actress. “i saw these ears of wheat moving in the wind around ana, and it was like she was surrounded by her emotions,” says alex. “it was like getting lost in your own thoughts.”
follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpgetlost.

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Video by @nellysnose
hello, world! meet nelly (@nellysnose ), a 5-year-old golden retriever who can balance just about anything on her nose. “the balancing act grew out of basic sit-and-stay training,” says nelly’s human, terry, a retired pediatric nurse. “occasionally, i would add a prop: veggies from the garden, small toys and, of course, the ever-ready stick. nelly took to our game immediately. she loves it.”
the trick is in the treat — enticing nelly to show off her skills with a special snack. “if nelly is willing, she can balance,” says terry. “she has balanced a small sewing machine, a watermelon, helmets, a raw egg, wind-up teeth and, her personal best, 50 pringles potato chips.” #weeklyfluff watch our story to see what else nelly can balance on that talented nose. good girl, nelly!

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Photo by @eye.of.ty
photographer ty newcomb (@eye.of.ty ) transports us to an otherworldly scene in colorado’s rocky mountains for #whpgetlost.

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Photo by @iamcassieong
“isn’t life just a-maze-ing?” writes cassie ong (@iamcassieong ) in the caption of her #whpgetlost submission. 🙃

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Photo by @kutovakika
over breakfast, veronika’s (@kutovakika ) mind wanders. “i might pretend to be reading the newspaper like a serious adult, but actually i’m still thinking about the fairy tale forests i’d like to get lost in,” she writes. 🌲
follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpgetlost.

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19-year-old cellist sheku kanneh-mason (@shekukannehmason ) will always remember the moment he was asked to play at the #royalwedding. “i was getting into a car after filming a music video in south london,” says sheku, who performed today during the wedding ceremony of prince harry and meghan markle (@kensingtonroyal ) in windsor, england. “it was, of course, very exciting to get the phone call, and i was very honored that harry and meghan were aware of my music. it’s exciting to play in such a lovely place on such a special occasion.”
watch our story to see sheku prepare for the ceremony. 👑

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